Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Beauty Eyes in the Lie of the Beholder

October 16, 1975


To whom this may concern: Glenn Emery has been working as a full-time volunteer for the Creative Community Project. In return we have provided room and board. He has really proved valuable in our work, and we certainly look forward to continuing our relationship. If there are any questions, please call 567-7491.

Thank you so deeply.

David C. Stoller Director, CCP

Although today was not as productive and inspiring as yesterday, enough did happen to warrant recording in this journal.

At breakfast, David had me repeat the story of my "leap of faith" into the second-floor window to sell roses. It made him really excited and happy and he told everyone that my example was the kind of bold action HF can work through. I had never been praised like that in front of brothers and sisters and it made me feel good, but it also made me want to try hard to remain humble so Satan wouldn't claim this victory.

David said that even though I got kicked out and didn't have a high result myself, I paid indemnity for the entire team to make its goal because HF could claim my sacrifice as indemnity to bless the team with victory. He said HF often used one member of a flower-selling or witnessing team to pay indemnity for everyone else to get a good result for heaven, so even when we feel Satan attacking us and making us negative and wanting to quit because we're not getting any result, God can claim the sacrifice to achieve the greater good, as long as we don't complain or space out or quit.

His words made all of my past weeks of struggling feel like they were worthwhile, that maybe I had helped other people come to Family, even though I hadn't brought anyone myself.

One of the first people I talked to today was the assistant manager of the Eureka Hotel, where Paula Soto lives. She is 42 and was in the Family for a year and a half about four years ago. I had lunch with Erin and Linda in Civic Center Park, and Charlie was also there. He used to live at Washington Street back when I first came to dinner. He has since moved out. The shoes that I found when I first came to this house and have been wearing as my own turned out to be his.

I never was aware of the bomb-out rate before, but almost all of the new brothers have left: Bill Altman, Newton, Bill Seibert. Even Dennis has been having a tough fight-it-out lately. It makes me wonder how much Principle they really heard or understood. Who wouldn't want to follow the messiah if they had the chance? It makes me feel like I am really special and that people like James are really special. He shared with me last night all of the details of his coming to the Family. Strong, righteous people are difficult to come by.

I think an article on Father came out in People magazine today. It was Mike Embry who pointed it out to me. I had a feeling this morning that I would see him today, and sure enough I did. He figured out what we were all about, which really surprised me. I didn't think he had enough information. But he knows.

The article itself was negative, of course, but I spoke to David about it and he said that the folks from People were actually invited and were love-bombed, so even though the article was somewhat negative, the negativity was really very shallow.

I also learned today that Father had been married once before, but that his first wife did not really understand his mission and finally rejected him, forcing him to remarry. But later she realized the truth about him and now acts as his servant.

Holly came by again tonight, but I didn't spend too much time with her because James and I went to tow Beverly's Mercedes over to the house. It was an ideal opportunity to be perfect subject/object.

I read today a passage of "Master Speaks" where he said that he won't reveal all of the details of his life because it would stop our hearts with shock. 

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