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The Vise Tightens


Today we were in San Angelo, Texas. I made $115. Yesterday I made $78 in Austin.

Commander came to our team tonight. He said in the past we could hide behind great external goals like Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument. But now it has come down to the individual -- me and my sin. If we failed individually in the past but gained victory as a whole, then we didn't need to feel like we failed. But now our goals are completely individual. If I don't make my goal now, I'm not facing my fallen nature or overcoming my sin.

Commander said that God gave Noah a goal to build the ark to certain specifications and then Noah didn't hear from God again. Likewise, Father has given us a goal of $120 net average. That means $120 average after all expenses for food, gas and lodging. So really our gross average goal is more like $150.

He went on to say that at this time God is not helping us but has given us this test to see who are the true children of God and who belong to Satan. At the point of responsibility, God does not interfere. Many are tempted to go the easy way of sin because that is the way Adam and Eve went. Already many people are receiving temptation and questioning seriously the Divine Principle and if Sun Myung Moon is indeed the messiah.

Two days ago a brother on our team almost fell. I think it was because of that that commander came. But also because our team average has dropped way down. Yesterday our average was $66. Today was better, $93. 

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