Life of the Second Generation - Letís Become Loved By God

Chapter 3: Guidance Given by Dae Mo Nim To The Second Generation

1. The Present Age (The Spirit World)

Hello, everyone. Is it nice to be in Chung Pyung? Please follow the rules of this place during your workshop. Yesterday, in the main hail I saw people playing games with the sleeping bags. I saw the same thing again this morning. Please understand that this place has been prepared by our True Father as the restored and perfected Garden of Eden.

True Father said, ĎChung Pyung is the training ground for going to heaven and the door to the spirit world.í Chung Pyung is the place where all the false satanic history since the fall of Adam and Eve is straightened out. It is a precious place, a place prepared as the restored perfected Garden of Eden, where people can get rid of sin, put everything in order, You have know the present spirit world, and live centered on goodness.

Recently, we have been hearing that environmental pollution is a serious problem.

Once your spiritual eyes are opened, however, you will realize that spiritual pollution is taking place now which is far more dreadful than physical environmental pollution.

You think that after your earthly life you will have a Seunghwa Ceremony and go to live in either heaven or hell. If however, our ancestors are not in the spirit world at the present time. They have come down to earth. Why is that so? Because the place in the spirit world where people go after committing sins is a difficult place for them to live.

True Father said, ĎHuman history has been longer than six-thousand yearsí The spirit selves of all the people that have lived on earth during that long history are not in the spirit world but have returned to earth. Therefore, we canít go to the spirit world even after our Seunghwa Ceremony because there is no way to penetrate the barrier of those spirits.

Because there is no way for our spirit selves to penetrate the spirit world to ascend, True Father has prepared Chung Pyung for us as Ďthe door to the spirit world. No matter where you go in this world, there is no place from which you can enter the spirit world. True Father told us that only at Chung Pyung is the way open to the spirit world.

Do you know how many spirits there are in our bodies? There are so many spirits there.

Thinking of their number makes me grieve and feel heavy. You may think that your spirit self is the only spirit in your body; however, after seeing our whole bodies spiritually, I can only say that our bodies are so overflowing with spirits that it is hard to breathe.

Therefore, I have seen many instances of people who canít control their minds and are dominated in a bad way by evil spirits. If we are dominated by evil spirits, our spirit self becomes an evil spirit self. When such a spirit self goes to the spirit world, it goes to a very dark place.

Spirits that have resentment because of our ancestors misdeeds are heaped up in our bodies like ant eggs or sand.

In order to resolve that resentment, they might enter into our bodies and say things like, ĎI am going to kill this one.í or, ĎI am going to make this one crazy. This is the present spirit world.

True Father said: "Human history has been longer than six thousands years." Not one spirit self of the people that have lived during that long history is able to live during that long history is able to live in the spirit world. Therefore, they all return to earth and because of that, the space around the earth is filled with spirits.

1) Spirit World of Numerous Levels

You have to know the spirit world. There are no judges there, nor is there anybody to listen to any excuses or explanations we may have defending our past earthly conduct. In the spirit world your appearance reflects how you led your life on earth. Therefore, we have to value our life on earth and lead a life of goodness in order to go to heaven. When we compare life here on earth to life in the spirit world, we have to be aware that our life on earth is but a moment.

How were you born? Your body came into existence through your parentsí love; you were born with that body and could begin your human life.

We have to be aware that the spirit world does not consist only of heaven and hell but of numerous levels.

How about when we reach the end of our physical life, where do we go? We go to the place called the spirit world, and we think that we go either to heaven or hell.

Therefore, my intention is to teach you about the spirit world. There are numerous levels in the spirit world. It is not divided only into heaven and hell but consists of several levels. There is also a place for Blessed Families among the numerous levels of the spirit world. The level where most people end up is a very exhausting and dark place. However, the place in the spirit world where Blessed Families are supposed to go is a really beautiful and good place. You have to know that.

Our physical body is formed during a growing period of nine months in our motherís womb. We live our whole life with that body. Our spirit body develops according to how we live our life on earth, and we go to the spirit world with that form of our spirit body to live there eternally. The spirit world is not a place where we go because somebody tells us to go. It is a place where we must find our own way according to the level of development of our spirit body. Everything that happens in our physical life is very important. All that you do in your lives is recorded vividly, as on a video. You canít make the record look good by editing out the bad parts from your life on earth. All of it, good things and evil things, follows you eternally.

