Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Alpha and Omega


I ended the week with a $200.26 average, making a new record yesterday of $315.11 in Soloam Springs, Arkansas. The small team that Captain sent out of me, Michael and Jack really did a lot to increase my determination, although I collapsed on the last day, after making my goal five days in a row.

Kimiko told me the first day and the last day of a condition are the most difficult, because those are the days Satan will attack and try to steal our offering to God. The beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, are the times we need to be most careful and work our hardest.

So today I was determined to get victory. Satan attacked hard, and I did not feel so united with Jack. We went out in the small car to do small towns. I did fairly well but kept running into police problems. Now I determine to gain victory every day of the week and to challenge $350.

Faith in God is the only thing to depend on. One cannot depend on the physical or external situation. God is the only constant force in the entire universe we can trust. 

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