Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Gimme Shelter

September 9, 1975 (cont.)

I am now a reborn person for Heavenly Father -- hereafter referred to as HF. My first mission was to sell flowers -- roses -- in San Francisco. My first run was with Kent in a section of Market Street. We did about $14 between us. Ran into a lot of negatively in this one area near Carlos Santana's health food restaurant. One guy said that we were all the same, that we were all fascist groups.

In the Pilsner Bar across the street I tried to sell a rose to an old lady, but before I could get the flower out the old guy sitting next to her told me to take a hike. I kept trying, but Kent finally pulled me away and said that it was useless to get involved with such low spirits, that it could really be harmful to my spirit.

Later in the day, Mitch, our center man, told me that HF would deal severely with people like that old guy and Jerry who turned people away from the truth.

My second run was on 24th Street, where Kent scored a Bud's french vanilla cone, but we didn't sell so many flowers. Managed to sell half a dozen just when the van came at the end of the run at lunchtime. Then I did a run downtown, but I was very self-conscious of my clothes, which were my old army fatigues with the big side pockets and my dirty sweater. I didn't sell many flowers at all until right at the very end when I sold a dozen. The presence of Satan was so obvious, but I tried not to get negative or bummed out, knowing that HF was counting on me.

We then dropped our crew off at Powell and Market and Union Square to witness. Mitch took me up to 29th Street to get the rest of my things, but Imoe had moved, so I went to the feminist daycare across the street where Jason was and they said she had moved to 23rd Street with a guy named Moon. We went over there and I managed by the grace of HF to see Imoe alone for a few minutes while Mitch parked the van. I knew I would not be left alone for long.

Moon was a skinny Asian guy and I only saw him for a split second before he disappeared. I told Imoe I was OK -- better than OK -- and she shouldn't worry about me. I wanted to witness to her about the Principle, but I could see she wasn't in the mood to hear it. After weeks of turmoil, she had found a good place to live for now with Moon and everything was all right. But I could tell that seeing me made her kind of sad. I felt it would be best to get my things and leave as soon as possible.

Mitch knocked on the door just as I was about to leave. Thank you HF. Among the clothes I picked up was an old denim shirt that Leslie Heinz had given me a couple years earlier in Dover. She had embroidered "Gimme Shelter" on the front pocket and it was one of my favorite shirts. But holding it made me think of Leslie and how much I missed her. I knew Satan would use it to invade me, so I threw it up the stairs to Imoe, who caught it and held it to her face and started crying. I ran out the door.

Mitch treated me to some more Bud's ice cream and then we drove back downtown to pick up the witnessers and dinner guests they had invited. I guess we love-bombed them pretty good because we had 14 sign up for the weekend workshop at Boonville. Thank you HF.

After the guests had left and we gathered as a family, we had ice cream and individual entertainment. The room seemed wrapped in a golden glow. Never have I experienced such inner warmth. I knew this was just the beginning, the first day of many to come.

The Red Red Robin has just called. It's 5 a.m. I've been up all night writing down as much as I can while I can still remember it. Time to do battle with this sinful world and restore it to God's ideal. Thank you HF. I love you. 

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