Therefore, you earthly life is important, because we have only one life to live on earth; and if we compare it to the life in the spirit world, it is but a moment. Therefore, during our life on earth, we all have to prepare for life in the spirit world and perfect our personality. It is our portion of responsibility while we have our physical body.

We have to lead our lives always thinking of God and True Parents and work to become one with them. We have to understand that we will dwell in a realm of great value after we have cleansed all our sins away and have become one with God and True Parents. That means reaching the level of original Adam and Eve of the creation. In order to reach that level, we have to deny everything that connects us to Satan by birth and cut it off.

In that case, we become one with God and True Parents, become a temple that God desires, and gain eternal life. We have to understand that.

The spirit world consists of numerous levels, and there is nobody to listen to any excuses or explanations we may have defending our past earthly conduct. It is a place where we find our own way to the level that reflects how we lived our life on earth.

2) Spiritual Pollution Due To the Returning of Evil Spirits

We should have only our own spirit body within our body. However, we can see that there are as many spirits as eggs of ants or grains of sand stacked in huge piles in our bodies. The reason is that since the beginning of human history the spirits of people who have passed away were not able to claim a place in the spirit world and have remained down on earth. Thus, numbers of spirits beyond our imagination are presently returning to earth, forming reciprocal relationships with people on earth, entering their bodies, and doing their evil works.

Spirits penetrate into the flesh and bones of people and claim places there. They perform the works of evil spirits according to their own desires, and if they are not able to resolve their resentment by themselves, they convene with other spirits in situations similar to theirs. They then tell them about their resentment, work to make other spirits to unite with them, and then strive to resolve their resentment through an earthly person. If the standard of an earthly person with a fallen nature matches the standard of evil spirits, they will infiltrate and start to carry out their evil designs.

There are evil spirits covering us like dust within the sphere in which we are living. There is not only invisible air; there are also many evil spirits. If we live a principled lives, those evil spirits just cling to us like dust, but if we lead non-principled lives, they take it as a condition and work to control us completely.

When that happened, we canít lead our lives as we wish. We are instead taken over by evil spirits and end up leading our lives as they wish. In that case we become evil spirits like them and finally go to a dark part of the spirit world. We have to remember that for sure.

There is not only our own spirit self in our body. Spirits have penetrated into our flesh and bones, and are as many as eggs of ants or grains of sand stacked in a huge pile. Therefore, we have to know that if we donít separate them from us, we canít live as we want. We are instead dominated by them, become evil spirits ourselves, and finally end up in a dark part of the spirit world.

3) Works of Good Spirits

With the start of the Chung Pyung providence, we were put in a position to be able to cleans our spirits.

That is the heavenly grace of the providence of God and the True Parents, as well as the hard work of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. Present now are good spirits who used to be evil spirits filled with resentment, before being separated here in Chung Pyung. They used to be in our bodies. They had penetrated deep into our blood and bones and were trying every possible way to resolve their resentment.

However, now their situation has changed. The resentful spirits that are separated from our bodies at Chung Pyung go to the spirit world training center where Heung Jin Nim dwells and attend a one hundred-day workshop there. They then receive the Spirit World Blessing and are educated in our Blessed Family tradition. After going through this procedure, their appearance becomes amazingly lucid and clean.

True Father said, ĎYou have to know how precious good spirits are. These good spirits are the formerly evil spirits who used to be instigators who attempted to act out their resentment in our bodies. And now? They regret everything from their pasts and are very grateful for having obtained their present appearance. Therefore, these spirits who are now good are trying to find ways to help us.

From now on, the difference between the life of a person with many good spirits and the life of a person with few will be remarkable. Because True Parents came to this world and have laid the foundation for victory, the time has come for the spirit world and the physical world to become one.

Therefore, you must understand that in the future we wonít be living any longer on human power alone. The time will come when we will live on the power of heavenly fortune and good spirits. Dwelling in our bodies, good spirits work to help us absolutely. Therefore, when you come to Chung Pyung, there is tremendous grace and blessing from Heaven.

True Father said:

ĎYou have to know precious good spirits are. These good spirits are the formerly evil spirits who used to be instigators who attempted to act out their resentment through our bodies. Now, they regret everything from their pasts and are very grateful for having obtained their present appearance. Therefore, from now on, the difference between the life of a person with many good spirits and the life of a person with few will be remarkable.

2. Conditions Necessary for Entering the Kingdom of Heaven

God wants to love Second Generation people. He wants to touch you and come into your families. However, because you are leagued together with this world of evil, He cant love you, touch you, or come into your families, even though it is His greatest desire to do so. You have to know that God is crying.

