Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Mandatory Rest


I haven't been selling for almost a week. Sunday a week ago I developed a boil on my right leg, just above the ankle. I went on working all the same. By Monday night I felt really ill and in much pain, but I didn't stop. Tuesday I went up north with Tony's team. I went to the doctor and fundraised about half the day. But I haven't been fundraising since.

The next day I drove for Tony and he went selling, but then I was called back down to Lafayette to drive for Christopher. I spent the whole day traveling on the bus. Tony said because I never seek rest, God is giving me rest. Even now my leg is almost all better, but still I am just driving and pretty much staying off my feet.

I've been using the time to pray a lot. I've been feeling how much God is crying for the world and crying for us. He wakes us up in the morning and He cries because He'd rather let us sleep. He cries as He sends us out, because He knows how much difficulty we experience every day. So I feel how much worse I make God feel when I complain. God is already grieved. Why should I cause him to grieve more? So I've been trying to comfort God in my prayer, not ask Him for anything and tell Him not to worry about me, let Him know it's okay for Him to push me, that I won't complain or give up. 

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