Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

MFT: Colorado


I am so sorry I haven't written in so long.

It has been almost three weeks now on Steven Shute's team. The members, besides myself, are Mariko as team mother; Basil Gallagher, who is struggling but has a good heart; Michael Douthit, who has a very heavy spirit which makes it difficult for him to stay awake and he can be arrogant at times but is a pretty good fundraiser; Roger Ballabano, who is just a good strong brother; Susan White, whom Kent Stuth from Richard Panzer's team in Arkansas used to talk about a lot as a top seller but is now struggling and I'm sure is suffering very much internally; Lori Davis, who is just a good strong sister; and Kate, who is usually our top seller.

Anyway, I went selling with Mariko today. It was great. I love Mariko so much. She has such a strong determination to achieve victory that I can really unite with her. More than just selling, she's been teaching me how I can win victory as sub-leader. First one must question how to bring victory. The answer is in the asking. Ask and ye shall receive. By simply asking and seeking, one is faced in the proper direction and God can then use that person.

As sub-leader, I must stimulate captain by making high result and raising and supporting team members to also make good results. 

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