God had wanted them to get along with the Indians.  The marriage of Pocahontas (some artists interpretations are shown here), the daughter of the Chief Powhatan to John Rolfe, was providential.  Pocahontas converted to Christianity, learned English and dressed as other women did in England.  Today there are many descendants from their son Thomas.  God was hoping this would be the pattern.  The Indians should have married with the whites and converted to Christianity and accepted the culture of the whites as Pocahontas did.

Rev. Moon has revealed that we will solve racism when races intermarry.  And he has done that by the tens of thousands.

White man - Abel, Red Man - Cain

Also the white man should have taken some of the good that the Indians had to teach such as more respect for the earth.  Still, the white man was the Abel, and the Indians should have united even though the whites were not perfect.  This would have solved the racism and wars with the Indians.  But sadly Abel was incompetent, and Cain couldn't have the courage, patience and  intelligence to follow.

The whites at Jamestown were pathetic.  They couldn't understand even the simplest things in just how to survive, let alone build a loving   community.  God tried to help them by having the Indians teach them to grow corn, but the fallen nature of those at Jamestown was so deep that they could not see the truth.  In Jamestown 1544-1699 we read that the Indians "looked upon the strangers' intrusion with fear and distrust.  Nevertheless they were willing, at first, to teach the Englishmen how to plant beans and squashes, how to catch fish, and how to hunt wild turkey and deer.  They also introduced them to ... maize (corn).  The men from Britain failed to plant corn; they preferred to get it from the Indians either by trade or by force -- Captain John Smith proved himself adept at both methods." They had no work ethic.  Therefore they suffered much more than they had to.

"... the history of Jamestown from 1607 to 1699 is a somber chronicle, one unrelieved by either merriment or an attitude of warm humanity."


The descendants of Chief Powhatan and his tribe are still bitter after almost 400 years since the white man first came to America.  The Powhatan tribe has an internet web site at http://www.Powhatan.org.  They say that America does not know what really happened.  They are very unhappy that the Disney corporation made the animated movie Pocahontas without listening to them and instead made a movie filled with lies.  I'm not going to go into the details of what they see as correct, but I want to make a several points that are critical of them.  Even if they are correct on some issues, the Powhatan Indians are more wrong than right.

They write, "Our history has been characterized as a struggle to survive war, disease, prejudice, and cultural disintegration."  They are proud that they still can speak the Powhatan language.  They shouldn't be.  God wanted their language to die out.  God wanted them to unite and follow the white man in language, religion and dress.  They should have done as Pocahontas did.  She and John Rolfe were very in love with each other and the Indians should have fell in love with the white man and intermarried.  Then they should have accepted the European's culture, even though it was not perfect.

The Indian culture wasn't perfect either.  Powhatan had many wives.  Their religion is inferior to Christianity, as all religions are inferior.  Everyone who does not believe Jesus is the messiah must eventually give up their religion and accept Jesus.  And eventually every Christian must move up to believing in the Divine Principle and accept Sun Myung Moon as the Messiah even though the followers of Rev. Moon are so pathetic.

God's champions stink

When God sends his champions then we should not do as Cain did and kill his brother.  It is easy for Cain to feel as he does because Abel is so out of it.  The followers of Sun Myung Moon (who call themselves Unificationists) are terrible Abels.  I could write endlessly about horror stories of how mean, stupid, lazy, and usually downright silly these people are.  And many of  them can hardly wait until there is a statue made of them!  Sadly, none of them can even begin to hold a candle next to someone of the caliber of a George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.  Nevertheless, the Unificationists, warts and all, are the Abels.  This is just part of human history.  God keeps sending his champions with higher truth and then He has to watch them screw it up.  God's suffering is beyond words.

Don't be resentful

The Powhatan Indians have to give up their culture and the Mormons have to give up their  theology and follow Rev. Moon.  Doing God's will is sickening because we have to not only hang around these nutty religious people, but we have to not have resentment after we are screwed by them (sometimes literally).  Steve Hassan is a former member and is so resentful he has made a living counseling people to stay away from the hated Moonies; His website is http://www.shassan.com.) Ingo Michehl is another former member who has a website http://www.trancenet.org/moonism. He feels he was abused in the Unification church.  When he left he felt it was a happy day because he was free from the terror of years of being a slave for his Japanese church leader he had in Chicago.  It is now his mission in life to be what he feels is a freedom fighter.  To fight against monster leaders in the Moonie cult who are like plantation owners working their slaves day and night while they live in the big house.  He now sees it as a deadly cult led by an evil Pied Piper.

