The Divine Principles

By Young Oon Kim

Chapter VI Resurrection

The Meaning of Resurrection

The literal meaning of "Resurrection" is to rise from the dead. In order to understand the meaning of resurrection, the definition of death must be clarified. Before the fall, God said to Adam and Eve, "For in the day that you eat of it you shall die." What did He mean by death here? Was it the fact that man's flesh becomes old, dies, and returns to dust? No, such death is only a natural process of the physical life in accordance with the principle of creation -- no physical life is created to live for eternity. Man, however, is apt to attach himself to this physical life, because he does not know that his spirit-man lives forever in the spiritual world after separation from the body. Accordingly, the separation of the spirit-man from his physical body is not death in God's sight.

Death is the spiritual state which makes man unable to perceive God's love and to respond to it with man's beauty. This death is caused by man's original sin and the domination of Satan. Adam and Eve, who had grown as far as the third degree of the Growth Stage, committed sin and fell to the bottom of hell, far below the first degree of the Formation Stage. Therefore a fallen man has to return to his status prior to the fall and then proceed to the highest degree of Perfection. This is the goal of resurrection.

The resurrection means all the phenomena that appear in the process of restoring man's original nature, which enables him to respond to God with his original beauty and receive His love fully. There was no outward physical transformation in Adam and Eve after their fall. Likewise, there will be no outward physical transformation as one passes through the process of resurrection. But there is a radical spiritual change -- which is the removal of man from Satanic domination into God's rule. Once man is completely resurrected, Satan can not have control over him. The resurrection is, in other words, a process of re-creating the spirit-man; therefore there are three stages of growth in the process: Formation, Growth, and Perfection. When man's resurrection is completed he becomes a Luminous Being during his earthly life, a perfect spirit-man comes into being simultaneously in the spiritual heavenly world. Therefore the perfection of man is accomplished on earth first, and then in the spiritual world. Resurrection also means the restoration of true self -- the original self of creation. The word, restoration, is applied to the restoration of individuals as well as of the whole world, and these two are interrelated. In other words, the individual's resurrection is completed when the restoration of the entire world is accomplished. The providence of restoration has been carried on through the history of God's chosen people.

The Resurrection of Earthly Men

The Resurrection of the Formation Stage:

There was a period when God laid a foundation for the work of resurrection, for He could not begin His work until He had a foothold on earth. By choosing Abraham, two thousand years after Adam, He laid a foundation and started the work of resurrection on it.

For two thousand years from Abraham to Jesus, God commanded His chosen people, the Hebrews, to offer sacrifice to Him and observe the Ten Commandments and the Mosaic Laws. Through these means the most loyal people to God, in the Old Testament, Age, were justified before God and able to achieve resurrection as far as the highest degree of Formation Stage. Naturally those spirit-men may be classified as Form-Spirits and remained in the Formation stage of the spiritual heavenly world. Accordingly, the patriarchs, judges, and prophets who were exceedingly faithful to God remained in the region of Form-Spirit and waited for the Messiah to appear.

The Resurrection of the Growth Stage:

On the foundation of the Formation stage which had been laid by the loyal servants of God, the birth of Jesus was possible. The ministry of Jesus, therefore, was to raise the spiritual status beginning with the highest degree of the Formation stage up to the highest degree of the Perfection stage. However, due to his crucifixion, Jesus could not accomplish his mission, and achieved only the resurrection of the Growth stage. The appearance of the resurrected Jesus, accordingly, was that of a Life-Spirit -- the spirit-man in the Growth stage. Those who believed in the resurrected Christ could achieve the resurrection of the Growth stage, and they now remain with Jesus in the Paradise, which is the region of the Life-Spirits.

For two thousand years of the New Testament Age, since the time of Jesus, the Paradise has been the goal for those who were faithful to Christ and loyal to God. "In the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh." (Acts 2:17) The last days are the end of this world, and mean the completion of the New Testament Age. Men and women will be filled with the spirit of God, and some of them will receive revelation through extraordinary dreams, some will see visions, some will hear God's voice, some will speak in tongues, and some will prophesy. If these phenomena appear, people must be aware that the time of the Second Advent is at hand. Such phenomena are appearing in these days more and more all over the world.

In such a time, those whose spiritual status has reached the highest degree of the Growth stage often receive a revelation that they are the lords. What does this revelation mean?

