Journal of Unification Studies Volume VIII - 2007

 Table of Contents

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The ACLC Social Action Program: Social Action or Social Inertia? (Leander W. Hardaway - 2007)

An Interfaith Movement and Its Seminary (Tyler O. Hendricks - 2007)

Problems and Possibilities of Church Growth: Towards a Unification Critique (Clinton Bennett - 2007)

The Milingo Affair: Re-thinking the Unification Position on Clerical Celibacy and Ecumenism (Michael Mickler - 2007)

Public Opinion of the Unification Movement in Korea: 1990-2006 (Chan Park - 2007)

World War One and Its Providential Significance for Korea (Mark Callahan - 2007)

What is the Spirit? Some Physics of Spiritual Existence (David Burton - 2007)

The Yin and Yang of Prime Numbers: Finding Evidence of Unification Thought's Teachings on the Dual Characteristics in Prime Number Reciprocals (Adri de Groot - 2007)

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