Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet


The last two days here at Jacob House have been amazing as far as learning Principle. Wednesday we heard Chapter 1, the Principle of Creation. It was so beautiful and deep. Mr. Garratt said that even when the HK is here and the world is completely restored, we will still study the Principle of Creation. Even Mr. Garratt said he did not fully understand it. It may take us a thousand years in the spirit world before we really understand and appreciate it.

Life here is also different. There are three meals a day. Total segregation of brothers and sisters. Prayers are much more passionate and deep. The lectures are mind-blowers.

Everything is geared toward Yankee Stadium, which will be the greatest victory in the providence of God since the marriage of True Parents. We saw a movie about the rally last year at Madison Square Garden.

The kidnappings here are very serious, but Father said in his God's Day speech that the activities of Ted Patrick and Rabbi Davis will be terminated this year. They are such obvious tools of Satan, playing on the fears of our parents. I understand that to deprogram someone they get you to sin somehow, by smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, smoking pot, doing drugs, fornicate, anything they can, and then they accuse you and totally crush your spirit. I heard of one girl who was induced to have sex with her old boyfriend. Another girl ended up in a mental hospital where they shot her full of drugs and she is still there. Another brother was given LSD by his own physical brother.

Those people are so crazy. They just don't know what they are doing.

Saw Father today and he gave a wonder four-hour talk.

Later we heard the Fall of Man lecture, which was the deepest I had ever heard. I was actually moved to tears. For the first time I learned that the very worst thing we can do after we come to the UC is to repeat the fall by fornication.

Then I remembered after my first weekend how I spent two days with Imoe over on 29th Street in San Francisco. I remember running around naked at Yellowstone 10D3 and feeling strange about it but not understanding why. Things like that I really have to repent for. 

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