The Divine Principles

By Young Oon Kim

Chapter I The Principle of Creation

Duality of Male and Female In God's Essentiality

God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it." (Genesis 1:27,28)

It is suggested in these verses that there are dual characteristics of male and female in the essentiality of God, for mankind, which had been created in the image of God, was male and female. The universe is created in the image of man and accordingly, the universe is the symbolic representation and the indirect image and essentiality of God. Therefore it is seen that all things exist in pairs which compliment one another: Plus and Minus, Subject and Object, Positive and Negative, Male and Female.

For example, the invisible spiritual world (Positive) corresponds to the visible physical world (Negative). The sun and moon, our earth and moon, sun and stars, land and sea, heat and light, mountain and river, animal kingdom and vegetable kingdom, male and female animals, male and female pollen of plants, positive and negative charges, protons and electrons in atoms, east and west, south and north, right and left -- all these correspond to one another in the relation of Subject and Object. Every man has a spirit-man (Positive) within his physical body (Negative), and the former corresponds to the latter. The lungs correspond to the heart, and lungs, brain, heart, eyes, ears, arms, and legs have all right and left sides, and they correspond to one another, perceive the image and essentiality of God by seeing man and the universe, because they are the manifestation of His image. Hence the Apostle Paul said;

For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature namely his eternal power and deity, has been clearly made. ) So they are without excuse. (Romans 1: 19)

Thus the universe is a macrocosm and man is a microcosm, the former is the image of the latter, and therefore the universe is the visible symbol of the invisible image of God. Since God does not assume any form of the finite and visible creature, man cannot see the infinite and invisible God. However we can see and

Therefore we may conclude that since mankind and all things in the universe which were created in the image of God exist in pairs complementing one another, God has the dual characteristics of Male and Female or Plus and Minus, or Subject and Object in Himself. The Oriental philosophy, which taught Yang and Ying (the theory of Male and Female) twenty-five centuries ago conveyed the universal truth in a very excellent way. That there are dual characteristics in God's essentiality -- and yet God is a masculine character to His creation, therefore He is called the Father of mankind in the Scriptures namely God is the Positive and Subject where mankind is the Negative and Object corresponding to God. Therefore mankind is the Positive and Subject whereas the universe becomes the Negative and Object corresponding to mankind. Again God is the Subject whereas mankind and the universe become the Object corresponding to God. Thus all things from the smallest matter to the largest matter in this universe have the image of God directly or indirectly.

The Action of Give-and-Take

All things which exist in pairs, such as the Positive and Negative, or Subject and Object, have the Action of Give-and-Take between them when a reciprocal relation is formed between them. This reciprocal relation means a correlative base or a same vibration by which two things can interact one upon the other, give and take. Wherever two things form a reciprocal relation or a common base and Give-and-Take operates fully, the spirit of God moves. The energy, of life, of multiplication, of the action of man, and of all things come into being when the spirit of God moves. Through a perfect relation of Give-and-Take, two things are united into one, and where two things are united into one, it reflects God's image and provides a base for the spirit of God to move. There is no creature, which does not form a pair, therefore there is no creature which exists without the action of Give-and-Take. Since God's image is formed when two things have the action of Give-and-Take, there is no space or thing in which God is not present; and accordingly, God is omnipresent. The whole creation continues its existence through the interaction of Give-and-Take: Our earth and stars (Negative) revolve around the sun (Positive); the moon revolves around the earth; negative ions revolve around positive ions; and electrons revolve around protons. According to the recent discovery, atoms possess a structure like a planetary system, with a tiny nucleus in the center (the sun) and electrons moving in or out around it (the planets). It is now plain that from the smallest thing to the largest thing in this universe, their existence is maintained through the action of Give-and-Take.

The inter-relation of Give-and-Take is seen in all relationships such as between male and female animals, between animal and vegetable, between the invisible and the visible worlds, between man and nature, between government and people, between parents and children, between husband and wife. The breath of the lungs, the function of the heart are the actions of Give-and-Take. The universal action of Give-and-Take produces the powers that balance the whole planetary system. This power is called Wonlyug in Korean. The specific action of Give-and-Take between men is called love whatever the relations are. Thus every thing in the spiritual world and physical world are maintained through the action of Give-and-Take a man and a woman are the separate objects of God's dual characteristics. Love is the power to unite the two separate units. The purpose of love which conjoins them into one is to enable them to stand as one object before God. For a single person doe s not make a complete object to correspond to God who has the dual nature of man and woman.