After the creation of man, God had promised to give Adam the lordship over all creation. (Genesis 1:27) But the promise could not be fulfilled due to the fall of Adam. However, to those who have restored their spiritual status to the previous stage of Adam's fall, God renews His promise. The words "You are the lord" simply mean that God has restored the promise to give lordship to the person, and it does not mean that he who receives it is the Lord of the Second Advent.

There is another reason why such a revelation is given these days. In the last days, those who have reached a high spiritual level have a mission to testify to the Second Advent, (as John the Baptist did at the first advent of Jesus), because they have to serve as the forerunners and representatives of the Lord to come. For this mission they receive the revelation that they are the lords. Not knowing God's will thoroughly, these people may act as if they are the Lord of the Second Advent; but if they do so act, their spiritual life will soon wither. There have been many who have reached this high spiritual level and yet withered because of their ignorance of God's will. Moreover, if they do not behave properly within the limit of their own mission, they may become antichrists. This is the reason why so many antichrists will appear in the last days. Therefore those who have attained this stage may easily fall again. This was the stage in which Adam and Eve f ailed and therefore in the last days people c an pass that stage only with the aid of the Divine wisdom.

Aiming at the same goal of Christianity and reading the same Scriptures, many Christians hold old different doctrines and thus make numerous divisions in the Church. Similarly, those who have received spiritual gifts rarely unite with one another and often sharply divide among themselves by disagreement on trivial matters. Why? There are twelve pearl gates in heaven: three gates in each direction: east, west, south, and north. The twelve pearl gates of heaven symbolize twelve different types of human characteristics and missions. The twelve disciples of Jesus were the representatives of mankind and by caring for and serving them, Jesus meant to care for and serve the whole of mankind. Every Christian has to enter heaven through one of the gates, in accordance with his nature. Although everyone will find that he has reached the same goal as the others when he arrives, en route he may face a different direction from the others and assumes that he is moving in the right direction and the others are not. Even though the twelve pearl gates are objective things, they appear different according to the spiritual position and degree of each one who sees them. It is God's desire to have each person enter the gate as soon as possible, and therefore God treats each one as if He loves him alone and gives him alone precious gifts. For this reason, the spiritually gifted person becomes often exclusive and narrow -minded, and easily regards others as heretic and Satanic.

However one specific mission is assigned to each person to fulfill, and for that mission he alone is the selected one. In this sense, God tells him that he is the lord. Such spiritual phenomena have been occurring in the last days for the preparation of the Second Advent. The ministry of the Second Advent is to accomplish the providence of the restoration of the entire world. Therefore when the Lord comes again, he will assemble God's people with their works done. Then everyone will realize that his work was a part of the whole, and that he was lord only in his own field. The Lord of the Second Advent will co-ordinate the work of all and will reward each one according to his merit. Therefore, those who have received the revelation that they were lords have to watch for the time of the Second Advent, realizing humbly that there are numerous unknown Christians who have received the same grace.

The Resurrection of Perfection Stage:

The providence of resurrection or restoration is being fulfilled along with the historical development of God's chosen people. During the two thousand years, from Adam to Abraham., the foundation of the restoration was laid. The next two thousand years, from Abraham to Jesus, the providence of resurrection was fulfilled as far as the Formation stage. During the last two thousand years since Jesus' time, the resurrection has been fulfilled as far as the Growth stage.

The ministry of the Second Advent is to fulfill the providence of resurrection as far as the Perfection stage, and thus to accomplish the restoration of the whole world both spiritually and physically. When this is accomplished, Christians will be able to become perfect and attain the status of divine-spirits for the first time in human history. This is the completion of the resurrection. When the perfected men actually live on earth, the Garden of Eden will be restored, and the kingdom of heaven will be established on earth and in heaven. This is the age when the Divine ideal of creation will be fulfilled in the whole universe. Therefore it is said that those who participate in the first resurrection are the most blessed.

Then I looked, and lo, on Mount Zion stood the Lamb, and with him a hundred and forty four thousand who had his name and his Father's name written on their foreheads. And I heard a voice from heaven like the sound of many waters and like the sound of loud thunder; the voice I heard was like the sound of harpers playing on their harps, and they sing a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and before the elders. No one could learn that song except the hundred and forty four thousand who had been redeemed from the earth. (Rev. 14:1-4)

Namely those who become divine-spirits for the first time in history are the most blessed ones. The achievement of the status of the divine-spirits, the completion of the resurrection, is only possible through the ministry of the Second Advent..