Become one with God through your forty-day workshop. You have to change so that God can join you with joy. If you say, ĎGod, I wish to meet you, you can meet Him. However, you can't meet God if you live non-principled lives and if there are a lot of resentful spirits in your bodies.

Therefore, you have to keep these words (Everyday Guidance for the Second Generation) which are being taught to you now in mind, and live with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience.

Please carry this internal guidance booklet with you and read it again and again. You have to strive to become one body with God and True parents.

1) You Can Enter Heaven Only Through Building a True Family

Through the fall of Adam and Eve God lost His family. God has spent six thousand years to find Adam and Eve, who did not become true children.

You have to understand how precious Blessed Families are to God, how much He is interested in them, and how much he wants to love them. No matter how happily married and in love your parents might be, there is no way for your Family to go Heaven unless your parents and you have become one body in love. Only through building a true family can you go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

If you have made a mistake, you must not hide it. Please, donít hide any mistakes, because they become bigger problem if you hide them.

If you think that you are acting or have acted in a non-principled way and have a guilty conscience because of it, please, report it immediately to your parents. They may rebuke or scold you, but they would do so only because they love you so much. People arenít interested in someone they donít love, and they donít want to see them. Through talking to your parents you have to resolve even small things so that they donít develop into bigger problems.

Your parents are the phoenix of love. They always want to talk to you and give you their love. When you are sick, they pray to God, ĎGod, please, let us suffer in our childrenís place.í Even if you are only a little bit sick, your parents feel it in their whole body and heart. That is love.

Because Godís and True Parentsí love is like that, God has been working for six-thousand long years in order to find true families. You have to understand that. You have to build true families without fail.

Everyday Guidance for True Families and the Second Generation:

1. Letís become one body with God, True Parents, and our parents.
2. Letís thoroughly live a life of thorough reporting.
3. Outside marriage is absolutely out of the question.

2) Donít Fall

God gave Adam and Eve the commandment not to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge good and evil. What was the result of their eating it? God lost His children six thousand years ago. Adam and Eveís descendants, including us, havenít been able to build true families, and we are now all living fallen lives in an evil world.

So what do you think happens if you fall? You become an eternal orphan, and you canít enter the original homeland, your original home. You have to know that. Therefore, I strongly emphasize, ĎDonít look, donít touch, and donít eat.í Until you receive the Blessing from True Parents, please, never think of showing your undressed body to another person.

Furthermore, donít spend time with a person of the opposite sex in twoís, thinking that that person is only your elder brother or sister or younger brother or sister. After church service, you middle school, high school, and university students shouldnít go around and stay together in pairs of male and female. Staying together, you come to talk, and in the end, you come to look, to touch, and to eat. Furthermore, never sleep in someone elseís home without your parentsí permission. Again, never sleep in a house that is not your own. Especially you female students have to listen to this even more. You must never plan to sleep in a friendís house. Why? Because Adam and Eve fell through lewdness, everyone has lewdness in his or her character due to blood lineage. When a certain atmosphere is created, Satan infiltrates you. Therefore, female students have to be cautious of the environment.

Before going astray most people come to think one-sidedly, saying, ĎI want to see that boy.í or ĎI want to see that girl.í If you tell them that they must not do it, they turn a deaf ear to you. Why? Satan makes them that way. He makes them want to see that person. However, after they have deviated from the right path and have fallen. Satan leaves them. It is not until people recover their own senses that they come to Chung Pyung filled with regret and repent like crazy for having eaten the fruit of good and evil.

It is my wish that you live a good life from now on and then in the spirit world so you can be proud in front of your partner and children.

You really have to live thinking, ĎLetís not look, not touch, and not eat. and ĎLetís never go to a lewd place. Only then can we go to the Kingdom of Heaven.í

Donít Eat the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Everyday Guidance for the Second Generation)

1. The thing that God and True Parents dislike the most is sexual sin.
2. I absolutely wonít look, wont touch, and wonít eat.
3. Sexual matters are poisonous, something that kills us.
4. Donít forget that before eating the fruit, Satan will strongly influence you, making you want to see the opposite sex like crazy But after falling, your heart will ache like crazy due to a guilty conscience.
5. Absolutely donít be together in pairs of male and female in the same room.
6. The part (sexual organ) where you act in a non-principled way becomes extremely wicked.
7. To eat the fruit is something that Satan does.
8. Before receiving the Blessing you must watch your behavior.
9. Donít watch lewd videos, read lewd books or comics, visit lewd Internet sites, visit video rooms, listen to lewd music, go to lewd movies, etc.
10. Be sure to put sexual matters in the correct order.
11. Letís be dressed properly and neatly. (Satan likes navel-exposing T-shirts sexually revealing clothing, etc., so don't wear such things.)

