Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery


July 10, 1975

First day in Utah.

I'm 21 years, 6 months old. I left Dover on January 2, arrived in Atlanta 13 hours later with my backpack and went straight to the 28th floor of the Equitable Building, where Gayle worked. I probably looked pretty rough. Found a job at Pack's hauling trailers the next Monday. Met Imoe in March.

Quit my job, sold my car, gave away a load of stuff (still have too much) and went west, where I am now in Zion National Park. Karola is gone to town with Bill. Joel is gone. Only Jerry and me. I'm thinking about becoming a man of knowledge.

No luck today locating Roaring Thunder. No Cheyenne in Nevada. All in Montana. Everyone says so, so I will probably stay with the bus through Colorado. Should be cool. Also the place where Karola appeared. Maybe disappear, but I hope not.

Today she asked me if she could go with me to find Roaring Thunder, and of course I thought it was far out. She was weird last night. Said something about because of our language barrier we could only "connection" sexually. But I don't know what she meant. I would really like to be with her. 

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