Hence a man and a woman have to form a perfect reciprocal relation and have the inter action of the Give-and-Take of love between them. Accordingly, the ultimate purpose of conjugal love is to enable man and woman to stand before God as one unit and to remain forever in complete relation of Give-and-Take with Him. In such a marriage a husband and wife are able to feel the power of life, stimulating joy, and happiness from one another. This God-centered husband and wife is the original meaning of the Trinity, and the Trinity is the Divine purpose and the ideal of creation of mankind. All expressions of human love -- parental love toward children, the love between brothers, and the love among fellow country men -- are the forces that tend to unite each unto the other. Hence when they are united through the action of Give-and-Take of love they become strong, happy, and prosperous, for the spirit of God moves among them. God's love may be explained by the totality of human love, namely parental love toward children, children's love toward parents, and the marital love between husband and wife. Therefore the Father in heaven expects mankind to love Him as a child respects, pleases, comforts, loves, and depends upon his father and mother. The heavenly Father expects mankind to love Him as a father and mother care for, provide for, please, and love their child. The heavenly Father expects mankind to unite with Him through the complete action of Give-and-Take of love. He wants to share fully not only the Divine Will and Wisdom but also the Divine Heart and Love with mankind, as a husband and a wife are united by love and have a complete share with one another. The heavenly Father wants to be in man and man in him: "I am in the Father and the Father in me" (John 14:10) "As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you; abide in my love ... I have kept my Father's commandments and abide in his love." (John 15:9, 10) Thus through the experiences of marital love, parental love, and children's love toward their parents, God wants man to realize the Divine 1ove during his earthly life.

Three Orderly Stages of Creation

All phenomena in the natural world, both physical or chemical, appear after a given time. This shows that a definite time element was needed in the process of creation; namely, everything was created and became perfect after a given period of growth.

God called the light day, and the darkness he called night; and there was Evening and there was Morning, one day. (Genesis 1:5)

It is suggested in this verse that there were three stages in the process of the creation. The first stage was the Cosmic Evening in which the work of creation was finished. The second stage was the Cosmic Night in which the creatures gradually grew to their perfection. The third stage was the Cosmic Morning in which the perfected creatures began to glorify God by realizing the Divine ideal of creation. These three stages may be called the Stages of Formation, Growth, and Perfection. Customarily the Judean Sabbath begins at sunset and lasted through the night, the following day, and evening until three stars were visible. This way of counting a day might have been derived from the days of creation. According to Genesis all things were made in five days and man was created on the sixth day. The five days means five periods of creation, and therefore each day might have been quite a 1ong period of time. Thus each period of creation had the stages of Formation, Growth, and Perfection. Since the morning represents the stage of Perfection, morning symbolizes the glory of God in the Old Testament.

There is nothing, which is made and becomes perfect in a moment, for every natural object passes through three stages to be complete: plants pass through seed, tree and fruit; animals pass through the stages of gestation, young, and adult. Man becomes adult after passing through the periods of gestation and childhood. This is the order of creation. Man's spiritual life is also completed through a given period according to an established order: Formation, Growth, and Perfection.

In the Scriptures, therefore the number Three symbolizes completion, and significant works were fulfilled through the number Three. For example, the salvation of mankind is carried out by the Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: There are three orders of Archangels: three periods in man's life, gestation, life on earth, and eternal life in the next world. The Paradise that St. Paul saw had three stages; Noah had three sons as had Adam; Noah's ark had three decks. Abraham offered three kinds of sacrifice: pigeon, ram, and heifer. Jacob served Laban in Haran three periods of seven years each and left Haran in three days. Moses was hidden for three months; there were three periods of forty years in his life; he fled Egypt in three days; there were three days darkness in Egypt, and three days purification for Moses. Many events in Jesus' life was related to the number three: three major disciples, Peter, John, and James; three prayers in Gesthsemane; three hours darkness on the cross; three days in the tomb; three questions to Peter; thirty years of private life and three years of public ministry. This order also appears in the physical world: solid, liquid and gas; in the three kingdoms of aniimal, vegetable, and mineral.

God's Direct and Indirect Dominion

During the process of growth, man is under the control of the Divine Principle or Law of creation, which automatically works upon him. Reaching the stage of perfection, however, he comes under the direct care and domination of God. During the entire period of growth, man is under the indirect domination of God. This is seen in the relation between man and other things. For example, the law of a nation has no control over a child until he grows and reaches the age of adulthood. The animals and vegetables grow according to the laws of the natural world and serve man at their maturity being under man's direct care. All phenomena in the natural world exist in an orderly arrangement under the autonomous rule of the Divine Principles themselves, and God does not control them directly. For example the rain, snow, wind, and the change of four seasons are brought forth by the autonomous rule of the laws of creation.