3) Get Rid of Fallen Nature

God was happy after having created Adam and Eve. Why? He was happy because they were His children. But who was jealous? It was Lucifer. As the top angel and servant of God, Lucifer was responsible for Adam and Eve. However, thinking that God loved Adam and Eve more than himself, Lucifer came to manifest envy, jealousy, impetuosity, hatred, greed, falsehood, and deception. Because of that reasons he seduced Eve and made her deviate. Hence, todayís world of sin and evil came about. Therefore, to whom does the fallen nature belong?

It is Satanís. That is why you must get rid of it and live. Accordingly, you have to get rid of your fallen nature completely and live and learn only the way God wants, which is absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience, and absolute goodness. Only then are resentful spirits and the false spirits completely separated from your body. And by your becoming a pure entity, God can dwell within you, and you can become one with God. Only that way can you receive Godís total love and become a heavenly citizen.

Get Rid of Fallen Nature (Everyday Guidance for the Second Generation)

1. Letís please God by leading a life of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience.
2. Letís discard our fallen nature of hatred, envy, jealousy, pride, greed, impetuosity, falsehood, and deception. Satan loves fallen nature.

4) Donít Injure the Hearts of Others

Satan is able to cause our church members to become estranged heartistically from one another through words. We should go on united and centered on God and True Parents and not make Satan happy by speaking words that cause harm to our friends or family members. Not injuring the hearts of others means we shouldnít talk carelessly about people to others. Even if you get to know something about someone accurately, you should not mention it to others. That is a friend.

Because we are Godís children, we have to speak only words of love, heart, and support. We must build a heavenly kingdom where we can live together in harmony.

There must not be any incidents in which we hurt another person by speaking thoughtlessly. We have to lead our everyday lives being aware of the fact that speaking thoughtlessly causes our friends to is die heartistically.

Donít Injure the Hearts of Others (Everyday Guidance for the Second Generation)

1. Donít hurt your friends by speaking carelessly about them. (Rumors are not 100% trustworthy.)
2. Use a language of goodness, love, support, and sweetness.
3. It is Satanís way to think that it is not our fault but somebody elseís responsibility alone.
4. Before saying something, think first from the other personís point of view.

5) Fear Public Money

You should fear public money. Only if you fear public money can you go to heaven and your descendants live comfortably. Now, in Chung Pyung, when we look at the spiritually entangled situations of our members, the importance of such things can be discovered.

In an example from the past, there was a person who borrowed money and did not pay it back. Rather than pay it back he killed the person who had lent him the money. His descendants must indemnify this sin. As a consequence, they might fail in business, some might develop stomach cancer, and they might always face financial difficulties. Descendants must ever pay for the sins of their ancestors who did not know the Principle. if a Blessed Family knowing the Principle misuses public money, the indemnity for it goes directly to the Second Generation. We have to know that if we use public money with the intention of giving our family a comfortable life, it is the same as giving them poison.

I asked God: ĎUntil what point is public money considered public.í God answered, ĎUntil it has been tithed.í Therefore, when you get pocket money from your parents you must separate exactly one tenth of it, no matter how great or small an amount it is and tithe it. Only in this way can you go to heaven and your descendants live comfortably.

Fear Public Money (Everyday Guidance for the Second Generation)

1. Consider tithes to be public money.
2. Anybody that misuses public money will receive heavy punishment.
3. To use Godís money as your own personal money is the same thing as taking poison.
4. Be aware that you canít pay any money back once you are in the spirit world. Your descendants must do it in your place.
5. True Father said that if we misuse public money our children will become ill and suffer. (Use even a sheet of paper sparingly.)

6) Donít Smoke or Drink

The invisible God created humankind as His substantial image. He made them to be His children. Moving within the minds and bodies, God intended to give His beautiful love to them, and live together with him.

But because Eve fell, everything was lost. Satanís goal is to make it impossible for God to be with us, because only then will there be a place for him to stay. If we make our minds and bodies dirty with alcohol and cigarettes, God and True Parents will leave us, and Satan will enter and take their place. Understand that smoking and using alcohol cause us to become connected to Satan. Therefore, you must absolutely not drink or smoke.

Through drinking and smoking, many evil spirits can claim place within us. Under these conditions it is impossible for us to live according to our own wills; we canít help but live under Satanís dominion. Needless to say, we canít go to heaven either.

