Journal of Unification Studies Vol. 9, 2008

 Table of Contents

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An Alternative Unificationist Family Church Model: Where, Why and How It Works (Chad Hoover)

The Need for a Critical Edition of Reverend Moon's Words (Andrew Wilson)

The Gospel of Judas: Is it a Hoax? (Richard L. Arthur)

Toward an “Abel” UN? The Unification Movement and the United Nations (Michael Mickler)

The Role of Unification Thought and a UN Peace Council in Solving the Problems of the Middle East (Thomas J. Ward)

Blessed are the Peacemakers: Albert Schweitzer as Exemplar (Mark D. Isaacs)

Depossession Healing: A Comparison of William Baldwin’s “Spirit Releasement Therapy” and Dae Mo Nim’s Ancestor Liberation (Kerry Pobanz)

Yang and Yin: Unification Thought, Science, and the Book of Changes (David Burton)

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