Father wants us to be superior to the outside world. We must love more than other people love. The best love is personal. Father has many organizations to help people, but the most important organization he has is the Blessed Family. He is most interested in the family, not the church or state. Just as soon as there is a few members somewhere he sends some out to places that have no members. Father is intimate. He loves people, not mankind. He is constantly surrounded by people. He talks as well as listens them. He wants to be gregarious people who can relate to all kinds of people and win them to Godism. We must write books and make videos that explain how Father is like the image every one has of Jesus who taught that the shepherd went after the lost sheep and how wonderful it is when the prodigal son returns. . .

Liberal/feminist held hostage in UC

In Barbara and Betty Underwood 's book, Hostage to Heaven, we learn that both are feminists. Barbara spent four years in the Church in Onni 's organization. She tells of her long hours fundraising and brutal treatment. In her book we learn that her Father was a conscious objector during World War II. Her mother works for the ACLU. Her father becomes a lawyer and works for Mark Hatfield, the liberal Republican Senator from Oregon, and leaves because he can 't stand Nixon. Barbara goes to the liberal University in Santa Cruz. She is surrounded by feminists and falls in love with a 32 year old married man. She writes how hard it was when Father supported Nixon and comments on how her feminist beliefs made it hard to be in the church. It is sad that she was hurt by the harsh atmosphere of the church. But it is more sad that she and her family are so liberal. Which is better? The blessing or being in love with a married man? Barbara 's parents mean well but they have a Cain view of life that is not better than Barbara 's True Parents.

MFT shows deep character flaw in UC leadership

I lived this way in the UC for four years. All I owned was in a small travel bag. I had a few items of clothing such as one pair of shoes, one pair of boots for winter, two pants, three shirts, two ties, etc. and a sleeping bag. I worked 14 hour days seven days a week for years fundraising for "youth counseling" as I said at countless thousands of doors. Barbara Underwood wrote a book, Hostage to Heaven, and went into some detail of how brutal (to her) fundraising on a team throughout America was for her in the early 1970s. The atmosphere was as intense as the Bible says of the early Christians just quoted who fell down dead because of the heavy, intense atmosphere.

She was deprogrammed and with her mother wrote of what she sees as abuse. A few members look back fondly to those days and felt they grew spiritually and contributed a lot of money and witnessed to some people and helped on Father's speaking tours. Many more thousands usually left the church and some who stayed do not look back kindly on the experience. Barbara tells of one instance that she interprets as being unethical. One time the team had to go to a hospital because someone on the team needed help. The team leader was a sister who lied to the receptionist saying they were "indigent." The truth was that there was at least three thousand dollars in the van. The point she makes is that the church was centered only on money and creating slaves for Rev. Moon so he could live in luxury. And the church deceived people. The ends justified any means. As much as I sympathize with Miss Underwood's feelings, I feel sad that so many have rejected Father because they judged him and the Principle by focusing on his followers. How many people have rejected Jesus because of his followers? We should see something in the followers but mainly we should keep our focus on the Messiah. It's hard to follow the Messiah. Satan rules and has everyone so sure they know what is spiritual and what isn't. Usually they don't know very much. One way that Satan has worked to blind people to Father is with his ideology of socialism and feminism. Miss Underwood wrote that she had a hard time seeing Nixon from Rev. Moon's point of view. She says she is a feminist and struggled with Father's support of Nixon. I can sympathize with this. I grew up in a family of Democrats and voted for Democrats. She also says she was a feminist and it seems that her parents were liberals too if I read the book right. This made it very hard for her and her family to see Father.

Even though I say all this, the Underwoods had the responsibility to unite with the Messiah and his directions. The bottom line is that the leaders of the UC did their best to keep up with the Messiah who is pushing everyone to achieve. It is not right to harbor resentment. There is a feeling of desperation to save lives. There were a lot of mistakes made. And I think they continue to make a lot of mistakes. But Barbara, her parents and you and I should be patient and be spiritually high enough to separate the babies from the bathwaters. I hope this book helps people to do that. Is the church much better now and getting more sensitive and wiser?

Satan is a liar; the MFT is a liar

One of the greatest mistakes that prevented the UC from being a successful movement was creating the dishonest MFT. It hindered Father getting what he wanted-- training, money and manpower. More people were hurt than were helped. It is one monstrosity that I hope is "retired forever." The best training is to compete and win in the marketplace. The MFT is impersonal; a job is personal. We could have given more money and had more members if we had only treated America with respect. So called fundraising is instant money, not long term wealth. It killed the goose that laid the golden egg. It was the hare who got instant, impersonal money, not the tortoise who served customers for long-term relationships. If you are a young new member reading this I beg you to run from the MFT as you would run from a burning building. You are hurting yourself and Father. Have the heart and guts to compete in America's incredibly creative free enterprise system, serve people better, read some of the exciting books on business by people like Tom Peters, have deep, honest, long-term relationships with people you make as customers for life, and through that you will be a powerful source of money and members.

Father is for each person to read and learn from others

God and Father value education. To grow to maturity we need to learn all the principles that make for a happy, productive life. There are many self-help books. Father's words are the ultimate, but he expects us to learn from other books and to write our insights also. The Bible has been the greatest guide in human history. It is the most published and widely read book in the world. It is still a best-seller. I want to encourage America and the UC to look at the truth God has revealed in other books. I could list many more, but I would like to recommend a few authors and one book you might want to start with. They are:

William Bradford used the word "success " in the 1620s when he wrote his classic Of Plymouth Plantation. They spent the first three years being unsuccessful. They almost starved to death. He discovered a principle of success that America embraced. It was called capitalism. When he switched from socialism he said they finally achieved "success. " To be successful we must live by the laws of the universe God has created for proper human relationships. We can learn from others who have great insights on how to become fruitful, i.e., successful.

