Life of the Second Generation - Letís Become Loved By God

Life of the Second Generation - Letís Become Loved By God

Handbook of Dae Mo Nimís Word

Family Federation For World Peace And Unification
Chung Pyung Traning Center

Letís Become Loved By God

If we lead a life of goodness, our spiritual bodies can grow properly, but if we adapt evil ways our spiritual bodies become evil. However, because we do both good deeds and evil deeds and come to live this way without a center, our spiritual bodies grow to be neither good nor evil and we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, in order to go to heaven we have to struggle to lead a life of goodness. If you feel you had better not go to a certain place or do a certain thing, you really must not.


It is Godís will to realize a true family. God created Adam and Eve intending to perfect love through their bodies. However, since Adam and Eve lost their faith and did not keep Godís commandment, they became estranged from God and fell away from their essence. They became fallen beings who were separated from the sphere of values. In other words, they fell into a state of death.

Since the fall of Adam and Eve God has been leading the providence of restoration through indemnity. It is an expression of Godís great love that He intends to fulfill the purpose of creation through finding true families as the core of love and becoming one with them.

Knowing both the love and heart of such a God, True Parents have given us their words, the eternal bread of life, Blessed us, and given us rebirth. But even though they have asked us to become good through the providence of becoming one with God, we have ended up becoming beings who have embodied evil, because we have led our lives centered on evil.

Seeing us in such a situation, True Parents allowed Dae Mo Nim to descend to earth onl9 January 1995 to initiate the providence of the substantial Holy Spirit to help to save us. Dae Mo Nim teaches the will, love and heart of God centered on the words of True Parents to Second-Generation workshop participants of all ages.

In a speech under the title of ĎConditions Necessary for Entering the Kingdom of Heavení (Life of Second Generation Blessed Families), she asked students to meet those conditions and make them their way of life. She said the Second Generation must bear in mind that they can live only through meeting those conditions; they must not forget that they canít enter the Kingdom of Heaven if they do not.

Therefore, the Second Generation should always carry this guidebook of life along with them to read again and again and apply these words in their daily lives. they should work to realize the hope of God by building true families.

8 September 1998
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Chung Pyung Training Center

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Chung Pyung Holy Ground

1. Chung Pyung Holy Ground

2. True Father's Prayer In Chung Pyung

Chapter 2: Chung Pyung Providence

1. True Father Speaks on the Chung Pyung Providence

2. Hong Soon-Ae Dae Mo Nim

3. Background Of The Providence Of The Holy Spirit Activity (The Rebirth Movement)

Chapter 3: Guidance Given By Dae Mo Nim to the Second Generation

1. The Present Age (The Spirit World)

1) Spirit World Of Numerous Levels
2) Spiritual Pollution Due To The Returning Of Evil Spirits
3) Works Of Good Spirits

2. Conditions Necessary For Entering The Kingdom Of Heaven

1) You Can Enter Heaven Only Through Building A True Family.
2) Donít Fall
3) Get Rid of Fallen Nature
4) Donít Injure the Hearts of Others
5) Fear Public Money
6) Donít Smoke or Drink
7) Lead a Life of Worship
8) Attend Our Church Services

3. Attitude of the Second Generation Toward Life

1) Importance of Earthly Life

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Table of Contents
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