Unificationist Photos Before 1997

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 Chi Seung Do, began following Reverend Moon in North Korea before his imprisonment and found him again in Pusan, South Korea during the Korean war.

 Kang Hyun Shil, first member to join after the Divine Principle was written. First Unification Church Missionary. Met Reverend Moon in Pusan, South Korea

 Kim Won Dok, North Korean army officer who Reverend Moon met in prison. Kim fled to the south where he again met Moon in Pusan. Rev. Moon began writing the Divine Principle in his house. Kim helped Reverend Moon when he was arrested.

 Ok Se-Hyun, began following Reverend Moon in Pyungyang, North Korea. Followed Moon faithfully while he was in Hungnam Concentration Camp and in South Korea.

 Pak Chong-Hwa, met Reverend Moon while they were prisoners in Hungnam Concentration Camp. Because of his broken let, Pak's family abandoned him when they fled North Korea. Rev. Moon carried him to South Korea.

 Won Pil Kim, Reverend Moon's first disciple. This photo believed to have been taken in Pusan, South Korea, circa 1954

 Yo Han Lee, Presbyterian evangelist. One of Reverend Moon's first followers in South Korea, famed for his internal guidance. This photo circa 1954, Lee about age 36.


 Group photo of the December 1994 CARP workshop in Colorado. About 50 participants are on the ski slopes dressed for skiing.


 CARP workshop members visiting the Baha'i House of Worship in Illinois (November 1994). About 10 participants are posed in front of the Baha'i House.


 CARP Thanksgiving (November) 1994 seminar in Illinois. Participants are seated in a lodge, hearing a lecture.


 David S. C. Kim at his 80th birthday celebration held at Unification Theological Seminary, where he was President Emeritus.


 Kim Baek Moon, founder of the Israel Jesus Church. One of the people who was in the position of John the Baptist to Reverend Moon.


 Kim Song Do, founder of the Holy Lord Group, who taught that Christ would return in the flesh in Korea. Ho Hyo Bin continued her mission, and met Reverend Moon in Pongyang prison.


 Lee Ho Bin, first head of the Jesus Church, officiated at Reverend Moons wedding.


 Lee Myong Nyong, and elder at the village Presbyterian church, where Reverend Moon and his family were members. Lee was one of the 33 signatories to Korea's 1919 thwarted declaration of independence.


 Charasmatic Jesus Church preacher, Lee Yong Do taken in 1932. He founded the Jesus Church, although Lee Ho Bin was the official leader.


 Young Oon Kim, Leading Unification Church missionary to the USA, circa 1980.


 International Students Conference held in Saint Petersburg Russia on February 11, 1994.


 Fish-eye photo of the PWPA (Professors World Peace Academy) meeting in Seoul, Korea on May 1, 1994.


 The first Unification Church built by Rev. Moon in Pusan, South Korea in 1952.
Young Oon Kim, USA national leader with members including Doris Orme, Edwin Ang, and Teddy and Pauline Verhein, Circa 1964.

IOWC Members march through the snow for Rev. Moon's American 1973 speaking tour.
Joseph Scheftic's postering team prepare for Rev. Moon's Madison Square Garden Speech on September 18, 1974.
At the Unified Family Center on Masonic Avenue in San Francisco, circa 1962. Front: Pauline Verheyen, Young Oon Kim, Doris Orme. Second row: Gordon Ross, ?, Patty Pumphrey, ?. Third row: Barbara Vincenz, Edwin Ang. Back row: Peter Koch, Galen Pumphrey, George Norton, Doug Burns.
A 1963 Unified Temple revival meeting in Portland Oregon. From left: David Kim, John Schmidli, Vernon Pearson and Gerald Johnson.
David S. C. Kim and members of Portland Oregon's Unified Temple dine together, circa 1964.
A Unified Family leaders meeting at Upshur House, Washington, DC, 1971. From left: Catherine Erickson, Carl Rapkins, Farley and Betsy Jones, Neil and Rebecca Salonen, George and Hillie Edwards, Jackie Stock, Jon Schuhart and Judith Lejune.
Unification Church members rally and pray at the Berlin Wall.
Bo Hi Pak, publisher of the Washington Times,  meets then President Ronald Regan, circa 1982.

Attendees at Chung Pyung workshop, circa 1996.

Takuru Kamiyama, Matsazaki, and other MFT leaders pose at Belvedere, NY, July 1, 1973.

Won Bok Choi and Dae Mo Nim circa 1975.


Bo Hi Pak speak at "A Day of Affirmation and Protest" against Senator Robert Dole's hearings about the Unification Church where no Unification Church representative was allowed to speak, February 18, 1976.
  Mrs. Chung, who was blessed with Jesus in 1970 is introduced at a conference in 2002.
  Mrs. Chung, who was blessed with Jesus in 1970 photographed in November 2002.
  Mrs. Chung at the time of her blessing to Jesus in 1970.

Members of the Los Angeles Unification Church, 1972

Members in San Francisco celebrate their first God's Day on January 1, 1969. Those who had been members for more than six months wore Holy Robes. Seated in the second row are Sang Ik Choi and his wife; also present are Helen Chin Alexander, Nina Zedicoff Bergman, Alice Hamaker Fleisher, Phyllis Yamamoto Kim, Daikon Onuki, and Beverly Lee Ralph.

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