To be truly successful and happy we must have successful marriages. Father often explains how it is through marriage and family that we find the most happiness. The goal of all young people is to get married and have a family. He even says that is the number one goal of students: "Marriage opens the door to human happiness. Studying in order to open the door to happiness is very good. However, if that study is for the purpose of becoming rich or powerful, it is a mistake. Study must be for the purpose of attaining true love."

"Why do you go to school? Happiness cannot exist without love. Therefore, we say that the purpose of going to school is to shorten the road to love."

"When young women go to the university to earn a degree, ultimately it is in order to meet a good husband. There is no other reason. No matter how great a man is, he would be an unhappy person if he could not form a family that is united."

"The reason for studying is to meet a true man and to become a true mother. In order to become a true mother, a woman must study for the country and become a true wife who can serve her husband as a true man. If you cannot gain this stature as a person, you will not be able to serve your true husband or have a true son. A woman must become a true wife, and, as the homemaker of the family, must get along well with the husband until old age. If the study is for the purpose of becoming a good wife, then wouldn't all university graduates eventually be grey-haired couples? However, among university graduates are there more grey-haired couples or people who get divorced? Needless to say, people who are uneducated live together happily for a longer time."

The most popular books used by Christian ministers in marriage counseling that discuss questions of sex are the LaHayes. Mrs. LaHaye is the president of the largest Christian women's organization in America. She writes eloquently of the traditional family, but the most thorough books are by the Andelins. Every member should own and deeply study their books. Helen Andelin's book, Fascinating Womanhood, has circulated in the church but has not been understood very well. Aubrey Andelin's book, Man of Steel and Velvet, is a must for every man. It teaches men how to be real men. Mrs. Andelin's The Art of Raising Children is absolutely the best book on how to raise children. Nothing comes close.

Self-help books

Two of the greatest best sellers of all time is Norman Vincent Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking and Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. Each one's wife wrote a book on how a wife is to help her husband. Ruth Peale wrote a book that should be required reading for women, The Adventure of Being a Wife. We just looked at one of Mrs. Carnegie's chapters in her book How Help Your Husband Get Ahead about how women can help their husbands by cooking nutritious meals. Both wives lived the traditional role. There have been many books throughout American history on how to build Godly, traditional families. America has rejected these wonderful truths and suffered for it. Mary Pride writes of how Christianity has not taught these values for the last few generations. Bill and Hillary Clinton say they are Christian, but no Christian in the first 140 years of America would believe it.


One of the keys to success is being honest. There are exceptions to every rule such as lying to evil people. Books on self-defense and family security like the book Strong on Defense teach that you do not get rope for intruders so they can tie you up. You fight or run, but you rarely do as they say. This goes against the grain because Americans hate dishonesty. The UC has a lot of making up to do for all the years of intensive fundraising by the MFTs who usually did not say the name of the church. Newsweek magazine interviewed Father and did an article on him during the Yankee Stadium campaign. He was asked his thoughts on the accusation that members were deceiving people while fundraising. He said that anyone who doesn 't say his name and the name of the church has nothing to do with him. I was one of those MFTers and am now publicly apologizing for not doing so for years and when I was a team captain did not teach my team to be honest. This is a dark side to UC history, and we must stop this practice and not let it happen again. Father wanted it to be a training exercise. If the church cannot emphasize to new members who are out fundraising to be honest, then they should disband it. I think its time to quit the whole concept anyway. Let 's let new members get jobs or build businesses and grow spiritually by tapping into the free market instead of driving around the countryside living a socialist lifestyle and upsetting people. The means don 't justify the ends here. Let's change the image and reputation of the church instead of being seen as described in the book, Social Movements of the Sixties and Seventies edited by Jo Freeman. The authors of an article on the UC say, "These mobile fund-raising teams crisscrossed the country soliciting donations in any heavily trafficked public area. They approached passers-by, usually identifying themselves as members of a 'Christian youth group ' and requesting donations for their work .... Because fund-raisers identified themselves in a way that local residents believed was misleading " the Church experienced trouble with authorities.

Motivational Speakers

Earl Nightingale is the dean of motivational speakers. He is famous for his speech, "The Strangest Secret. " He built a company in Chicago called Nightingale-Conant (pronounced co - nant. If you call their toll-free 800 number they will send you a free catalog of their tapes and videos. Call 800 information for their number.). It is the leading company producing audio tapes and videos of some of the most inspiring speakers on success in America. Two of the most popular motivational speakers today are Zig Ziglar and Stephen Covey. Ziglar is a conservative Christian, and Covey is a devout Mormon. Both downplay their theology and present their ideas on motivation, goal setting, and time management in a more secular way. Covey says America's first 150 years were a focus on "character" and the next 50 years America focused on "personality". He says everyone should write their values in a constitution. What he doesn't say is what are true values. I ordered his other books that are written for his church and found that his number one value is patriarchy. He lives that ideology. He has nine children, and his wife is a homemaker. This is what gives him the power to speak. Zig Ziglar in See You at the Top at least has the guts to say that men will have more personal power to become successful when they are the head of the house. In several of his books he refers the reader to Aubrey Andelin's Man of Steel and Velvet.