All things are made for man and therefore come under his direct rule at their maturity. Man is made for God and comes under God's direct rule at his perfection. Thus God dominates the whole universe only through perfected men and women, who were made in the image of God; other creation is only a symbolic representation of His image. The first man, Adam, however, fell before becoming mature and perfect, and he never attained the lordship which had been provided for him at the creation.

What is the direct dominion of God? It is the state whereby man is able to stand face to face with God, the Subject, as an object in the relation of Give-and-Take of love. In this state man is able to perceive and receive God's love in full and responds and returns to Him man's beauty and glory in completion. Thus man comes under direct care and domination of God. After man attains such perfection, he cannot fall nor be separated from the love of God.

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:38, 39)

When a husband and a wife are united by one hundred percent love no tempter can separate them. Similarly when man perceives the love of God one hundred percent, he would be overwhelmed and would respond to the love w it h hearty thanks and joy; This is t he beauty of man which God expects to receive.

But the full perception of God's love is not possible until man is mature and becomes perfect in spirit and body. For example a little child cannot perceive the parental love fully, but as he grows and becomes mature and he himself becomes a father of others, he realizes fully the love of his own parent. Likewise man does not perceive God's love fully until he himself become fully mature and perfect.

Then why does God set a period of indirect dominion in which man has to grow by himself in accordance with the Principles? Making man in His image, God wants man to be a creative character as He is. For this reason, man has to develop the potential elements by himself. In other words, God created a potentially perfect man and allowed man the opportunity to complete the perfection -- man must carry out his share and God wants to count the complete being as man's own accomplishment. For God wants to accomplish man as the visible representation of God, the most honored one of the entire creation.

This may be easily understood by a comparison to the relationship of parents and children. Parents give birth to a child with potential elements for growth, and it is the child who has to accomplish his life by himself; the matured and perfect life is his own, and it is not regarded as the work of his father. Although the parents provide the very best environment for the growth and education of their child, if he, himself does not use it and does not make an effort by himself, the parents can not do much about him. Similarly man has a definite part to accomplish, by himself, in his spiritual growth. During this period God leaves man under the control of the Divine Principles.

The Creation of Man

As was seen in the principle of Give-and-Take, there is no vitality in life and stimulant joy in the heart until one has a mate whom he loves with his whole heart, and by whom lie is truly loved. This is the reason that when man and woman love one another and are united they feel the power of life and stimulating joy. Also when parents have a child who reflects their whole love, they feel an intense joy power, and comfort in life.

This nature, the feeling of joy and power through the action of Give-and-Take, is derived from God. To accomplish the Give-and-Take of Love, God, the invisible Subject, needs a visible object, man. God created man to love wholly and have him respond completely in beauty, and by doing so God feels an infinitely vital joy, profound comfort, and intense power. As long as an artist merely conceives an idea, his joy cannot be fulfilled, but when his idea is expressed in a work then he feels a great joy in it. As long as there was the Word, Logos, with God, His joy could not be fulfilled. But when the Word became man (a visible image of God), God could see and feel His own invisible image and characteristics reflectively, objectively, and visibly in man, and He could perform the Give-and-Take of love with man. By doing so, the invisible God feels the love of life, the force of life, and the impulse of stimulating joy.

Therefore the power of the Omnipotent can be manifested only when He finds one full response. When the sick asked Jesus for healing, Jesus asked if he had faith in him. Jesus knew that without finding the response in the person the Divine power could not be manifested. Since the fall of man God did not have the full response because there was no man of perfection for Him to respond completely. In other words the fall of man has limited the work of God's infinite power.

In order to feel the force of life, joy of love, and the stimulating comfort, God made man in His own image. Therefore man should be like a mirror which reflects God's perfect image and likeness. Due to the fall of man, however, the mirror was broken, and man lost God's image. Looking at the fallen man, God only finds His wounded and broken face, which gives only grief to Him. Consequently man no longer perceived the Divine Love nor deserved to receive it, and had no beauty to return to God. Belief in Christianity or other religions, is the effort to restore the true self, the original image of God, and to become the visible object of God so the Divine Action of Give-and-Take may be performed.

The Creation of the Universe

Man is created in the image of God. The universe is created in the image of man, accordingly the universe is the symbolic representation of God's image and essentiality. Man is a microcosm revealing the two worlds, spiritual and physical within him.

