The Words of the Allen Family

Matching Testimony

Michael and Kikuno Allen
August 8, 2003
Dan's parents

We found M. through this matching website or should I say M.'s parents found Dan through a website. The Yokoyama's had met Dan nearly a year before when he stayed at their home for ten days together with Japanese missionaries who were visiting ministers. Dan was on STF at that time. The Yokoyamas liked Dan very much and appreciated Dan's respectful attitude toward them.

Later, when we just started to find a match for Dan, we found that he had briefly met M. when he stayed at their home. In the process of considering M. we asked her, through her parents, to write a letter to us regarding her feelings about the blessing and what she thought of Dan. She wrote a very sincere letter regarding her attitude toward the blessing and revealed to us that she felt shy around most boys but not with Dan who was like her own brother. I felt that it was significant that they related as brother and sister.

We went through a step by step process to find a match. First, we did a twenty-one day prayer condition. Then we prayed over each of several possible candidates. We spoke with several parents on the phone. It was very difficult but in time we felt spiritually drawn to three possible candidates. After a lot more prayer and talks with the final three parents, we narrowed the candidates to one. It certainly helped that Kikuno and I are familiar with the Yokoyama family from New York and later in the Washington Times where Yuji Yokoyama and I both worked. Both of our families are 1800 couples ( even though we know this family, we didn't know that their daughter was a candidate until we saw her on the matching website. Let's all thank Jim for this).

We felt that it was very important to follow Father's directions as much as possible, ie., choosing a person from an "enemy" nation, with the opposite personality, etc. True Parents chose the most appropriate match for us, then gave us the responsibility to accept or not accept the match. If we accept we also are personally responsible to fulfill the blessing. I wanted Dan to "take ownership" for the match, so I gave him the choice and responsibility to accept or not accept the candidate we chose. He not only accepted but thought it was a very good choice. Miracles do happen and I feel that this match is made in heaven.

God Bless you all,

Michael and Kikuno Allen

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