Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Broadway Joe: Pass Interference


A lot of really strange things happened today. I don't know any other way to put it.

First of all, one of my favorite sisters, Debbie Koerner, left today. She managed to get into the apartment to get her things and split. Then our brand new van got smashed up and broken into.

Tonight, while Donna and I were fundraising in the French Quarter some man was shot and killed right outside the bar we were in. To get away from the chaos, I went down Bourbon Street to a nightclub. I knew I couldn't get inside, so I just waiting by the door. Just then Joe Namath came out.

He was wearing a fur coat and had an attractive brunette with a death grip on his bicep. They were both really drunk and could hardly stand up. Joe looked at me and I asked him if he wanted to buy some flowers. He automatically started reaching for his wallet but the lady just hissed at me and said, "Ah doh WAN enny!"

Joe seemed kind of confused about what he should do. He was really unsteady on his feet, and the woman hanging on him wasn't helping his balance. She kept tugging on his arm, weaving back and forth, pleading in a thick, slurred drawl: "C'mon Zhoe, lesh go! C'mon Zhoe, lesh go!" Joe kind of blinked and found me long enough in his focus to shrug his shoulders as if to say, "Sorry, kid." I was about to press him again when Joe's bodyguard stepped between us and told me to forget it.

Then Donna and I went over to wait for the van in front of the Marriott Hotel, and Reid from Oakland, who had been kidnapped and deprogrammed more than a year ago, just casually walked up. He acted very friendly, asked me how I was doing. Later in the van it made me feel uneasy, like Reid had been looking for me and it wasn't just some coincidence. I started to think maybe Reid was sent to kidnap me.

Commander Hayashi was moved to California. We're getting a new commander. His name is Larry Glasner. 

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