Life of the Second Generation - Let’s Become Loved By God

Chapter 2: Chung Pyung Providence

1. True Father Speaks on the Chung Pyung Providence (To the Second Generation)

As I have already said before, the Second Generation has to come to Chung Pyung and connect the spirit world and the physical world to each other. Everything that Adam and Eve separated has to be reconnected.

So far, the Unification Church with its physical foundation has been cleansing the fallen world. The movement to connect this physical foundation with a spiritual foundation is a worldwide movement centered on Chung Pyung. You have to understand that this movement didn’t come about through human power. Everything that has been dirtied through Satan’s blood lineage has to be cleansed here in Chung Pyung. The standard of being able to receive assistance from the angelic world has to be linked to the Second Generation first.

People of the Second Generation must not think of their own name, family name or country. They must not think that they are Korean, Japanese or anything else. They are of a sanctified blood lineage different from their own parents. Any connection with Satan’s lineage has to disappear completely. Therefore, every Second Generation person without exception has to come to Chung Pyung and have spiritual experiences through a forty-day workshop.

If you can t have spiritual experiences and can’t know yourself better even after a forty-day workshop, you had better leave school or work till later on. and undergo at least 120 days of training. Furthermore, you have to understand that you can’t receive the Blessing unless you participate in a Chung Pyung workshop.

(From Father’s speech given at the Pledge Service on True Parents’ Birthday in the Hannam-dong official residence on 2 Feb. 1998)

2. Hong Soon-Ae Dae Mo Nim

Dae Mo Nim was born on 22 February 1917 to Mr. Hong Yoo-eel and Mrs. Jo Won-mo in a place called Maengsan in Jungjoo-goon, Yangdeog, North Pyungan Province. When she was a child, her family moved to Anjoo-goon, Anjoo-eup in South Pyungan Province. She graduated from elementary school and the Pyungyang Bible School with excellent grades.

Having grown up in a devoted Christian home, Dae Mo Nim developed her faith following the example of her mother’s special patriotic faith. Over the course of many years she actively participated in the central religious groups specially prepared by Heaven for the advent of the Lord in Korea, Through sincere devotion and prayer, Dae Mo Nim laid the foundation to receive the messiah.

Under heavenly guidance, Dae Mo Nim married Mr. Han Seung-oon on March 5th 1934 at the age of twenty. One day in 1942 Dae Mo Nim received the revelation, ‘If you give birth to a son, he will become the king of the cosmos, and if you give birth to a daughter, she will become the queen of the cosmos.’ and became pregnant. The following year, on 6 January 1943 according to the lunar calendar, in Anjoo-goon, Anjoo-eup, Shinwe-ree 26, South Pyungan Province, she gave birth to True Mother.

One month after the birth of True Mother, Dae Mo Nim received a revelation from the Lord who appeared to her wearing white clothes, which said. ‘Do not pray for her as your child. She is the daughter of the Lord and you are like her wet nurse. Just nurture ‘V her well by nursing her at the breast.’ She protected True mother from all possible attacks from Satan, and she nurtured her with absolute devotion. Desperately waiting for the day of the coming of the Lord,

Dae Mo Nim continued to walk the way of faith. During her life of faith in Missionary Hwang Koog-joo’s church, she walked forty-km a day for one hundred days while going around preaching the gospel. In addition, she led a life of faith based on evangelization for three years in Reverend Lee Yong-do’s New Jesus Church. After that, she joined Kñn Sung-do’s Holy Lord Group and devoted herself to an intense prayer life there for eight years. During this time she also accomplished a duty of service with sincere devotion in Huh Ho-bin’s In-The-Belly group.

During her days in the In-the-Belly Group a young man spoke to her in a vision saying, ‘I am studying like this in order to find only one, namely you. Please wait for me and do not change in the meantime because I will be back in three years!’ After hearing those words, Dae Mo Nim was even more desperate for the day of the coming of the Lord.

In 1948, Dae Mo Nim fled together with six-year old True Mother from Communist-ruled North Korea at the risk of their lives and crossed the thirty-eighth parallel to arrive safely in Seoul. When the Korean War broke out in 1950, she received complete protection and guidance from Heaven as she fled further south for refuge.

When the Korean War ended, after undergoing life in a refugee camp, she returned to Seoul for a short time and then moved to Taegu. In Taegu she met Mr. Jung Seog-chun, an elder of the old Holy Lord Church. She joined him and his family in a life of prayer for four years. Even while moving from one place to another, living in such places as Cheju Island and Choonchun, she kept up her practice of eating raw, uncooked food, prayer, abstinence, and public service.

In November of 1955, while Dae Mo Nim was still living in Choonchun, she was contacted by Mr. Jung Seog-chun, who asked her to come down to Taegu. There, in December, she heard aboutTrue Father and went to meet him in Seoul at the headquarters church in Chungpa-dong.

