The Unification Church

From 1954...

Founded by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the Unification Church and movement has striven from its inception to solve the crisis humanity is facing at the close of this millenium through promoting an ideology (usually called "the Principle") that acknowledges the reality of God as the source of true love, and by trying to practice that love on earth. The church believes that a world of goodness,according to the original ideal of God, will be established both on earth and in the hereafter.

To 1996...

The Unification Movement is active in 185 countries and continues to expand and deepen its missionary outreach to millions of people around the world.

The doors of our church are open wide and you are warmly invited to visit us-- here on the internet or in person.



The Vision and Goals of the Unification Church

To establish a new God-centered value system

Through a holistic exposition of the true meaning of the symbolism and parables of the Bible, the Unification Church gives clear testimony to the living God and His capacity to work in our lives. Moreover, the movement aims to inspire the emergence of a new system of values, clarifying the original relationship between God and man.

To unify a divided Christianity

The full name of the Unification Church is the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC). As the name indicates, the church works in conjunction with the heavenly spiritual realm, striving through its teachings to bring harmony among the scattered churches of the world. Churches must quickly come together and work to accomplish their callings in order that a world of peace can be realized. For this reason the Unification Church promotes an inter-religious federation and a movement for Christian unity.

To foster true families, societies, nations and a world of goodness through the salvation of all people by means of God's love

God is the source of love and heart. Human beings are the children of God who should inherit His love and heart. Because of the fall, however, human beings have never reached that position, and God has therefore carried out His providence to bring humanity back to Him in the shortest possible time. The Unification Church wants to build a world in which all people experience and reciprocate the love of God and establish families based on this realm of love and heart. The ultimate salvation of
humankind lies in this experience of God's heart and the resultant revolution of individual character to that of the original ideal.

To create a new unified culture based on a God-centered ideology

During this century we have experienced more confusion than at any other time in history. We are left with a feeling of uncertainty about the future as we face major crises at the close of this century. What is required today, therefore, is an ideology that can give new direction and vision to the political and economic spheres. There needs to be an education system that can teach a true standard of ethics and morality. The "Unification Principle," as the teaching of Reverend Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church are known, provides a basis for these things. The Principle promotes the harmonizing of religion with science, of religion with philosophy, and teaches that a new culture of humanity is a realistic goal.

To realize God's will here on earth

The purpose of the coming of Christ is none other than the establishment of God's territory. The Unification Church is active not only in Korea, but has sent missionaries to 185 nations to work for this purpose. A broad range of activities span the fields of culture, the arts, education and the sciences, and have included movements to present counter-proposals to communist ideology and organizations promoting peace. These diverse efforts have as their common goal the establishment of of a one-world family and the salvation of all humanity.