Donít Drink or Smoke (Everyday Guidance for the Second Generation)

1. Your body is Godís temple. You absolutely must not defile your body by using alcohol and cigarettes.
2. If you drink or smoke, Satan is with you. Alcohol and cigarettes are absolutely forbidden.
3. If you drink or smoke, you end up living under the control of evil spirits.
4. If you gamble, your fallen nature becomes stronger.

7) Lead a Life of Worship

God has been searching for His lost ideal family throughout the Biblical history of six thousand years. True Parents came to this world, and by their being victorious the Blessed Family could emerge. Therefore, all Blessed Families have to know that it is our absolute way of life to lead a life of attendance by worshipping the four position foundation of the invisible God and True Parents.

How should we do it? A life of worship is necessary. In the morning before going to school, you need to first greet Heavenly Father and True Parents with a bow and say, ĎGod and True Parents, I am going to school now. And when you return from school, you need to greet them again with a bow and say, ĎGod, thank You for Your protection today in this world of sin and evil.í Furthermore, because you need to share your life with God and True Parents, always practice life of reporting absolutely. Wherever you go, give a report. You can say, ĎGod and True Parents, I am here!í and ĎI am doing this and that here.í This way, you lead a life of creating unity with God and True Parents. And this way Satan can t come near.

Lead a Life of Worship (Everyday Guidance for the Second Generation)

1. God is happy when you remember to first greet Him politely whenever you leave your house or return.
2. ĎGod and True Parents, I am going (to school, etc. or to do this and that) now!í
3. ĎGod and True Parents, I am back (from school, etc. or from doing this and that) now!í
4. You need to lead a life of unity with God. You need a life of sharing with God at all times, and a life of reporting; ĎGod, I am doing this and that here and there!í

8) Attend Our Church Services

God has been searching for His beloved children. We have to understand that God sincerely wants to meet with His beloved children and hopes that Sunday will be a day for Him alone. So on Sundays, be sure to go to church. Our church is the place where we can meet with God. We have to go there and honestly report everything to God that happened in our lives during the past week and offer it to Him. Please become one with Godís will.

However, there are students that donít go to church. They say that they donít go in order to prepare for their school examinations. If there is an examination in school, you should go to church and pray to God saying, ĎOh God! I have to take an examination in school, so please help me. You have to know that it is improper behavior for you to stay home with the excuse of having to study when it is time to go to church.

You have to know the purpose of studying, Studying is a process through which you can educate yourself for the benefit of God, the future world and yourself.

Furthermore, you must know why you lead a life of faith. What is its purpose? You have to understand that leading a life of faith is for the purpose of receiving Godís eternal love. Thus, lead your life of faith fervently and study diligently. You should say, ĎGod loves me absolutely, and I, too, love God absolutely.í from a position where you can call God Ďmy Father.í

You should live knowing that if you as Godís beloved children ask for something you would like to have, God would certainly like to give it to you. Thus, we can live happily within Godís blessing when we go to church every Sunday without fail and lead a life of fulfilling our responsibility to become one with God.

Attend Our Church Services (Everyday Guidance for the Second Generation)

1. Sunday is Godís day.
2. Lead a life of attending our church services without fail.
3. Lead a life of faith of becoming one with God and True Parents.
4. Understand that your church leader is a representative of God and True Parents.

3. Attitude of the Second Generation Toward Life

1) Importance of Earthly Life

God created Adam and Eve and all things and said that it was good. They are good because He created them as objects of joy to love. However, by falling, Adam and Eve lost the realm of Godís direct dominion and the position of being able to love all things of the creation.

We need to understand that the way of faith is to make our body surrender to our mind by subjugating our body so that we can act according to our minds desire. The life of our physical self is very short.

Therefore, within that limited time, we have to live always thinking of what kind of merit we should accumulate in front of God and True Parents.

We need to know that the world we live in is not a world where the physical world and the spirit world are separate, but a world where the two worlds are one. We have to grow a beautiful spirit body during our earthy life. After passing into the spirit world, we live eternally within the love of God and True Parents. Thus, our goal is to live our earthly life beautifully in order to be ready to go to the eternal world.

We passed a nine-month growing period in our motherís womb. After being formed during those nine months, we were born on this earth.

We were given a substantial form through Godís love and the love of our parents. With that form we were born on earth and live our whole life.

