Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery


October 14, 1975

Today I feel reborn. Not just inspired, but like I'm in control, or at least trying to take control.

HF woke me up at 5 a.m. so that I could get into my new book. I had been reading "Tales of Power," but somehow I've lost interest and I really want to learn more about Father and the church and Principle.

Before I could get to my reading, Tom sent me out on a special mission to get orange juice and hot chocolate, but I still had time to read before breakfast when I got back. Then we went over to Hearst Street to hear Oppa (Dr. Durst) give a lecture. It was the second time I had been to such a thing. Last week it was about creation and the newest ideas that have been developed. Unfortunately it was a bit too abstract for me. But it was stimulating to know that this was the first time the truth had ever been revealed in that light. So I was really just grateful to be there.

Today, however, I took some pretty good notes -- but not like David, who can write down the whole lecture word for word. That guy is amazing! This morning's lecture was on epistemology. Dr. Durst discussed how the various avenues of thought developed.

Basically, we are all value-seeking individuals who live for pleasure, which is the cognition of value, which stimulates joy through our hyung sang and sung sang natures. We seek pleasure for ourselves, or rather gratification of our desires, and then we receive pleasure or joy when we are aware of our value to others and to the whole.

A lot of people who, when they are first exposed to the Family, think that our songs are corny, which is true, but the songs are also true in what they say. I must record this kernel, which Dr. D expressed as, "In the corn you get nourished."

Beowulf and Grendel -- "That was a good king."

Hermann Hesse "Steppenwolf" -- Develop character

Every person is the prototype of everyone else. We have the infinite nature of God in all of us. Each person reflects a different facet of God's infinite personality, which is also inherent in us. As we interact and share with more and more people, that specific nature is brought out in us and we are more comprehensive and comprehending.


If we really open ourselves and learn to truly love, then even the most negative experiences and people and things can be stimulating. 

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