The Words of the Abshere Family

Captain Piper

by Ric Hal Abshere
October 1998

This 21-day fundraising condition was the first experience the new BCs had this year. From my perspective as team captain, I learned a lot about myself, God's Heart, and the Blessed Children.

I gained new experiences while trying to guide the younger brothers and sisters on my team to a more heartistic relationship with God. I can understand where I am and how I got there, but in most respects it is not feasible that I try to give the BCs the same experiences that I went through in order to reach the same conclusions that I have about life, God, the spirit world, and True Parents. Somehow, they have to find answers through their own experiences. How do I use these experiences to lead them to God?

The question in my mind proposed a great challenge: "How can I lead them to find their own answers and inspire them to look unceasingly until they find them?" I realized that each individual Must go through their own course to learning or pay the price to receive their answers. In other words, there are no free answers in life. If you don't earn them, you take them for granted and lose them. Personal responsibility must be taken care of in order to inherit True Parents' tradition.

Being a captain, I realized what kind of teacher, father and religious leader I must become. For example, I must be a leader to others by helping them to find the correct path for answers using their own experiences, or a guide who is constantly trying to set the right examples for his pupils so they can find God and ultimately find peace and happiness.

As I stood in the central position, I felt God's parental heart. He is always trying to impart something from his heat and love his children. Knowing that no matter how easy He tries to make it, there is always the small portion of responsibility that He is unable to infringe upon. It is nerve-wrecking to hope that each time His children receive a small test of faith, they will be able to overcome. In the future, when temptations come, His children will be able to push them away. In this sense, I realy felt God's love through my team.

I learned that Blessed Children are extremely versatile and capable. I was amazed at how much quicker they are at picking things up compared to the first generation. They we eager to understand their purpose and the difficult course their parents had to endure during their frontline days. Blessed children seem to be more endowed with innate talent and ability than others. Coincidence? I don't believe so. God has His hands on them.

There is a special way to be creative and express Divine Principle in a form that the Blessed Children can embrace and digest. They seem to realize what their realistic level of understanding is when they attempt to lecture the Divine Principle on their own. They attempt to take on the challenge of not only learning the Divine Principle, but also internalizing it and applying it to their lives.

Blessed Children grow internally very quickly and readily grasp new concepts and ideas, eagerly anticipating new challenges and responsibilities which they are confronted with. They are learning to challenge their world and wring their answers from it like a matador pulling the tail from a bull.

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