The Resurrection of Spirit-Men

According to the Divine principles, the spirit-man grows with the physical body. Accordingly, those imperfect spirit-men, who did not achieve resurrection of perfection during their earthly life, have to descend inspirit to earth in order to complete their resurrection through the medium of earthly people. Their descent will begin with the Second Advent, which will accomplish the resurrection of the Perfection stage at this time. "It was of these also that Enock in the seventh generation from Adam prophesied, saying 'Behold, the Lord came with his holy myriads ... (Jude 14) This verse refers to the descent of spirit-men, which will occur at the time of the Second Advent.

Similar spiritual phenomena appeared at the first advent of Jesus. The spirit-men who were in the stage of Formation descended to cooperate with Jesus and his disciples, and the event of the Pentecost was one of the typical phenomena of their descent. By cooperating, those in the Formation stage of the spiritual world advanced into the Paradise as it was opened through the ministry of Jesus. This was their resurrection to the Growth Stage.

Likewise, those in the Growth Stage, in the Paradise, have to descend among earthly people in order to complete their resurrection to the stage of perfection. In this way, they will be able to enter the kingdom of heaven as it is opened by the Second Advent of the Lord.

Today many Christians speak in tongues, prophesy, impart the holy fire, and perform mighty works in the name of Jesus. Most of these are the cooperating ministries of the spirit-men in the Paradise. "And all these, though well attested by their faith, did not receive what was promised, since God had foreseen something better for us, that apart from us they should not be made perfect." (Hebrews 11:39, 40) The writer of Hebrews mentioned in Chapter 11 that Abel, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Samuel, David, and other prophets had lived and obeyed God by faith which was well attested. However none of them have received what was promised, that was the attainment of a perfect resurrection. This perfect resurrection for them can be achieved only through us on earth. Therefore we have a privilege which those who are in the spiritual world should envy. Those in the world of spirits cannot be made perfect or cannot achieve perfect resurrection apart from men on earth. The spirit-man, therefore, are now eagerly seeking for men with whom they may work together.

The Succession of Mission

In accomplishing the Divine providence of the universal restoration, God has been selecting individuals all through the ages in order to assign specific missions to each of them. In selecting the certain individuals for these particular missions, God was primarily concerned with the types of men, for each mission requires a specific type to fit it. Through a long process of history these men have been selected, one after another, in order to carry out a specific mission.

The providence of the whole restoration has been carried out through the works of successive men. Their assigned missions have been expanded in scope from the individual to the universal level. For example, the mission of Abraham and Jacob was an individual type, that of Moses was a tribal or national type, and that of Jesus was a universal type.

In the last days, those who spiritually communicate often receive a particular name, such as 'Paul', 'Peter', 'Israel', or any other name in the Old and New Testaments. The spirit-man of Paul, for instance, descends to a certain man, who is selected to accomplish the same type of mission as did Paul. In this case, Paul spiritually cooperates with him as much as he can, so that through him Paul is able to accomplish the mission assigned to him, and at the same time, the selected person also accomplishes his mission. By the fulfillment of a diversity of missions which were carried out by successions of people in each age, God accomplishes the total restoration. Those in the last days are the final successors, who will bear the fruits and harvest of the work of their predecessors. Consequently, the role of the final successors is most significant, and their responsibility is exceedingly heavy. If they fail to carry out their missions, not only do they ruin themselves, but also they fail the fulfillment of the works of their predecessors. Those spirit-men will have to choose other people to co-operate with and thus their fulfillment will be delayed. Therefore the people in the I as t days are the most blessed ones, but should they fail, they come under a greater judgment than any others in the past.

The Descent of Spirit-Men

The progress of science provides better living conditions for the people of today. With the passing of time, they will receive more benefit from scientific achievement with less effort of their own. This is simply the advantage and benefit of this scientific age in which they live. This is also true in spiritual life.

The history of man shows that mankind is returning to the original world of creation. In this process of restoration, the people are given a better spiritual environment with the passing of time, because the numerous servants of God have been laying the spiritual foundation higher and higher through the ages. Standing on the final foundation, people receive more benefit with less effort of their own. Naturally, people in the present day have the advantage of advancing to a higher stage than those who lived a hundred years ago with the same spiritual soil simply because of the difference in the ages.

In order to receive benefit of this age, the spirit-men in the Paradise descend to earthly people. It is possible for them to receive it through the medium of earthly people, by cooperating with them.