The Meaning of Success

I looked under the heading of "success " in Books in Print. There were almost a thousand books. Some are best sellers such as Robert Schuller 's excellent Success Is Never Ending; Failure Is Never Final. They mentioned one that is a favorite of mine. It is Brian Tracy 's Maximum Achievement: The Proven System of Strategies & Skills That Will Unlock Your Hidden Powers to Succeed. He has many videos and audio tapes. One good one that has the word success in it is The Psychology of Success. He is an excellent teacher of goal setting and time management and other skills for success. UC brothers should be listening to him in their car as they drive to work. They need to have clearly written goals and achieve them. Especially, goals for witnessing. Father means by this that we are to regularly witness and consistently bring people to God and train them to go out and do likewise. 1-1-1 is a mathematical goal. Father is doing what all motivational speakers do. He gives goals and gives strategies. Brothers need to have realistic goals and strategies. Maybe 1-1-1 is too high. Maybe door-to-door is not your cup of tea. But Brothers need to consistently witness. The first step, as motivational speakers teach, is at least get some desire and then a goal and then a plan and then work the plan.

Please be humble to these authors. Don Sardella wrote an article in the UNews called "Never Stop Training For Your Success ". He encourages everyone to listen to motivational tapes. He says, "Transform your automobile into a University on Wheels. Start every day and use your drive time to listen to well-researched, educational recordings. " He mentions only one speaker, Tom Peters and quotes from his book Thriving on Chaos, "Workforce training must become a corporate obsession...and it is on this variable that the ...competitive struggle may most strongly depend. " Brian Tracy says in his audio cassette series, The Psychology of Achievement, that he has never met a highly paid achiever who does not listen to tapes in his car. Let's use success principles and build an American church in which we can successfully witness and finally give Father a billion dollars and a million members.

Father is the greatest teacher the world has ever seen. He is teaching us to master human relationships. He says, "There is nothing more difficult than personal relationships. Therefore, though you may not know it, I am training you in personal relationships in the most difficult places. I have already walked that path. " There are so many stories of Father and how he perfectly relates to people. He knows just what to say to a fellow prisoner while eating lunch at Danbury Prison in Connecticut, fishing with Christian ministers in Kodiak, Alaska, or talking to leaders of Communist nations like Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung. Father has had several conversations with my wife and he said the perfect things every time. He is pure love. I hope someday leaders in the UC who have been around Father will write about their many experiences so the world will really know him.

Father wants us to contribute our thoughts and to study the thoughts of others. One of the best books out now is Stephen Covey 's The 7 Habits. He teaches that we must write constitutions. The UC needs to help Father and God by writing our values in detail. One of the greatest tragedies of the 20th Century was the Vietnam War. We lost the war. Why? Because our leaders did not articulate the values we were fighting for. They couldn 't even name them wars and used phrases like police action. If we and our leaders don 't write down our goals and commit ourselves to them then we will postpone victory.

Ayn Rand

The writer Ayn Rand has many blind spots, but when she 's right, she 's brilliant. She is a true pioneer who has helped millions of people, including me, to see the light when it comes to the preciousness of freedom, especially how freedom and capitalism are intertwined. In an article she wrote called "The Lessons of Vietnam " she has insights for us to learn. She says she was in her "early teens during the Russian civil war. I lived in a small town that changed hands many times. When it was occupied by the White Army, I almost longed for the return of the Red Army, and vice versa. There was not much difference between them in practice, but there was in theory. The Red Army stood for totalitarian dictatorship and rule by terror. The White Army stood for nothing; repeat: nothing. In answer to the monstrous evil they were fighting, the Whites found nothing better to proclaim than the dustiest, smelliest bromides of the time: we must fight, they said, for Holy Mother Russia, for faith and tradition. "

"I wondered even in those years, which is morally worse: evil -- or the appeasement of evil, the cowardly evasion that leaves an evil unnamed, unanswered and unchallenged .... I kept waiting for some person or group among the Whites to come out with a real political manifesto that would explain and proclaim why one must fight against communism and what one might fight for. I knew even then that the 'what ' was freedom, individual freedom, and (a concept alien to Russia) individual rights. "

"I knew that man is not a slave of the state: I knew that man 's right to his own life (and, therefore, to freedom) has to be upheld with as great and proud a sense of moral righteousness as any idea could ever deserve; I knew that nothing less would do -- and that without such a stand the anti-Reds were doomed. But I thought that this was self-evident, that the whole civilized world knew it, and that there surely existed some minds able to communicate this knowledge to Russia, which was perishing for lack of it. I waited through the years of the civil war. Nothing resembling that manifesto was ever uttered by anyone. "

She explains that only at the time of the American Revolution did Americans understand freedom: "the United States grasped it only for a brief historical moment and is now in the process of losing the memory. I learned that the civilized world is being destroyed by ... collectivism .... The hardest thing to learn (the most difficult one to believe) was the fact that the so-called political rightists in this country -- the alleged defenders of freedom (i.e. capitalism) -- were as vague, as empty, and as futile as the leaders of the White Army. " She says the Vietnam War was lost the same way the White Army lost to Lenin 's army -- no clear statement of purpose to inspire the soldiers and nation: "The military collapse of South Vietnam was preceded by the philosophical collapse of the United States decades later. "

"It was a war and a non-war at the same time. It was a modern monstrosity ... in which the American forces were not permitted to act, but only to react: they were to 'contain ' the enemy, but not to beat him. " She criticizes the Right, the conservatives, of this century of hiding capitalism and pushing "a mixed economy " and "who would want to die for a mixed economy? " She says "the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong were thoroughly indoctrinated with the notion of the righteousness of their cause. The United States...abstained from proclaiming any moral principles or any principles whatever, and relied on an abundance of planes, bombs, and guns in the hands of men who had no idea of why they should use them. "

"The savagely primitive farmers of North Vietnam had an incentive, the promise of looting the richer, industrialized South; they had an allegedly intellectual program, Marxism. " She says the North had an ideal of Marx, a pure ideology while the South "had nothing but some mixed-economy. "

