Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

22 Hollow Point


The directors here at Jacob House are Patrick Hickey, who is the external director, and Dale Garratt, who is the internal director and does all the lecturing. Patrick ate dinner with our team tonight and said that if we haven't told our parents about the UC or about Father, that it would be best not to say anything for the time being with Yankee Stadium being so close and so many kidnappings.

I guess that is why I never mailed the letter I wrote home when I first got here, because spirit world knew it wouldn't be good, especially since there is the possibility they already tried to have me set up to be kidnapped. Still, I would like to communicate with them somehow, try to keep them from getting too negative. HF will tell me what to do.

I'm 22 today. If man had not fallen, I'd be one with God now. 

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