Journal of Unification Studies Volume VII (2006)

 Table of Contents

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A Response to Postmodernism: A Critical Review of The Future of Religion (Frank Kaufmann - 2006)

A Case for a Professional Ministry in the Unification Church (Michael Yakawich - 2006)

Nietzsche, Apostle of Faith? A Unificationist Reading (Keisuke Noda - 2006)

Beyond Religious Discord: The Divine Principle in Inter-Religious Perspective (Clinton Bennett - 2006)

Gender in Western Philosophy and Unification Thought (Claude Perrottet - 2006)

Shopping in Cheon Il Guk: Economics in the Unificationist Ideal World (Tyler O. Hendricks - 2006)

Quantum Evolution from Atoms to Adam (Richard Llewellyn Lewis - 2006)

A Unificationist Gospel (Robert M. Price - 2006)

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