Every religion has its former members who were abused.  Every religion in competing with other religions.  All of this is highly emotional.  But not all beliefs are equal.  Some are higher than others.  And every time God gives revelations to a central figure, the established religions reject it - usually violently.


For example, God revealed some truths to Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Latter-Day Saints.  He didn't get a totally clear message from God. But very few people who do get revelations get it correctly.  Still, there are many things that the Mormons have that others should listen to.  Their history is typical.  Like the Pilgrims and the Unificationists of today, they were seen as dangerous and their leaders jailed.  The Mormons don't have 37 wives like Brigham Young does.  The professional football quarterback, Steve Young, is a descendent of Brigham Young, but he has no intention of having 37 wives.  Pioneers are nuts.  Later, the church settles down and the God sends another lunatic champion.  Eric Hoffer calls them "diamond hard revolutionaries."  Satan, of course, is sending his champions too.  Sadly, people often accept Satan's champion and reject God's.  All of this is so hard for the average person to grasp.  Satan rules this world and most people see through his eyes.

If we see through God's eyes, we will see the greatness of Pocahontas to have the character to do what seems disgusting and wrong to her father and her people.  But because she had guts and brains her marriage brought peace.  It is through marriage and family that we solve all problems.  The Powhatan Indians need to give up living on reservations and start marrying white people of other races and accept Jesus.  And this world needs to accept Rev. Moon and his  followers, even though it seems impossible to stretch that far.  To do what God wants goes against the grain of our fallen nature.  We must always push ourselves to overcome our fallen nature and follow God's champions who look like and sometimes act like the scum of the earth.

Pocahontas is a true hero.  The Powhatan Indians think they see her as being a victim of the white man.  This is the mentality of those who deprogram members of the Unification Church. Those who speak out against Rev. Moon and the precious truth he has brought, the Divine Principle, need to stop.  Christian book stores should not sell anti-Moon literature.  The President of the United States and you should study the Divine Principle and accept it and be on fire to upset people by telling them about it.  White Americans have to stop feeling so superior and see that a Korean man has brought the final truth of God.  He is the third Adam.  He is beyond Powhatan, Pocahontas and Joseph Smith.  That means that what he is saying has to be the most revolutionary and nutty philosophy ever seen.  And it is.  It is the noble goal of building an ideal world.  A one world culture.  What could be more ridiculous, insane and dangerous than that?  God wants Christians to do as Pocahontas did.  Go higher.  Change your culture and religion.  Give up beliefs that have been held as sacred for two thousand years.

Truth hurts

But the truth hurts, doesn't it?  When a doctor tells a patient to stop eating donuts because it will give him a heart attack, he has two ways to go.  Do what seems impossible and sickening - give up the donuts, or do what is fun and easy and what everyone does - eat the donuts with everyone else.  God wants America to give up donuts and get thin.  And God wants America to give up the idea that Jesus is coming on the clouds to lift just them to heaven.

Let's learn from such heroes as Pocahontas who chose to unite with the disgusting Abels who landed in her country.  Let's unite with the disgusting  Moonies.  Unificationists should learn from others.  Like all Abels, they usually don't and make a lot of mistakes.  But God is behind Rev. Moon's movement and they will eventually give up nauseating things like fundraising just as the Mormons have given up polygamy.  Study the teachings of Rev. Moon and try to ignore the parts that are false.  I ignore the part in the official Divine Principle book that says the kingdom of heaven will have socialist economics and everyone will be "equal."  I ignore the feminist statements Rev. Pak makes in his book True Family Values.  Some things he writes are not true.  Things like this are maddening but we must see things in perspective.  And be patient.  I love Rev. Moon.  And I am showing that by teaching his followers and any one else who will listen the real meaning of the Principle.  Express your love for God and the Messiah from what rings right in your heart.  Don't just blindly obey as some former members did and then leave.  Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

Reap what we sow

We reap what we sow.  The seeds of greed at Jamestown that were sowed have grown to be weeds that have created an America that is now secular humanist.  The epitome of this is Bill and Hillary Clinton.  They are externally attractive, but rotten to the core.  If America does not give up the traditions of Jamestown and adopt the values we will see next in the Pilgrims, then America will decline and fall, just as the Roman Empire did.  Thankfully, Rev. Moon is building a movement to see that that does not happen.  And there are many other people and organizations that see the horrible state America is in and are also working to teach America God's way of life.

Let's now turn to the Pilgrims and learn the lessons that America so desperately needs.