"To oppose the spread of communism is a worthy goal...but one cannot oppose it by hiding from the world the nature and the moral meaning of communism 's only opposite and enemy: capitalism. " Vietnam was, she says, not a military failure, especially when there was so much "heroic performance " by the courageous soldiers. It was "a moral, a philosophical failure. " It was "moral bankruptcy " and a "moral obscenity... Just as Russia collapsed through the philosophical bankruptcy of its anticommunists, so did China -- so did every rebellion against communist did, does, and will every attempt to hold out a mixed economy (and/or socialism!) as an alternative to communism worth fighting for. The greatest intellectual crime today is that of the alleged 'rightists ' in this country...they are afraid to assume the responsibility of a moral crusade for America 's values -- i.e., for capitalism. "

I 'll write more on politics in later chapters, but I want to emphasize how important it is to have clearly written goals based on clearly written values. Father wants us to write a constitution for the world and an instruction manual for life. He wants us make videos and teach in our own unique way as well as distribute his books and videos of him speaking. The UC needs to get videos of Father speaking and his books into the libraries of America and the rest of the world. We need to advertize in newspapers and television, as well as direct witnessing to get people to study Father. Father has mentioned that we should advertize in papers to direct people to hear the Principle. He pointed out that Coca-Cola spends millions on advertising their product. We should advertise more. Let 's win this war against Satan who dominates everything from Hollywood to Harvard to ABC News to the White House. Let 's make the discussion of every classroom in Minneapolis and dinner table in Kansas City and lunch break at the Ford Motor Company in Detroit about the teachings of the Unification Church that they have seen on videos they checked out from the library or ordered from TV infomercials on an 800 number. The motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, has sold 500,000 tape series for fifty bucks each on his late night infocommercial. We know more truth than he does. The UC hasn 't made a clear Divine Principle or clear self-help books yet.

Father wants UC members to be the most dazzling people on earth. We are supposed to be greater than the Founding Fathers and their wives. We 're supposed to be such awesome witnessers that the Mormons join. Many UC members are studying Covey trying to figure things out. Covey is not reading and being inspired by any UC book. After 40 years there is still no best-seller from the UC on how to become fruitful. You can't go into any library in America and find a book that clearly explains UC theology. In fact, most libraries don't even have the DP published by the UC. Let 's write books that become best-sellers.

True Success is building a true family

This book is about some of the keys to building the ideal world. The primary key is Godly marriages and families. We are successful when we have built a successful family. That is the highest success and God wants everyone to achieve it. Father 's primary mission is to marry people. The Mass Weddings of Rev. Moon are called blessings. Married couples from those blessings are called Blessed Couples. Only those people married by Rev. Moon (or by someone he or his family has delegated that responsibility to in the future) will be together in Spirit World. No marriage in human history has been totally approved by God. Married people have been separated in the spirit world. Eventually every person on earth will be blessed and then everyone in spirit world will be blessed. There will be no exceptions. A person is incomplete without an eternal husband or wife. To be happily married should be the number one goal of every person. It is what brings the most happiness. In the next three chapters I give three major aspects needed for a happy, Godly marriage.

Blessed couples should make it their number one goal to live the principles taught in this book, especially the need to get "married " to two or more couples and live in a trinity under one roof. If you are not blessed, you must have as your number one goal in life to attend a mass wedding given by the Unification Church. If you are already married, get you and your spouse to the next blessing. True Parents are not for divorce, but in some cases it is condoned. Basically, you should work to win over your spouse over time by serving with God 's heart and patience. In the early days of the UC married couples had to separate. They were not only celibate, but often lived separately. In some cases, they even gave their children to other relatives to raise while they worked in the Church. There has been a tremendous amount of pain in getting people to the blessing. As the years go by, Rev. Moon has eased up on the requirements. Married people now do not have to be celibate (only for a short period after your blessed -- around 40 or 50 days) or live apart. The age for young people has decreased. Millions are now getting blessed and don 't even know the Divine Principle well. The major commitment Father asks everyone is to be pure. For those who commit adultery, there is forgiveness but do your best to not let it happen. If you are single, God wants to marry you to someone who believes in the Divine Principle. If you 're not a member of the church you should join and go to a matching ceremony where you will be given your eternal mate. If you are single and a member of the UC you must never leave the UC. Father says it is all right to sit on the sidelines if you get tired doing what members like to call "front-line " work, but he says to never leave. If you are former member, for heaven 's sake, come back!

As I write the next blessing is going to be at R.F.K. stadium in Washington D.C. on November 29, 1997. There will be blessings continually after that one until every person goes through this narrow gate.

The most important thing in life is not fame or money or plastic surgery or all the things that the fallen world thinks brings success and happiness -- it is to become blessed so you can get your passport that lets you spend eternity exploring the spirit world with your spouse. For information about being blessed in marriage by the UC, call, write or visit a church near you and if they don 't help, find a UC center that will help you. Some members are sharper than others. Find someone you can trust. Just make sure you get yourself to a blessing. This is when you get reborn and do your part to really build the kingdom of heaven on earth. Father says, "Marriage is the most important means of establishing God's kingdom on earth." Blessed marriages will end racism and nationalism as well as divorce and abuse. Father 's marriages are often between races and nationalities so there will someday be no distinct races or nationalities. That will be a world of no boundaries. A world of peace and freedom. The Messiah is on earth and these marriages are what will save this world.


In the Divine Principle we learn that God gave three blessings. The first was to be "fruitful " meaning each of us are to reach moral perfection. To do this we have to become completely God-centered. We must be humble to God 's voice. The Bible tells us that we must pray constantly. Prayer means listening and talking to God. The Divine Principle teaches that God is very personal.

