Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Born to Drive


Ten days until Yankee Stadium. I find it difficult to think about. I'm not at all sure what it will be like or what it will mean to me. All I know is that if it fails, America will decline and ultimately fall. But I know Yankee Stadium will not fail because Father has willed it.

More and more I feel I must unite with True Parents, though it is so difficult. But there is no choice. Where we go in spirit world after death depend on how united we are with True Parents. It's impossible to imagine how far away we are from God and His ideal. Something like being at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I suppose there is some spiritual significance to my going to the Grand Canyon just before meeting the family.

We are on our way to Omaha to fundraise, working our way east to New York for Yankee Stadium. We are traveling by bus, the whole team, including Captain Yasuda, because last night he had an accident with the van. The radiator was repaired today, but there is an electrical problem, which will have wait until Monday. So until then, we are stuck in Nebraska.

A certain pattern has emerged regarding our accidents, though I certainly don't pretend to understand all of the spiritual significance and implications. Externally, our accidents have always occurred on Friday nights or Saturday mornings. Someone else always asked to drive. And we were always returning from somewhere else. Even in the mountains outside Silverton, we had the accident with the Cadillac after turning around and heading back into town.

Now only Captain and I drive, and after this latest accident he may choose to have me drive all the time. I'm the only one who doesn't get sleepy, even if I've been driving all day and night. I also have a good sense of direction and never get lost. And I'm able to maneuver the big Maxivan in tight spots without hitting anything, even if we're pulling a trailer. I guess my truck driving experience is useful to heaven after all.

I think I inherited my driving skills from dad. He's the best driver I know. I used to love watching him drive on family trips, hour after hour. He always knew exactly what to do in every situation. He was a genius behind the wheel. 

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