Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Turning Point

July 14, 1975

Went into Cedar City today, where Bill got a temporary cap on his tooth. Also did a trip to the health food store. Found out where Joel's priorities are, when he spent $20 for a stainless-steel frying pan because it's better than aluminum, which may be true, but that's an ounce of dope.

I'm trading packs with Jerry, who has a Gerry pack. Should be OK.

Also went to Cedar Breaks today. The ranger there was named Theron Twogood, if you can believe it, and he was really into the place. Very weird and strange place. Change is much more drastic than the Grand Canyon. Also much higher; equivalent to Arctic zone. These layers presumably were once part of the canyon too, but were eroded completely away.

Plan on moving on to Bryce Canyon tomorrow with the intention of tripping once we get there.

Kept running into Bill and Laurel today, first downtown and again at Cedar Breaks. They hiked with us. Be glad to leave here. Too cold at night, probably because I haven't been sleeping with any clothes on. And the ever-present Yebache.

Smoked the last of the dope tonight. Joel said something about this being some sort of turning point. 

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