Every person wants to find complete happiness. That can happen only by being a Godly person. Religion teaches us who God is and how to be happy. Anyone who wants to be really happy must be a really religious person. The Victorian founder of the Boy Scouts, Lord Baden Powell, gave 12 laws to live by. One of them is to be "reverent. " He explains that that means to not only have faith and pray, but to follow Godly values such as being pure and being respectful of other religions beside yours (a value deprogrammers don 't believe in). To be truly prayerful means to be open to the voice of God that may come, for example, from formerly bowing our heads in traditional prayer to dreams to reading a book or hearing a speech. There are some interesting books on prayer. Larry Dossey has several books on how prayer has been proven scientifically to heal medical problems.

A religious person talks to and listens to God. God often speaks to us also through other people. Especially key people God has chosen to be His instrument. In the Divine Principle we call them central figures. In the Old Testament God spoke through Moses and gave the Ten --ommandments. Religious people feel God has told them through Moses to live by these values. Jesus said we are to love God. These are truths for all time. These truths are either right or wrong. There is no third way. Either adultery is right or wrong. We can't say that the Bible is wrong. We can't say that teachings such as sexual purity are Old Testament Age practices and should be retired forever and replaced with something new in the Completed Testament Age. The Unification Church is building on the past -- not inventing everything new. One exciting aspect to Father's vision is that the basic truths of the universe will be lived by everyone in the future ideal world instead of only a percentage who live these truths now. For example, in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth everyone will be loyal to their mate, a value that was not invented by Father or anyone in the UC.

Fundamental truths

One of the basic truths of the Bible is that men lead women. This is called Patriarchy and has existed for thousands of years until the 20th century which threw it out and has experimented with new ways of ordering the family. There are a few exceptions such as the Pope who will not let women be leaders in the 2000 year old Catholic Church because he sees that this is a basic truth in the Bible and from God. I agree. And I think Father, in general, does too.

Victorian Virtues

In the four hundred year preparation for the Messiah, God was working to prepare a world that would be favorable for the messiah in 1920. Satan worked to create a world of chaos that lived his way of life. The laws I discuss in this book are ideals that our Founding Fathers believed in. The first 140 years of American history is about a nation that deeply believed in these values, or what Victorians would call virtues. Bill Bennet alluded to this by using the term in the title of his book called The Book of Virtues. In the next 70 years America rejected these values. The difference between the two centuries is huge. Our culture hates the Victorians and sees itself as modern, as advanced. But it isn't. It is behind the Victorians in many important areas of life. Father came to fulfill such basic beliefs as patriarchy, not "retire" it. God speaks to us through other people -- some who have lived centuries before us. Let 's be sure to be prayerful and have ears to hear.

What are we to pray for? We can and should pray for a long list of things. But there is one thing I 'll bet no one is praying for. That is for the UC and then eventually the world to live as trinities, three couples living under one roof eating their meals together, praying together, witnessing together, committed to care for each other. I 'll discuss trinities more in my chapter on communities, but for now I encourage you to pray that you may live in a church community. The building blocks of the kingdom of heaven are not nuclear families, but communities. Father is beyond the Victorians and anyone who has ever lived. Our vision is trinities living along side other trinities. When people think of our church they should have that picture in their mind. They think "Those are the people who live in communities where three or four families live under one roof. " We should live all the other values I teach of this book and more but the number one key to the building of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is when the UC and the rest of the world gives up the individualism of the nuclear family living alone. We are supposed to be "married " to at least two other families. The Bible says that there is power when two or more are gathered together in His name. It says that a man and wife must be one if their prayers are to be heard. Father is teaching that we will have the ultimate power if we pray as trinities. To grow spiritually we need to live as a trinity. Until we live this way, the UC will move slowly. When members start living in trinities, all the major and local media will show up. They will advertise this for free to billions of people. Millions will visit and then join us in building the ideal world.


Father always separates men and women when he speaks. They are not allowed to sit together. He speaks strongly about the dangers of mixing men and women. He said once it is like putting a match to gasoline. The 19th century was strict about keeping men and women in separate spheres. Dating was often by strict rules of courtship and usually chaperoned. Father is abolishing dating and restoring the time honored practice of arranged marriages. Father's belief is that you don't casually mix men and women.

The 20th century threw out this idea because it was viewed as too prudish and restricted. By not following these laws, America and the UC have experienced a level of problems with lust they wouldn't have if they had not been so free about mixing the sexes. The UC must not mix men and women together.

Father said in "Relationship Between Men and Women" (May 20, 1973) that it is all right for men to witness to women: "But try to avoid being alone by yourselves." I've read that Billy Graham is never alone with a woman who is not a family member. Once, he said, he saw a magazine article that said he was with a pretty young blond at a restaurant, and they wondered if he was having an affair. He was just out having lunch with one of his daughters. He said this is why he is never alone with a woman that is not related. He doesn't even want to give the appearance of being improper. Jerry Falwell said in Time magazine in response to Jimmy Swaggart's affairs that he would not stop for a woman in his congregation who was standing in the rain at a bus stop to give her a ride in his car. Zig Ziglar in Confessions of a Happy Christian says he is "careful not to even have coffee with a member of the opposite sex" and "I would never take my secretary to lunch." He says, "I have nothing to discuss with my secretary (or any other member of the opposite sex) which I could not discuss in the office. Secondly, if I avoid a situation which could be misinterpreted by anyone, then I feel I'm ahead of the game."

