Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Four Months In


I've been in this family now for about four months and it certainly has been different. I've never found such a unique and difficult challenge.

I remember being so inspired my first full day in the city after my month at Boonville that I got up before the Red Red Robin and was vacuuming the third floor while everyone else slept. Soon after I found out how little sleep one was likely to get, so it wasn't long before I quit getting up before the RRR.

Dr. Durst said we're not a cult because we're following the truth, not a personality. He said the people following Jesus are the cult because they worship a fictional person who's been invented to fit their concept of what the messiah should be like. He said when Christians find out who Jesus really was, the actual historical man who lived and died and not some make-believe concept, they'll come to Father in droves. He said outsiders who view us externally think we're worshiping Reverend Moon, but we're really worshiping Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. We don't worship True Parents. We want to be like them and someday we will. When we bow to them and pray in their names, it's to show respect and honor their sacrifice for what they've done. They're the first man and woman to show us -- all mankind -- how to be in perfect oneness with God. It's like Noah says in his lecture: With Jesus, God only had one foot on the Earth. With True Parents, God finally has both feet firmly on the ground.

Dr. Durst said we shouldn't get upset when people accuse us of being brainwashed because we're not. He said the world is brainwashed with negativity. Onni said coming to the Family is really being "heart-washed" -- getting rid of all that satanic thinking and opening our hearts to the truth.

When the truth really starts to spread we're going to see miracles that make the Red Sea look like a warmup exercise.

I have to stop now. Catherine Green has came and asked me to help with the dishes. Of course I can't say no. But I really wanted to get some thoughts down in my journal while I had a chance.

Found out today that Reid, who went to Barrytown with the pioneers, has left the Family. I can't believe it. 

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