Life of the Second Generation - Letís Become Loved By God

Chapter 1: Chung Pyung Holy Ground

1. Chung Pyung Holy Ground

True Father purchased a sloping mulberry field site in the Chung Pyung Lake area, and by his making the first strike with a pickax on 17 June 1971, the construction work started.

With the completion of the chapel on 12 July 1971, the Chung Pyung Holy Ground began its service as a full-scale Holy Ground.

The old headquarters church in Chungpa-dong, Seoul, is the formation stage Holy Ground, the Joongang Training Center in Kuri is the growth stage Holy Ground, and the Chung Pyung Holy Ground, after the Ture Parents had offered many prayers and conditions, became the perfection stage Holy Ground.

True Father described the scenery surrounding the Chung Pyung Holy Ground area as resembling a peony flower. He said that, taken as a whole, it was a worldwide spiritual center. He also said that the Chung Pyung Holy Ground symbolizes the restored Garden of Eden. Through the fall of man, God also lost the beautiful Garden of Eden, which He created for the sake of His beloved children.

Therefore, True Father has all kinds of plans to make the thousands of acres of the Chung Pyung grounds into a starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

True Father wrote the manuscript for the World Rally for Korean Freedom here in 1975 and has completed many other historic works and plans over the years. On 14 October 1978 he gathered thousands of members here from all over Korea for a mountainside meeting to commemorate the 28th anniversary of his being released from Hungnam Prison. This meeting had the same meaning as when Jesus searched the hills and valleys, while praying and preaching, as recorded in the Bible.

In that meeting True Father said, "This place can become a world-famous excursion land. We have to come here in the midst of such beautiful surroundings to hold workshops of the highest dimension, matching the level of activities we have been doing worldwide. Whenever the participants view the mountains and fields, they can come to have noble thoughts. When scenes like a sunset behind the highest peak of a mountain, a flying bird, or people working over there come together in perfect harmony, workshop participants may become abstracted without realizing it and start to experience the internal dimension, maybe crossing the waters of this lake, the Atlantic Ocean, or going over that mountain and passing the Himalayas and India... In this way, right here, we can find all the material we need to have ecstatic experiences and dreams without limit."

True Father has loved the Chung Pyung Holy Ground and has restored its ownership form the position of God, making it Godís territory, where God and man can enjoy the freedom of spiritual communication. Therefore, we have to realize the importance of the Chung Pyung Holy Ground.

Here we can purify our hearts and attitudes. This is a place where we can grow closer to God and True Parents.

The old headquarters church in Chungpadong, Seoul, is the formation stage Holy Ground, the Joongang Training Center in Kuri is the growth stage Holy Ground, and Chung Pyung Holy Ground, After the True Parents had offered many prayers and conditions, became the perfection stage Holy Ground.

2. True Father's Prayer In Chung Pyung

You have loved this place of Chung Pyung and made it the way it is now. It is an area that you have sanctified through Your offerings. It is a place intermingled with tears of sincerity where all the nature binds us closer to You. People from all over the world come here to search for You with team. I sincerely hope and pray that You may guide this gathering to become a moment to implant tradition in us and a moment that enables us to appreciate You with an earnest appeal.

Even if we may be put in a position of being naked, orphaned, or chased, it wonít be pitiful for us but happy, since You are staying with us.

Thinking that this is the place where the future Kingdom of Heaven is being revived and where our future happy homes are being built, we know we have to go on.

Exhausted, we have to pull ourselves together and go on. Please, inspire vigor into our listless eyes. Taking a view beyond a far away mountain, we have to go on.

Let us not become sons and daughters that simply follow the footprints You have left behind, but let us become people that struggle to take the lead in treading on the thorny path.

Our glorious God, it did not occur to us how sorrowful Your heart has been during restoration. We did not understand that You bore a wish flavored with a feeling of
resentment when You, pledging Your heart filled with blood, persevered with a feeling of injustice in Your inmost heart and said, ĎPlease, overcome and be victorious, my son!í

Even though we became children of disappointment and frustration, living this way, crushed with misery, let us clearly understand that the heavenly light approaches in the middle of that and becomes a turning point within the darkness, enabling a new heaven to be opened here and a glory that becomes heavenly light to start here.

Let us pledge now at this moment to march on strongly. Let us each become a son that may put into practice his decision to lead his life a certain way after becoming a certain kind of person, after getting married to a certain kind of woman, and after having a certain kind of children. I sincerely hope that You may let us understand that when we as Your sons come forward once or twice in order to walk the way of the Will, we bring Your new day of prosperity to a position where it is recognized.

Let us overcome all the obstacles that are our destiny to overcome and feel our purpose to be worthwhile. And let us not become small-minded or cowardly people at any decisive moment when we are to pledge our destiny. Help us to be strong and bold and become victorious men of courage that, appealing to the people of the world, can introduce heaven.

Our dearest Heavenly Father, we ask You over and over again to let all the work started here from the first day on bear fruit that can be nestled in Your glorious bosom, and let this day become a blessed day. Now that this month of August has almost passed, let the spiritual bond of heavenly fortune, overwhelming with hope, be realized, together with a new start for the Unification Church.

We have to think of the fact that all of us in heaven and on earth are all to be divided into those who know and those who do not know, and into the ignorant and the conscious. We, Your children who have gathered here, ask You over and over again to instruct us, give us understanding, help us to become wise, and be seen before you as being worthy of receiving Your blessing. I pray this in the holy name of True Parents. Amen.

(The Way of Our Families Prayer at the workshop for church leaders on 28 August, 1971)

We have to think of what the ideal is that God and True Parents pursues and how we can realize it for them.

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