Father says, "Now the heavenly law, the heavenly constitution that is coming through True Parents, says that boys and girls must stick with their parents until they receive their ideal spouses through True Parents. For example, the girls should stick with their mothers. Boys should never stay with any girls until they marry. This is the way you can keep your purity." Men and women who are members of the UC should stay away from each other at Bridgeport University, the Seminary and other schools, jobs or church activities. They should never be alone, never study together, and shouldn't do group activities together either. Skits and plays should be done with as little contact as possible. Men should have only men friends, and women have only women friends. Father says, "You must be careful not to be too close to anyone except your spouse. You cannot undo a mistake of this kind. This is a very serious point. "

Men should never be alone with little girls who are not related. In my local paper I read a story of a sheriff of a little town nearby who was out riding his horse in a park. The parents of a little girl let him take her for a ride around the park. He went behind a bunch of trees for a few minutes during the ride. The next day he was accused of child molesting by the parents. This is front page news. He says he did nothing. One of my friends is the father of six children. He wouldn 't dream of abusing anyone. His wife runs a day-care out of their home. Recently she went on an errand, and he stayed there for a few minutes to watch them. He changed the diapers on one of the children. He saw some bruises on the stomach. When the parents came to pick up the child, he told them to take the baby to the hospital. The doctor there said it was child abuse, and the parents then accused my friend. These tragedies would be avoided if men would not be alone with other children.

Edwin Cole writes books for men. He holds retreats for men teaching such virtues as sexual purity. In Maximized Manhood he says, "That evening in Oregon, in the meeting tucked away in a rustic chapel among pine trees, it came my turn to speak .... before they could sit down, I looked at them in the eye and gave them God 's command. 'If you are here tonight and committing adultery, fornication, homosexuality, incest, or habitual masturbation; indulging in pornography; gratifying yourself with sexual fantasies or any other kind of sex sin, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to repent, and be restored to a right relationship with God the Father by being reconciled through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. "

The UC needs to have brothers meet regularly to pray together as the Promise Keepers organization is doing for Christian men. UC brothers need to have more power and purity than Christians because we have True Parents. These meetings should focus on studying Aubrey Andelin 's Man of Steel and Velvet, the best instruction manual on earth, next to Father 's words, on being a man. Sisters need to meet and study Helen Andelin 's book Fascinating Womanhood and other books on traditional values such as The Way Home by Mary Pride.

The result of America mixing men and women in the marketplace has created a tremendous increase in immorality and divorce. Women leaving their homes and competing with men has been an unmitigated disaster. We'll look at that more closely in the chapter on providing. The UC must not be naive and think they can violate this principle. They too must keep men and women and boys and girls separate.

One to One

There is a flood of books on business. Things are changing so fast because of technology like fiber optics and computers. And there is a revolution in how business is organized. Competition is fierce to serve the customer. Let 's look for a moment at flower business. In The One to One Future by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers they give an example of a florist to show how there is a revolution going on to give excellent and personal service. Tom Peters called this book "Book of the Year. " The authors head one section "How to sell flowers: everything old is new again. " They write about the revolution in business that is going on where businesses are changing from a "market-share thinking " to "share-of-customer thinking. " They explain the traditional mass-marketing approach to advertizing which is basically impersonal. Then they explain the "new " approach which is really like the Victorians in which the customer is known and treated personally. They write, "Fortunately, you can visualize your flower business, or any other enterprise, in a totally different way. "

"You can look at the amount of business you are getting -- or not getting -- from each customer and try to increase your share of each customers 's patronage, one customer at a time. Think about it: This is the 'old-fashioned ' way to do business. " My point exactly. There are many old-fashioned values we need to restore.

"Before the Industrial Revolution, before mass-products, and before mass media, merchants and craftsman built their businesses 1:1. (Doesn 't this look like 1-1-1? Father is into personal). The proprietor of a general store, a bank, a barber shop, or a town livery stable visualized his business in terms of share of customer without ever imagining share of market. The local grocer met and knew every one of his customers, one on one. He knew the kinds of groceries Mrs. Smith needed each week .... Although the terms had not been invented, the pre-twentieth-century greengrocer was a relationship marketer, who cared about and nurtured his customers as individuals. " Then they explain how the computer is bringing back this "memory of every customer 's individually different needs. "

They give an example: "Last year a friend of ours on the East Coast called a local, independent florist in a small midwest city where his mother lived, to have flowers sent to her on her birthday. Three weeks before her birthday this year, he received a postcard from the same florist, reminding him (1) that his mother 's birthday was coming up, (2) that he had sent spider lilies and freesias last year for a certain price, and (3) a phone call to the specified number would put another beautiful bouquet on his mother 's doorstep on her birthday this year. " This small, independent florist is working hard to improve her share of her customers ' business. Instead of spending just to publicize her products to an entire market, using non-addressable mass media to make the same offer to everyone as if no one had ever bought flowers from her before, she is taking a share-of-customer approach. This florist is engaged in a 1:1 communication with an individual customer, to get more of that individual 's business. "

The authors go on to explain this florist is working to acquire new customers, but is also making sure he never loses the ones he gets. The UC needs to advertise the DP the traditional way with ads in the paper, radio and TV to direct people to the library to get graphically beautiful videos and clearly written books on the Principle and how to live a principled lifestyle. But the UC also needs to study books that give many ideas on how to get and keep customers for life. It is more important to keep and inspire customers to get other customers by word-of-mouth than to keep looking for more yourself. They write, "Which florist 's business is healthier -- the one who sells flowers to every customer in the market, garnering 10 percent of each customer 's overall patronage? Or the one who sells flowers only to 10 percent of a market 's consumers, but garners 100 percent of each customer 's patronage? Which florist 's customers are more susceptible to competitive sales pushes and advertising campaigns? Which business has lower marketing, administrative, advertising, and sales expenses? Which one is more vulnerable to the ups and downs of economic cycles. "

Private, not public welfare

Murray Rothbard in For a New Liberty teaches that welfare should only be private and personal, and is not the responsibility of the State. Churches and individuals are supposed to take that responsibility completely. In the 20th century men and churches are emasculated because they gave their power to the bureaucracy of the State. An exception is the Mormon Church that is serious about taking care of its own. One brother wrote to me saying he was a former Mormon and that I glorify them too much. He says they have a higher divorce rate than the national average and they present themselves better than they are. Many he said take welfare and many leaders encourage the poor in the church so as not to take money from Church funds. What little contact I 've had with Mormons they have a higher standard than most people. I am mainly quoting from other sources and they seem reliable. They may not all practice what they preach but I like what they say about traditional family values and limited government.

