Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

The Holy Grail of MFT

Second Day of Competition

This was the most incredible day I have ever had since I've been in the family, at least on MFT. Today I did not worry so much about making money but more with paying indemnity for 6,000 years of human failures. I thought that maybe I was so impure that God could not work through me to make much money, but at least I could pay indemnity, and I felt good about that.

There was only four cents difference in my results from the first two periods, lasting until 7 o'clock. Then I got dropped off at a shopping center, JCRS, where Imoe, Jason and I had stopped when we came through Denver last summer. I was selling giant sticks of chewing gum, which was really good product because it was a novelty that most people hadn't seen before and it didn't cost much, only $1 a stick.

There was another fundraiser from the Absolute Order of Melchisedec selling flowers outside the Casa Bonita restaurant. I saw him and went wild, running down and chasing everybody. Eventually I sold out, so I went over to waste this guy's time. My thinking was that I had to steal the blessing from Satan. I had met the same guy before and he remembered me too, though this time he was not so negative. I managed to get some information from him, which all sounded so principlistic. He even used the word "principle."

Then I got dropped off downtown near Larimer Square with flowers. It was after 11 o'clock and I had until 1 o'clock to make $60. I came back to the van at 1 o'clock with $85 because some guy had bought the whole thing, bucket and all, for $55. Susan said she had been praying for me all day to get a large donation. I could have had the whole $100 bill if I had been quicker, but nevertheless I did make over $200.

On the way to pickup I saw some guy getting arrested. It was exciting. Must go to bed now. I don't get so much sleep these days. 

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