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This may be the last time I will be able to write for several weeks because competition begins on Friday, the day after tomorrow. About two-thirds of the Japanese brothers and sisters who came to America for Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument must go back to Japan now, so in many ways we will have greater spiritual responsibility than ever before.

We have been struggling very much. Of course, without the struggle we could have no victory. So really I want to try to chart my course through this struggle. My goal will be $400 a day.

Yesterday I sold for about one hour at night, the first time in several days. Today was my first full day selling in a week. I did some industrial area along the Harvey Canal on the West Bank of New Orleans. I only made $55 the whole day because I couldn't feel desperate. In the evening I did a Woolco parking lot. I felt a strong desire to make a good result to inspire the team. My goal was $100 but I only made about $60.

Still I had some really good experiences out there and was able to subjugate the area fairly well. HF said some pretty amazing things through me, and many people bought who otherwise would not if I had been even a little bit spaced out.

Chanting helps keep me focused and dominate the spirit world. I say, "One for two, three for five / One for two, three for five / One for two, three for five..." over and over all day and night when I'm out selling. It has an easy rhythm and mobilizes the spirit world to make people give. I see the evidence of the spiritual activity when people are pulling out $2 even as I approach, and I sell a lot more of the three boxes for $5. 

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