Mormon private welfare

Rothbard writes, "There was little or no government welfare in the United States until the Depression of the 1930s, and yet -- in an era of a far lower general standard of living -- there was no mass starvation in the streets. A highly successful private welfare program in the present-day is the one conducted by the Mormon Church. This remarkable people, hounded by poverty and persecution, emigrated to Utah and nearby states in the nineteenth century, and by thrift and hard work raised themselves to a general level of prosperity and affluence. Very few Mormons are on welfare; Mormons are taught to be independent, self-reliant, and to shun the public dole. Mormons are devout believers and have therefore successfully internalized these admirable values. Furthermore, the Mormon Church operates an intensive private welfare plan for its members toward independence as rapidly as possible. "

"Note, for example, the following principles from the 'Welfare Plan' for the Mormon Church. 'Ever since its organization in 1830, the Church has encouraged its members to establish and maintain their economic independence; it has encouraged thrift and fostered the establishment of employment-creating industries; it has stood ready at all times to help needy faithful members.' In 1936 the Mormon Church developed a 'Church Welfare Plan,...a system under which the curse of idleness would be done away with, the evils of a dole abolished, and independence, industry, thrift and self-respect be once more established amongst our people. The aim of the Church is to help the people to help themselves. Work is to be enthroned as the ruling principle of the lives of our Church membership.'" Rothbard goes on for several pages going into detail how they have carefully organized themselves to help needy members with a blend of firmness and compassion. I don't have time to get into the intricacies, but I'm sure you can see the power this church has. They have leadership at the local levels who know exactly what to teach and how to help. Rothbard writes, "Complementary to this comprehensive system of private aid on the principle of fostering independence, the Mormon Church sternly discourages its members from going on public welfare: 'It is requested that local Church officers stress the importance of each individual, each family and each Church community becoming self-sustaining and independent of public relief.' And: 'to seek and accept direct public relief all too often invites the curse of idleness and fosters the other evils of dole. It destroys one's independence, industry, thrift and self-respect.'"

Rothbard says, "There is no finer model than the Mormon Church for a private, voluntary, rational, individualistic welfare program. Let government welfare be abolished, and one would expect that numerous such programs for rational mutual aid would spring up throughout the country." Did you notice that the Mormons are a Victorian church? They have kept old fashioned values of the 19th century instead of getting into the socialism of the 20th.

Listen to people, respect each person

I would go further than he does on some issues such as making schools only private instead of advocating the voucher system, but he is basically right and is impressive and warm in his presentation. His video series are beautifully filmed and should inspire us to make equally good and even better videos of our teachings so the average person will watch them instead of collapsing into a couch potato when they come home from their exhausting day of trying to earn enough money in this sick world. Only a tiny few percent study serious books. Only a tiny few percent of the UC has even read the Divine Principle and the Bible. Very few even read the Unews. We have to make education exciting. In a later revision of this book I plan on writing more about education. Helen Andelin has an excellent chapter entitled "Intellect" in her book All About Raising Children. Another good read is the classic by Alfred North Whitehead The Aims of Education. We have to be masters teachers and reach people by the millions and billions. We need many different Divine Principle nd books like this on how to apply the principle in one's life. Every time I hear a Divine Principle lecture, I learn something. Each person says it differently, gives different examples, says it in ways that makes it more understandable. I will never forget how as a young member I spent the first year hearing only a few Divine Principle workshops in between my fundraising and every time not understanding Foundation of Faith and Foundation of Substance. I felt stupid. Then I went to Mr. Sudo's Barrytown training in 1975 and he explained it by comparing it to Jesus' statement of loving God and loving your neighbor. It was one of greatest moments of my life. It all became clear. We need a diversity of Principle lecturers.

I read in a book on business a great story that it used to teach that those at the top should listen to those at the bottom and happily there is a revolution in the marketplace where leaders are listening to the average worker and in doing so morale is higher and their products have more quality.

One day in a big hotel, two architects were standing in front of an elevator discussing what they would have to do to put in more elevators that this older hotel needed. A old janitor who had only a grade school education and had worked their many years overheard them talking. He approached them and said he couldn't help hearing what they were planning. He said their idea of tearing down a major part of the building would be disastrous. They would lose rooms to give space for more elevators and the mess from this massive construction would be terrible for the guests that would last for months and of course would cost a huge amount of money. He said they should simply add an elevator on the side of the building. And while they are at it, why not enclose it in glass so people could look out. The rest is history. This idea quickly swept throughout the world.

Parentism vs. paternalism

In the same issue of Currents that Mr. Casino wrote his article I reviewed, Gordon Anderson and Dan Holdgriewe also had articles. I want to comment on a few of their ideas. Mr. Anderson says the UC must not become a "personality cult." Members should "break away from ... psychological dependency." Members are to be "tribal messiahs" who live in an age of "parentism" instead of "paternalism" where all focus is on headquarters. He criticizes "many church members" who are "like Soviet citizens" who complain that "there is no longer funding available from the Reverend Moon or the 'central committee' to take care of us." He warns UC members to get out of their socialistic thinking. He says, "The failures of all forms of socialism in the twentieth century reveal that to hand over the care of others to 'higher institutions,' does not save us .... Government throws this back at us in the form of higher taxes, reduced efficiency, and impersonal care .... The enemy, it turns out, is not capitalism, but what people do with the freedom capitalism requires." He is absolutely right.

