The Words of the Alexander Family

Judgment through the word

Ian Alexander
February 1972

In John, Chapter I, it states, "In the beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." God's idea of man came into being, and through man's creation the Word should have been realized, and borne the fruit of useful generations to God, in expanding the Garden of Eden, through the first parents to the entire globe. Through Adam and Eve, the full oneness of the Word should have been realized in their direct love relationship with God, bearing true families. Adam and Eve, growing through law and principle, could mature in love, and grow in realizing the Word, giving truth, beauty, and goodness to God and the creation. As Adam and Eve grew in the fullness of the Word their love from God to the creation expanded, and their freedom to express God's heart reached out farther.

Lucifer left his position, and through the fall took unlawful domination over man, and the realization of the Word was thwarted. From the time of the Fall there has been a constant struggle. Since man's heart become degraded he has sought to find True Love and realize the depth of his heart. Since the Fall, evil came about, and God has suffered much in man, longing for the day when a true man would come, fulfilling the hope of God that man would love Him whole-heartedly. The Bible shows us man's restoration to God: God always uses the Word to separate man from his Satanic ways and thoughts. The Word itself has been the Judgment, separating good from evil within us, so that man can restore his true relationship with God. Judgment is separation of Good from Evil, so that the value of the Word, oneness between God and Man, can be restored.

In the Old Testament the people were judged by the words of the Ten Commandments. By respecting and observing the Word, they could come closer to the Heavenly Father. By the Judgment of the Word on man his conscience was directed towards, and He saw for the first time the forming of the spirit of man centered on Him. Moses brought the Word of God to the people, and they could glimpse a part of God's heart. The reality of the Word in the Old Testament was seen in Jesus, who brought higher truth, greater Judgment. He stated plainly the realities of entering the Kingdom and becoming one with God. He upset the scribes and Pharisees who were intent on the Mosaic Law because he brought them love: the love of God. In this way the Judgment fell on John the Baptist; if he had loved the Mosaic Law and obeyed the First Commandment, when he recognized the spirit of God descend on Jesus He would have followed him, but instead, he was only interested in his own personality. Jesus said that he, John, would be last to enter the kingdom. The nation was judged and Jesus said the Word would be given to a nation bearing the fruits of it. Today in the Completed Testament age, the time of the Second Advent, the Judgment falls to its greatest extent separating us from Satan to restore our true relationship with God. Today, through Our Leader the Judgment through the Word is falling in its perfect state, so that all men can realize the tree of life through True Parents.

If we obey the Word and love the Word we must change, if not, we face Judgment. Through True Parents we have the living Word. The final separation of good from evil has come: the last days are here: the old heaven and earth are passing away. We must love Judgment because it is the Father's weapon of separation and one He will use in great abundance toady that we can be restored to the position of God's children. The Word is being realized as Judgment falls and people center all on God. The Word will cause the World to struggle as Satan makes his last stand. Hearts will be torn through old loves and habits, but through the struggle will come rejoicing as each sees the light of day -- a God centered world.

Judgment through the Word brings the restoration of the Word as God's idea in man becomes fully seen. Today, Judgment through the Word is taking place at various degrees in the Family, nation, and world. Today, all will face that Judgment through the True Word, Divine Principle. 

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