Everything that is in existence -- the three kingdoms of animal, vegetable, and mineral --corresponds to the human body structure. The structure of the animal is very much like that of man; the structure of the vegetable also corresponds to that of man: the leaves correspond to the lungs, the trunk to the heart, and the root to the stomach. The structure of the globe may be compared to that of the human body: the earth's crust, strata, underground fountains, rocks, and the molten lava correspond respectively to the skin, muscle, blood vessels, skeleton, and the marrow of the human body. The physical body of man can be analyzed into chemical elements.

By creating the two worlds, spiritual and physical, in the image of man's spirit and body, God made him the inter-medium of conjunction of the two worlds, which are joined and correspond to one another through the means of man. God made man to rule the invisible world through his spirit and to rule the physical world through his body. Hence man becomes the Lord of all creation, the center of the two worlds, and is the most superior being in all creation.

Due to the fall of man, the two worlds, spiritual and physical had lost the inter-medium of connection and been separated. Hence the spiritual world had not been hardly sensed to most people on this physical world. Furthermore the fall affected to the separation of spirit and body in man on earth, and this caused the inner struggle between the spirit and body. "I can will what is right, but I can not do it. For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do" (Romans 8:18,19). By the achievement of the perfection of man, however, the conjunction and harmony of t he two worlds, spiritual and physical, will be restored. At the same time the complete harmony and union of spirit and body in man will be restored.

While man becomes a subject, the universe becomes the object to him for the action of Give-and-Take, so that he may feel joy and comfort by the responsive stimulation from all things in the universe. For example, when a man looks at a flower, his innate sense of beauty is awakened, and he feels joy and comfort in the beauty of the flower. In other words the element of beauty within himself corresponds to the beauty the flower outside. The whole universe is made to serve man giving him joy and comfort, whereas man is made to serve God returning joy and glory. If there had been no fall of man, a perfect relation of Give-and-Take could have been maintained between man and the universe, and he could have felt the joy and comfort constantly from nature.

However due to the fall of man the relation of Give-and-Take between man and nature is cut off. Consequently man does not have the intrinsic and genuine sense of beauty to feel the love of nature, and the whole creation lost its Lord to respond to. This is the reason why the whole creation is groaning together in travail.

We know that the whole creation h as been groaning in travail together until now; and not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. (Romans 8:22, 23)

The deepest and richest relationship of Give-and-Take, however, is possible only between two persons. The love of nature does not content man's heart, human love does. Men feel immense joy and happiness with one another when they are united completely in the relation of Give-and-Take of love. If there had been no fall and a genuine and perfect Give-and-Take of love had been maintained between persons, mankind could have hive(f, in the utmost joy and happiness today.

Due to the fall of man, the Give-and-Take of love between God and man was cut off. Also the Give-and-Take of love between persons was cut off. Hence mankind cannot feel a real brotherhood with one another. Although people say nice things and pretend kindness, their hearts are selfish and unkind. Even between a husband and wife unselfish love is rarely found, and consequently divorce rates inevitably rise in this Satanic world. Since the fall, man has lost the real joy of marital love. Because of selfish people rebellious to God, nature has also been suffering.

The Invisible World and the Visible World

God created the visible physical world as an object corresponding to the invisible spiritual world. The latter is the world of cause and purpose, and the former is that of effect, and the relationship of the two worlds is compared to that of mind and body. Therefore whatever happens in this physical world has its cause in the invisible world and leaves the result there. The spiritual world is a subject and positive whereas the physical world is the object and negative to correspond to it, just as body is the object to the invisible spirit.

The spiritual world can be perceived by spiritual senses as the physical world is perceived by physical senses. In the original world of creation prior to the fall, Adam and Eve could perceive the spiritual world by their spiritual senses, just as they saw and heard the natural world with their physical senses. Functionally man is compared to a radio or a television, and through clairvoyance and clairaudience he is supposed to communicate with the spiritual world just as he can do with the physical world.

