An Introduction to Theology - Young Oon Kim - 1983

 Table of Contents

Cover, Table of Contents and Preface (pdf)

1. Theological Terminology (pdf)

2. The Authority of the Bible (pdf)

3. Revelation (pdf)

4. The Doctrine of God (pdf)

5. The Doctrine of Man (pdf)

6. God and the World (pdf)

7. Christology (pdf)

8. The Holy Spirit (pdf)

9. The Doctrine of the Trinity (pdf)

10. Hamartiology (pdf)

11. Salvation and Atonement (pdf)

12. Was the Cross Necessary? (pdf)

13. Conversion and New Life (pdf)

14. Ecclesiology (pdf)

15. Eschatology (pdf)

Bibliography (pdf)

Index (pdf)

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