Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

"Shut Up or I'll Christian You!"


The whole team has not been doing so good since I got my big donation. We have not fulfilled our $160 team average for the last three days, so tomorrow we are leaving Denver for four or five days.

Last Saturday I was fundraising in Greeley and some lady in a shop I went into did not like us and called the police. I told her I was brainwashed and was afraid to leave the Unification Church. I could see her get possessed right in front of my eyes, because she knew I was just making fun of her. She accused me of seducing people into giving money without telling people who we really were, and she wanted to put an article in the newspaper to expose us.

The police came, but he just told me I couldn't fundraise without a license. Of course the city hall was closed on Saturday, so I had to go ahead and fundraise without a permit. Later in the afternoon, close to pickup time, the cop saw me again and also saw my much emptier bucket of flowers and got really mad. But I told him I was just talking to people and giving the flowers away, so he couldn't do anything.

The next day I fundraised in Loveland. I spotted a man who reminded me of my spiritual Rosicrucian friend, Frederick Messina, back in San Francisco with the long white hair and waxed handlebar mustache. But this guy was really negative and also called the police. I then asked the gentleman his name as I wanted to know who was going to such great lengths to give me such a difficult time.

He said, "None of your goddamned business. Reverend Moon is the cause of your problems. What do think of that?"

I said, "I think you have a fine Christian attitude."

"Shut up or I'll Christian you!"

The cop just said I couldn't fundraise without a license, so of course I went back to fundraising after they left, but it wasn't so good.

Captain Yasuda took Debbie and Lori up to Cheyenne to fundraise by themselves, but they also had a police problem there, and Basil had a police problem in Golden today. He was too scared to work and came back to the safety of Denver. 

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