The spiritual senses, however, were shut off due to the Fall and man became more like a damaged machine; thus man was no longer able to be the medium of conjunction of the two worlds. Through the faith in Christ, man can repair his damaged machine, but the operatit3n of the machine may vary according to the degree of its repair. The owner desires to repair the damaged machine completely to its original state. The Divine purpose of salvation is to restore a fallen man to the original state of creation prior to the fall, so that God may be able to communicate fully and freely with him as He did with Adam and Eve before their fall. Therefore it is quite possible and even normal that one may speak in angelic tongues, sing heavenly songs, prophesy about the future and communicate with the spiritual world when he is filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Correlation of the Spirit-Man and the Physical Body

Man is made up of the spirit-man and the physical body and the former is a subject and positive and the latter is its object and negative to correspond. The spirit-man is an invisible spiritual entity, which is detected by spiritual sight alone, and which exists forever in the spiritual world after the death of its physical body. Accordingly physical death does not bring an end to man's life. The spirit-man grows within the physical body, which serves as the soil. In order to become perfect, the spirit-man passes through the three stages of growth -- Formation, Growth, and Perfection -- just as the physical body grows, passing through the stages of gestation, childhood and youth. The spirit-man in the stage of Formation may be called the Form-Spirit; in the stage of Growth, the Life-Spirit, lastly in the stage of Perfection, the Divine-Spirit of the Luminous Being.

The Divine ideal of creation was to have man grow into the Divine-Spirit, a perfect man. With the appearance of perfected men and women, the kingdom of God is established on earth. Due to the fall this ideal of creation could not be fulfilled, the Satanic kingdom was established instead. Since the spirit-man is to grow within his physical body, a perfect man, a Luminous Being, cannot exist in the spiritual heaven until he first appears on the earth. Therefore the kingdom of heaven cannot be established in the spiritual world until it comes into being on earth. "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." (Matt 16:20) Jesus did not take the key to heaven with him but left it with Peter on earth -- even though it was meant symbolically. The earth may be compared to a field and the spiritual world to a warehouse. Accordingly the warehouse cannot hold ripened crops until ripened crops are harvested on the field. Therefore the kingdom of heaven cannot open in the spiritual world until it opens on this earth.

Since the fall of the first man and woman, up to now nobody has attained the stage of perfection, a Divine-Spirit, on earth; accordingly no one has entered the kingdom of heaven, Christ and his faithful followers have been remaining in the Paradise and waiting for the kingdom of heaven to open by the ministry of the Second Advent. The Paradise is the region where Life-Spirits remain and is not the highest and eternal kingdom of heaven which was the ultimate goal of creation. The kingdom of heaven will be established high above the Paradise. "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more." (Rev 21:1) The first heaven is the Paradise and the new heaven which will appear through the ministry of the Second Advent is the kingdom of heaven.

Now what is the relation of the physical body and the Spirit-man? The physical body consists of flesh-mind and flesh-body. The flesh-mind functions to the flesh-body as the perceptions of existence, of breeding, and of protection of the its body. The animal does not have a spirit but has the flesh-mind which functions as the instinct of the animal. In order to grow, the physical body needs air, heat, and light from the sun, which are plus and nutriment from food, which is minus.

The spirit-man consists of a divine-heart and a spirit-body. The divine-heart is the element which is derived from the Divine essential. In order to live, the spirit-man needs two kinds of elements just as the physical body does; that is the Divine love and wisdom and spiritual atmosphere; and the spirit-man also needs the element of vitality, which comes from his physical life, just as the physical body needs nutriment from food. Namely his spirit-man becomes vital as h is physical body completely obeys it.

In other words, the action of Give-and-Take between his spirit-man and physical body is well maintained as one lives in accordance, with his conscience, thus the spirit-man receives the element of vitality from his physical life. In such case the spirit-man grows beautifully and freely. But if one lives against his conscience, and the action of Give-and-Take is cut off, his spirit-man becomes defective and ugly. One must live on earth with pure conscience, which must be constantly well balanced by the noble teachings of religion. One's conscience looses balance and becomes twisted when the action of Give-and-Take is not maintained fully between the spirit-man and the physical body.

The Divine Ideal of Creation

The Divine ideal of creation was to see that Adam and Eve should become perfect and attain the stage of divine-spirit, that they should produce sinless children, and that they should dominate the whole universe responding to God's love with the utmost beauty and glory. In other words, a God-centered family, a God-centered couple and God-centered parents and children make the basic unit of mankind, with God, Adam, Eve, and their children make the Unit of the kingdom of heaven representing respectively the four direction of heaven; east, west, south, and north; whereby the number FOUR becomes significant and sacred. Due to the fall, however, a unit was made with Satan, namely a Satan-centered couple and Satan-centered parents and children, and thus the world has been subjected to the Satan's dominion. In order to re-establish the heavenly unit of the Four Directions, God has been working with His chosen people throughout history. T he restoration of the Unit by Number Four is now the goal of the Divine providence.

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