Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Guess Who's Coming to Dallas


True Parents came to the Dallas MFT center yesterday.

Gary Page and I were fundraising the dormitories at Louisiana Tech in Ruston, but I got kicked out twice almost right away. I was walking outside and Tony drove by, yelling frantically to me that Father was coming to Dallas. We quickly found everyone and drove to Shreveport, where we took a plane to Dallas. We arrived about half an hour after Father had begun speaking.

Father and Mother were sitting on the sofa. It was the most intimate I had ever experienced. There were relatively few people: Louisiana MFT, Texas MFT and the recently formed International One World Crusade (IOWC) team, which was fundraising in Dallas.

Father spoke about love and how sisters are more heartistic and generally one step ahead of brothers, therefore brothers, as archangels, should follow the example of sisters as Eve to come back to Adam. Father said that it was our love for him which made it impossible for anyone outside the church to understand us. Finally he explained that our purpose is to save the people, educate the people, and establish the heavenly tradition. Someday Father wants to take several thousand IOWC members to Korea and restore all of Korea in one day.

After Father spoke we had our picture taken with him. Somehow I managed to sit right next to Mother.

After they left, Commander Hayashi was very upset that no one had taped Father's speech because it was a historical, important event. Later he said it was good that our team made it to see Father because it reflected unity with Captain Hernandez, which God was able to work through to bring us to see True Parents.

Lately when I'm out fundraising and people ask me about the church, I've been telling them that the second coming has happened, that the messiah is alive and on the Earth, and that Father is the messiah. 

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