Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Go Team!


Today we achieved team victory for the first time in weeks. After all those days of struggle, today was sweetness. Oh, I made my goal five times in a row, but today we had team victory, and it feels many times the better.

Jesse and I went to Morrilton, Arkansas, today. We seem to unite pretty well. Jesse was high seller with over $200, and the team ended with about $150 average. Now our goal is to achieve a $200 average before Washington Monument.

The key to victory, as we learned at Yankee Stadium, is internal unity. But putting that knowledge into a substantial victory is not so easy. HF seems to have taken away our result these last couple weeks to show us that we cannot rely on our own effort, but we need God to accomplish anything of value.

Also, God has not been able to trust mankind since the Fall of Man, so we must show Him our sincere dedication to accomplish His will, even if no blessing comes. Now we must challenge to gain confidence. 

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