Journal of Unification Studies - Vol. II

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1. The Unification Doctrine of the Trinity Theodore T. Shimmyo

2. Amorous Archons in Eden and Corinth Robert M. Price

3. "A Friendly Biography About An Extraordinary Man" Michael Breen's Sun Myung Moon: The Early Years, 1920-53 Michael L. Mickler

4. A Study of the Formation and History of the Unification Principle Jin-choon Kim

5. A Reappraisal of Typologies of New Religious Movements and Characteristics of the Unification Church Yoshilliko Masuda

6. American Democracy and the True Society Gordon L. Anderson

7. Visions of the Spirit World: Sang Hun Lee's Life in the Spirit World and On Earth Compared with Other Spiritualists' Accounts Andrew Wilson

8. Book Reviews

Journal of Unification Studies - Vol. II 1998

Editor: Andrew Wilson
Editorial Board: Michael Mickler, Theodore Shimmyo, Andrew Wilson
Production Editor: Jonathan Gullery

The Journal of Unification Studies, a journal of the Unification Theological Seminary, is a forum for committed engagement with Unification theology and practice, addressing concerns of the theological community and the professional ministry. To clarify foundational issues in Unification theology, the Journal of Unification Studies welcomes commentary and critical studies of texts and doctrines, as well as historical studies of the Unification Church and the life of its founder. To promote dialogue and understanding, it invites papers from diverse viewpoints which engage Unificationist themes, as well as papers which build bridges to other communities of faith. To foster living spirituality, it welcomes essays discussing the relationship between theology and practice. To address contemporary social, cultural, political, scientific and economic issues from a Unificationist perspective, the journal solicits social commentaries and reviews of current books, films and media.

The Journal of Unification Studies is published annually by the Unification Theological Seminary, 10 Dock Road, Barrytown, New York, 12507. Annual subscription rates are $10 in the United States, $14 overseas, and $15 for institutions; discounts are available for multiple issues. Make checks payable to the Unification Theological Seminary. To order call 914-752-3013. Submissions and inquiries may be sent to the editor by mail at the above address, or by e-mail at

ISSN: 1097-1769

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