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Calling Home

September 22, 1975

Although it was not an outwardly exceptional day, a series of events did occur which it may be worth to put down on paper, for what they may bring in the future.

Today I centered up Peter Stair in flowering selling, which was good, but we didn't really do so well, although I did have a watermelon donated and a large sweet bread from a bakery. Monetarily it was an indemnity day. I tried to set a condition of faith today by fasting for S. John, though I did succumb to a bite of chocolate immediately after the sweet bread had been donated.

The baker who donated it was a former boxer who had lost his sense of smell. I wish now that I had made more oneness between us because he really had such a good heart. We shared the bread in our family meeting tonight.

When I went over to see S. John, he wasn't home and apparently hadn't been there for several days. So I left a note, then went to Powell and Market and called my father in Dover.

We talked for about half an hour and I think it really made him feel good, because it made me feel good. He didn't even ask more about the Family or what we were into. All he cared about was that I was happy. He was really delighted when I said I might be home for Thanksgiving. I do long to see them all so much.

Finally went out and witnessed for a little while, then came home and broke my fast. Found it strangely easy to talk to the guests tonight. I learned last weekend up on the land from Mike McCarthy that you can really be sincere by just trying to be friendly. I mean, HF can work through you if you approach people sincerely wanting to be friends.

I will have to actualize this more, however tonight I was asked to go on a three-day flower run south, and of course I want to go. Dave Burroughs and I are going from this house. Right now we are waiting for the pick up.

Heard today that someone took a shot at Gerald Ford in Union Square. Richard Lewis, Peter Stair and Donna were there, but they said it wasn't important. Or rather, it was more important that they find a heavenly child.

Imoe also called this evening and sounded much more open to coming to dinner. 

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