Some people believe in the transmigration of soul. But it has been revealed to us that there are neither previous lives nor endless individual bodily reincarnations. This 1ife is once and for all in this physical world. The only way of return to this earth is descending in spirit. Sometimes a certain spirit-man descends and resides in an earthly man quite a longtime. During this period the spirit-man occupies the consciousness of the earthly man. In this case the consciousness of the earthly man is put aside. While he is occupied by the other spirit-man, he feels as if he had been reincarnated in another body. The doctrine of reincarnation, therefore is the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the temporary residence of the spirit-men in the bodies of earthly men.

Knowing this, all kinds of wandering spirits and evil spirits also descend to earthly people to have the benefit of this age. This is the reason why all kinds of spirits are active today, and mental cases increase rapidly. Those with spiritual power can cast out the devils as Jesus did. By eliminating the physical or mental conditions upon which Satan might encroach, one can also cast out the devils. Accordingly, medical treatment is also effective, although this is an indirect method.

In descending, the spirit-men have to select people who have the same spiritual nature as themselves and a common base and mission with them. Otherwise they cannot work together. For example, the spirit-men of departed Christians come to the Christians to cooperate. For the Buddhists, the spirit-men of departed Buddha and Buddhists ages descend. The spirit-men of Confucius descend to the followers of Confucianism. Those who have healing power receive the cooperation of the spirit-men who had been spiritual healers or doctors. Those who have the power of preaching or teaching receive the help of the spirit-men who had been great preachers or teachers. Those who have great musical talents are usually with the spirit-men of some of the great musicians in the past. It is also true that the spirit-men often choose their mates among their close relatives to help, because they often have the nature and base spiritually in common. Thus the spirit-men communicate only with those on earth who are spiritually close to them.

By the Divine providence, all other religions have functioned to elevate the conscientiousness of the people outside Christendom. Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism established morality and humanity in many parts of the world. These religions have laid the foundation for the last dispensation namely the Second Advent. Every religion, in deed has a certain degree of truth from God, and in this sense, it has been God's revelation to a certain people at a certain age. In other words, other religions have indirect revelations from God, whereas Christianity is the direct revelation.

The sincere believers of all religions, even the non-Christians who have sought truth and have been devoted to doing good during their earthly lives, did not go to hell. Such fine spirit-men have formed their own societies in the lower part of the Paradise, whereas, Jesus and his followers dwell in the highest region of the Paradise; naturally, the degree of bright -ness and glory of the latter is greater than that of the other religious groups.

The Unification of Religions

How can the spirit-men cooperate with earthly men? Preceding the Second Advent, a number of forerunners will be sent to prepare the way, just as John the Baptist was sent at the first advent. Along with the work of these forerunners, the spirit-men will cooperate by instructing the earthly people when and how the Second Advent will be fulfilled, and what they should do about it. By giving such instructions, they will cooperate to gather God's people into one center.

His Second Advent is a universal event, and the effect will not be confined to the Christian world only. The various religious groups and societies in the spiritual world know this fact, and they are all responsible to instruct those who are spiritually close to them. Those religions which had been founded by Divine revelation served to elevate the spiritual life of the people in a certain region in a certain age. If those religions can not fulfill their missions at the time of the Second Advent, they will not be admitted in the kingdom of God. Therefore, these spirit-men are destined to descend and cooperate with earthly people for the completion of their resurrection. By doing this the founders of other religions and their followers can fulfill their missions that is the attainment of their perfection. Hence the spirit-men of all religions in past descend and choose their mates with a great urgency and cooperate with them to fulfill their resurrection.

Compared with other religious groups, Christians are the best prepared to participate in the blessing of the last days because Christianity has been the only direct revelation from God during the last two thousand years. The word 'Christian' does not mean everyone who goes to church and calls himself a Christian. It means only those in the Christian faith who will receive the new dispensation of the Divine restoration and participate in the Second Advent. Such Christians will be the most blessed ones.

Thus, in the Second Advent, the unprecedented universal event, all mankind as well as all spirit-men have to participate for the accomplishment of their resurrection and the restoration of the universe.

Thus, for the first time in history, the unity and unification of divergent religions will be realized, and again it will lead to the unification of all mankind. Finally, the unity of two worlds, the invisible spiritual and the visible physical, will be fulfilled. For perfected men and women will be the mediators of the two worlds, spiritual and physical. Hence from this time on there will be a complete conjunction and communication between the two worlds. Consequently the new world is going to be highly spiritual. Thus the world of the forth dimension will be realized. At this time the Garden of Eden will be restored and God's ideal of creation will be fulfilled on earth.

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