Furthermore, you must understand that your spirit body grows through earthly life. So, when we establish heaven on earth through becoming one with God and True Parents, our spirit body becomes good and later goes to live in heaven in the spirit world. But, if we live centered on Satan and evil, we go as an evil spirit to live in a dark area of the spirit world.

The whole content of our physical life is recorded as on a videotape. We are given marks based on our lifeís deeds. When we pass away, we go to a level in the spirit world that reflects the merits we have received in our earthly life.

Among the many levels, the place where our Blessed Families are meant to dwell is the most beautiful. The Second Generation must not forget how shameful it is if a Blessed Family isnít able to live according to the Principle and ends up going to another part of the spirit world.

The Second Generation needs to know how precious and beautiful our physical self is. The time that we live in our physical self is the time when we can grow our spirit self God taught us, saying, ĎThe Second Generation is the flower of flowers, the blessing of blessings, and the core of cores.

Because our physical self is a beautiful temple in which God can dwell, we have to live realizing that our physical life is a priceless treasure.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a beautiful place. However, people that say they will go there but canít live a perfect life on earth err in thinking that they will go there. It is wrong, greedy, and fallen to want to go to heaven after having led a dirty and evil life.

Having the intention to enter heaven after having lived a principled life of goodness is not greedy because it is what God desires. But to say, ĎI am going to heaven,í while not having lived a principled life, living as you pleased just as secular people do, is greedy and wrong.

If we lead a life of goodness our spiritual bodies grow to become good, but if we adopt evil ways our spiritual bodies become evil. Because we do both good deeds and evil deeds, however, and come to live this way without a center, our spiritual bodies become neither good nor evil and we cant enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, in order to go to heaven, we have to struggle to lead a life of goodness. If you feel you had better not go to a certain place or do a certain thing, you really must not.

Furthermore, when a friend wants to go with you somewhere, please, pray to God, saying, ĎGod! True Parents! Is it okay for me to go there?í

After your prayer, you come to think that it is against your conscience and against the Principle, you must not go.

If I look at you now, wondering to which level of the spirit world you might be able to go, I find that you cant even go to the medium-level spirit world. In other words, you arenít living principled lives, but live bad lives, just as secular youngsters do.

When we in Chung Pyung separate from the spirits that are in our bodies, distinguish good from evil in our minds, and live a Principle-centered lives of goodness, we can live the way God and True Parents desire. We have to keep that in mind.

In our lives we need the have the habit of doing everything together with God. We have to become accustomed to being with God before we go to the spirit world. Why? Because God dwells on our right and Satan is on our left.

Accordingly, if we act as one body with heaven, Satan cant come to us. if we act in a non-principled way, however, Satan dominates us and leads us toward evil. For that reason we need the life style of always doing everything together with God.

Become one with one another. You have to live thinking of God and True Parents from now on. Furthermore, you have to make a clear distinction between yourselves and secular youngsters and live separately from them. Your appearance should be better than theirs and your mind more cheerful. Therefore, I ask you to heed the following basic points and live according to them.

What I Request of Male Students

1. Be sure to meet the eight conditions necessary for going to the Kingdom of Heaven.
2. You must not deviate from the right course. You have to struggle to become one with God and True Parents.
3. Always keep your hair neat, in other words, clean and short.

What I Request of Female Students

1. Be sure to meet the eight conditions necessary for going to the Kingdom of Heaven.
2. Keep your hair neat.
3. Donít wear earrings.
4. Donít dye your hair.
5. Donít wear T-shirts that expose your navel.
6. Donít have your nails grow long.
7. Donít wear short pants. Avoid things Satan likes. If you want to make Satan run away when he sees you, you have to appear clean and pure.
We have to live centered on goodness
by praying every day to God and True Parents
and by acting not as our body directs,
but as air conscience (our mind) directs.
God and True Parents always want to be right beside us.

We lead a life of attendance to True Parents. True Parents have taught us Godís will, love and heart through numerous speeches and the principle. Therefore, you have to know that it is absolute life and our path to lead a life of real attendance to True Parents, who have come as the Lord, and a life of pursuing the Principle and goodness.

In our homes we attend True Parentsí picture. That means that God and True Parents dwell with us in our homes. However, it is not okay if we, with our fallen nature, donít live centered on the word and the Principle given by True Parents.

God and True Parents always dwell spiritually in our homes and right beside us. Therefore, we have to pray, offer conditions, and live centered on the Principle and goodness at all times, while thinking of God and True Parents. Only then will God and True Parents come to dwell beside us and will we become a true family that can go to heaven, our original homeland and the original world. We have to understand that.

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