Dan Holdgriewe writes that, "Since the mid-70's American Unificationism has sacrificed its dream of creating ideal communities for the sake of urgent need of the international providence." I say they could have done both and should have done both. He says that the UC must change its lifestyle: "Unificationists need to recognize that the patterns of organization which have been dominant in American Unificationism for the past fifteen years are simply incompatible with a strong rate of growth. If American Unificatioinism is serious about increasing its membership, it must both create a more attractive community life."

He says, "today's Unificationism no longer resembles the enthusiastic movement of the early '70's. Somewhere among the campaigns and conditions of the later years, American Unificationism lost its joyful heart. To be a part of the movement became a burden instead of a blessing. Celebrations became dreary duties; the focus of worship shifted from joy to guilt. Indemnity became an end in itself rather than a means of empowerment and liberation." The "American movement was gradually eroding. Some people left, some stayed but became bitter, others held on in hope of better times to come, but all were wounded by the loss." Sounds pretty depressing doesn't it? It is. In fact it is even worse than he says. It was also not so wonderful in those early 70s. I was there. The MFT and the commune lifestyle was a nightmare. I lived in sheer terror. Mr. Holdgriewe talks of restoring "the joyful enthusiasm of nearly twenty years ago." It was phony enthusiasm. We were deceiving ourselves. It was a brutal time. Socialism is your worst nightmare. Mr. Holdgriewe says we have "to address the problem of how to recreate that joyful heart today." No we don't. We have to create joy for the first time. And the only way to do that is live in accordance with God's laws of the universe. This book explains those laws.

Member-centered movement

Father said in 1981, "Today I am declaring a new beginning: the leader-centered movement is over and the member-centered movement is going to begin .... Those who can harmonize with others will rise higher and higher .... Whether I am present or not should not matter, for you already know the secret of going to heaven -- loving each other."

Sarah Hale

An example of this desire to take personal responsibility was Sarah Hale. She delivered her fifth child two weeks after her husband died. He left no money and no other man or men came forward to help, so she had to find work. This was not easy in the nineteenth century. She ended up becoming famous as what one biography said "an authority on manners, marriage, and, to some degree, fashion -- over a period of fifty years." Men are supposed to care for women. One important way is for all women to have life insurance that will be hundreds of thousands of dollars so the woman can live off the interest. She should have health insurance and be protected with disability insurance. Most importantly she should have the insurance of family and church that will care for her. Sarah had none of those. No girl or woman should ever have to work for money. Still, Sarah Hale managed to provide for her family in a feminine way. This single mother even spent time volunteering. She is famous for founding the Seaman's Aid Society when she lived in Boston. She understood the plight of widows and wrote, "many of these have once lived in comfort, some even in affluence -- but the destroyer came; and in one day their homes and hearts were left desolate, and sorrow and poverty were their only earthly inheritance." She wrote the sailor "may have assisted in the transfer of riches of every quarter of the globe -- but none of the treasure belonged to him. Through his agency the prosperity of our country may have been abundantly increased -- but his lot was still labor, peril and poverty. The nature of his calling renders it almost certain that his widow and orphans will be destitute." With other Boston women she built a great charitable organization. When she moved to Philadelphia she organized the Ladies Medical Missionary Service of Philadelphia. I haven't the time to go into her inspiring life of service and love. She is typical of a time when the local was sacred. The UC needs to restore that spirit. The UC needs to go "beyond" the Victorians by creating a society where women are always protected and society's problems are solved locally. For decades many women fought against the suffragists saying that women should concentrate on local associations.

Mrs. John Martin wrote a book and gave the arguments that women shouldn't be in the political process because men are to make laws. Men are the only ones who are to use force to back up those laws. Since women got the vote in 1920, America has gone downhill fast until now we have women cops and women soldiers coming back raped and killed by the enemy as they protect able bodied men at home. Mrs. Martin said in her city of New York there were 8000 organizations women can join to solve problems. Now we have degenerated to having a first lady, Hillary Clinton, write a liberal book titled It Takes A Village. Typical of socialists/feminists they misuse wonderful words. Her book has nothing to do with villages. It should be titled It Takes Big Government. She pounds away against those who teach "simplistic absolutes." Mother taught one on her speaking tour. She said schools should not pass out condoms. Hillary and most of America see this as dangerous "extremism." Mary Pride's subtitle to her book The Way Home is Beyond Feminism, Back to Reality. Hillary and the UC must go "beyond" feminism by going back to reality -- the reality of traditional values.

One last note about trinities. Men are competitive and may not want to be so close so they should have a democratic association in which each family owns their own home. A committee could be formed that would do the job of helping and guiding troubled members or families.


I pledge to work to abolish the MFT that has lied to America and to create an image of Father's movement that reflects Father who asks us to make money honestly.

I pledge that I will pray every day for Father's movement to live God 's way of life. Father has taught that we must build the ideal world through blessing people in marriages officiated by the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) and that those blessed families are to live in god-centered trinities. God 's power will flow through us completely when three or four brothers in a trinity hold hands and pray and when three or four sisters in a trinity living together hold hands and pray every day. When this happens we can begin to be safe from Satan and start the process of kicking him out of our lives. I understand that many saints and sages of the past and present have written truths that are for all time and I will be thankful and humble to them.

I pledge that I will strive for moral purity. I will do everything in my power to not be alone with a member of the opposite sex unless it is a relative, and I have absolutely no fallen feelings for that person. I will teach others the dangers of mixing men and women and older boys and girls.

Signed _______________________________________________________

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