Hoon Dok Hae material for Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities
Martine Masner - May 3, 2020

 Table of Contents

Introduction: Hoon Dok Hae material for Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities (pdf)

Chapter 1. The Ideal Family

1 Experiencing Heavenly Parent's Love in a True Family Parents' Love (pdf)

2 Experiencing the Most Beautiful Love in a True Family - Conjugal Love (pdf)

3 Showing Filial Love to Parents in a True Family - Children's Love (pdf)

4 Siblings' Love at the Center of a True Family - Love of Brothers and Sisters (pdf)

Chapter 2. Heavenly Parent's Ideal Created the World

1 Finding a Substantial Being to Realize Love - The Object Partner of Love (pdf)

2 Heavenly Parent Who Wants to Appear Substantially - The Relationship between Heavenly Parent and Humankind (pdf)

3 The Substantial Embodiment of Heavenly Parent's Dual Characteristics, Adam and Eve - Heavenly Parent's Dual Substantiation (pdf)

4 True Parents Who Have Completed the Purpose of Creation - The Meaning of True Parents (pdf)

5 The Root of True Love, True Life, True Lineage - True Parents as the Ancestors of Humankind (pdf)

6 Heavenly Parent's Ideal World and Cheon Il Guk - The Theory and Reality of Cheon Il Guk (pdf)

7 Cheon Il Guk Is a World Where People Live for the Sake of Each Other - The Ideals of Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity, and Universally Shared Values (pdf)

8 Let Us Become True Parents, True Teachers, and True Owners! - Three Great Subject Partners (pdf)

9 Toward the World of Unity, Peace, Happiness, and Freedom - The Nature of Cheon Il Guk (pdf)

10 One Family under Heavenly Parent (pdf)

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