Il Shim Curriculum as of September 30, 2016

 Table of Contents

1. Il Shim Leader Packet

2. Il Shim Participant Packet

3. Il Shim Parent Packet


4a. Session 1: All About Il Shim for Parents

4b. Session 2: Your Heavenly Parent & You

4c. Session 3: Your Family; Your School of Love

4d. Session 4: Becoming the Best “Me”

4e. Session 5: Being a Unificationist

4f. Session 6: Il Shim 2 Day Retreat - God’s Design for Me

4g. Session 7: I’m Worth Waiting For

4h. Session 8: The Greatest Blessing

4i. Session 9: Plugging In

4j. Session 10: Graduation


5. Hey there and welcome to the Il Shim Team!

For Parents

6a. All About Il Shim!

6b. Talking With Teens -- Tips for Better Communication

6c. Easing Peer Pressure with Love and Logic

6d. Give Your Children the Values They Deserve

Tparents Home

Moon Family Page

Unification Library