True Father taught her the Divine Principle for one week. During that time she shed many tears and was filled with deep gratitude, because she realized that True Father was the very person she had met years before in a vision. She recognized that he was the Lord, the one that she had eagerly awaited and longed for. She immediately joined the church and began her life of attendance. After living in Taegu for four years on the mission she came to Seoul with True Mother. When they were offering a bow of greeting to True Father, he asked Dae Mo Nim, who her daughter was. When she answered that it was her daughter, True Father closed his eyes and repeated three times, ‘Han Hak-ja was born in the Republic of Korea’ as Dae Mo Nim wondered, ‘Strange, why would he say my daughter’s name three times?’ True Father added, ‘Han Hak-ja, shouldn’t you sacrifice in the future?’

After the Holy Matrimony of True Parents in 1960 Dae Mo Nim was victorious over numerous trials and tests. As if she had forgotten her glorious position, she led a life of gratefulness, sacrifice, and attendance, thus fulfilling her role. On 23 December 1973 she went to America to live in East Garden. In East Garden, as in Korea, she wasn’t able to feel at ease even for a moment.

With an unchanging heart, she was continuously engaged in prayer, close to a life-and-death struggle, for the sake of the security of True Parents and True Family and for the victory of God’s Will. On 21 December 1976 (November 1 according to the lunar calendar) at 8:30 a.m., at the age of sixty-three, Dae Mo Nim received the Tribal Blessing from True Parents.

Dae Mo Nim lived together with True Parents in East Garden until she returned to Korea on 17 September 1979. While living in the Chungpa-dong official residence she was hospitalized for a time in the Kangnam Holy Mother Hospital and received medical treatment there. On 25 December 1980 she moved to Shindang-dong, Joong-goo, according to True Mother’s advice.

In 1985 Dae Mo Nim moved to the Shinmoonno official residence located in Jongno-goo, Naesoo-dong. There, on 3 November 1989, at the age of seventy-five, being called by Heaven, she ascended into the spirit world.

She lived her whole life laying conditions for the sake of the accomplishment of the heavenly will, the True Parents’ Family and Blessed Families. True Parents expressed their appreciation for her exemplary life by praising her in a piece of calligraphy which said, ‘Choong-Shim-Bong-Shin’ (loyal in heart and offering her body) and granted her the glorious title of ‘Daemo’ (great mother).

Dae Mo Nim’s ‘My Will, My Life’

1. The very first thing after waking from sleep - to look up at the sky with an innocent mind and a heart filled with sincerity.

2. When returning home - to leave a place free for True Parents to sit.

3. When hanging clothes - to be aware of the direction and always leave a place for True Parent’s clothes.

4. When sleeping -- to lie down on one’s side and always be cautious and alert.

5. In daily life -- to say a word of kindness each day to make people living with you happy.

(from Dae Mo Nim’s pocketbook.)

3. Background of the Providence of the Holy Spirit Activity (The Rebirth Moment)

Dae Mo Nim lived all her life in great devoutness, including setting up numerous prayer conditions for True Parents’ Family. For Blessed Families as well, she always offered her great prayer and concern. For three years and six months she prayed day and night in agony to find out why Blessed Families have such difficult situations in their lives, why they have disease and suffering, why there is arguing and fighting between spouses, and why Blessed Children have problems. Her conditions complete, her spiritual eyes opened during prayer and she was shocked to see many spirits in the bodies of Blessed Members.

She asked God why Blessed Families were like that. God showed her that large numbers of spirits were inside the bodies of our Blessed Members, dominating them.

She could see that spirits were jumbled up inside of them through collective sin, hereditary sin, personal sin after the Blessing, etc. Seeing this, Dae Mo Nim prayed to God with a sad, aching heart asking Him to give her the mission to wash off that sin. God replied that a mission like commanding spirits was difficult to do in the physical body. ‘Then please, take me to the spiritual world! When I become a spirit person I will do that work,’ Dae Mo Nim earnestly prayed. So God allowed Dae Mo Nim’s physical life to be shortened by three years and her Seunghwa Ceremony to be held.

During three restless years, from 1989 until 1991, Dae Mo Nim had to find out all the secrets of the spirit world through prayer and devoutness in order to work on earth. Until finding out all these secrets, her prayer conditions had to be done in such a way that Satan didn’t know about them, because, if he would have known, he could have made accusations. After Dae Mo Nim had offered such devoutness that Satan could not accuse her, j God taught her the heavenly secrets.

In order to carry out the substantial providence of the Holy Spirit, Dae Mo Nim chose Mrs. Hyo-nam Kim to work with her at Chung Pyung.

For Mrs. Kim Hyo-nam to become one with Dae Mo Nim and carry out the Chung Pyung providence, she had to offer an equal Satan dared of devoutness and prayer. During her course of three difficult years from 1992 through 1994, she accomplished unity with Dae Mo Nim by offering great devoutness and prayer in front of Heaven, which included doing forty-day all-night prayer vigils, bowing conditions, cold-bath conditions, etc., Also, after additional conditions, she found the ‘five trees’ and the Water of Life.

On the foundation of such devoutness and prayer the Chung Pyung providence began on 19 January 1995. Since then thousands of workshop participants have been able to have their faith strengthened, and great numbers of spirits have been separated from our bodies. We have been given the grace of the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony and the Spirit World Blessing as well as many spiritual experiences and the healing of diseases.

During her Life Dae Mo Nim set up numerous prayer conditions for True Parents’ Family. She always offered her great prayer and concern for Blessed Families as well.

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