The Words of the Allen Family

The Las Vegas Meeting with True Parents and True Children

Kaye Allen
March 29, 2009

Dear all,

I have had the most amazing three weeks and the realization that we are living through historical times. I have come away with a sense of incredible history, in the development of our nation (US) and our movement. We have heard many times all the providential things Father does, but seeing it first hand has given me an incredible sense of history. Because of the nature of my job I am involved in all the changes, and I realize many details do not get back to members. Only the bare facts come out, and a lot of it doesn't come out correctly, and there is a lot of rumor.

After the meeting of the Board of Directors Father asked all the Directors to go to Korea, I was involved in arranging their traveling to be able to attend Hoon Dok Hae with True Father. After just finishing the arrangements Rev. Jenkins asked me to go to Korea, for a chance to be at Father's Hoon Dok Hae at the Palace, at a time when Father was dealing with all those issues.

The core of Father's message was to make abundantly clear what his succession of authority is, his youngest son and 11th child. He is his appointed authority. He told all his brothers and sisters, the True Children they had to unite with that. This was very challenging to some of those children, but Father made that very clear. Father made clear that Hyung Jin, Kook Jin and Hyun Jin had to unite, and he could not go to spirit world until there was unity. An incredible transition was taking place, and Father is working through the process of giving his leadership to the True Family, and they are taking it.

Yesterday in Las Vegas there was a Board meeting again. Hyung Jin Nim was made Chairman of the Board in America, and his three siblings are on the board too. In those four children Father is resting the future of the church in the US. By putting them all together he trusts they will support each other and work with each other. He and God see such incredible value in each child and what they can do.

Yesterday in Las Vegas In Jin Nim did an incredible job. First she had so many members of the True Family there. After she spoke she asked members to acknowledge Ye Jin Nim who was there. I saw how much she was seeking to embrace Ye Jin Nim. Also Kwon Jin Nim was there. As members stood and gave her a standing ovation I could see how moved she was and how healed she was. Father is putting her in Mothers' position. Rev. Jenkins was the MC and when he introduced Hyung in Him he made clear who he was. going to great lengths to mention he was anointed, appointed, coronated, had Father's authority, etc., yet Hyung Jin Him was sitting there, quiet, humble, wearing his white clothing. When he stood up he said in a quiet, humble way, "This is surprising, 'cause I'm really a low key person!" He then introduced In Jin Nim in a nice, modest, humble way but very sincere: my oldest sister.

In Jin Nim gave the keynote address, reading Father's Peace Message. As you know, reading Father's messages is dry, not an easy job. She did it in the best way she possibly could. Introduced it, talked to the audience, talking very directly about Las Vegas and why Father has come to Las Vegas to set the tone for the culture. She was so polished, so professional, her level of English is really great and she is able to appeal to high standard people. There was a full capacity, 1500 people, and there were events for members and leaders, videos were shown, there were reports.

About Korea:

I went to Hoon Dok Hae twice at the palace. Father said all of us have to go to the 7-day workshop. He gave each one of us one million won to cover the expenses to Las Vegas for the workshop, which was an excellent experience. The content of this workshop is the Original Divine Principle, or the Divine Principle that would have existed if there was no fall. References to Satan have been taken out. Four days are spent on the Principle of Creation because that's the emphasis. Rev. Eu included how Father has been living into the lectures. Also, Father sat at his lectures four times, correcting Rev. Eu and making comments. Although this Rev. Eu is not the first president of the church, the famous Pres. Eu, he's inherited that foundation and is working on the lectures connected to that foundation. Up until the 10th workshop they will hold them at the resort on the East Coast of Korea. Afterward it will move elsewhere, maybe the training center, and the fees will double.

About the Autobiography, it was published by a leading publishing house in Korea, a Christian publisher, who also published the autobiographies of past and present presidents of Korea. Random House will publish it in the US. There was a writer who actually wrote it and was given access to all of Father's writings and also interviewed Father. The autobiography was read in Korea at Hoon Dok Hae and Father would say, "yes, that's right, I said that" and the like. Hyung Jin Nim encouraged all members to buy a copy in Korea, which is on its way to climbing to a best seller status. The photo on the cover was chosen by the publishers, out of thousands of photos they chose one at a WFWP event, of Father and Mother together, but they cropped out Mother. Father is wearing a pink bow tie. Included in the autobiography are interesting little known accounts of Father's first marriage, and what he said about the war in Iraq. I was concerned about that paragraph, since it mentions direction Father gave to the Bushes regarding the Iraq war, but was told that it was good that it is mentioned there because our members have strong opinions on the matter, and very different opinions.

True Children are taking their positions in America, and I realized how much each of them is needed, and how much their abilities are valuable. In Korea, I heard of the legal problems in the Korean church and in Japan and started to worry about some things I was responsible for and that night I could not sleep. In the morning I fell asleep and had a dream of Kook Jin Nim coming to 43rd Street and saying to me, "don't worry because I'm going to be taking care of the Board's assets in the US." Yesterday in Las Vegas I had the experience of Kook Jin Nim telling me what he wanted to do, and he was so correct. He also said "We have to trust Father's guidance is right." I felt such confidence. In Jin Nim wants to bring transparency and accountability to our movement. Whenever I heard that, part of my mind said, yes, that's very easy to say. But I now saw how much that's very true, and what it is Kook Jin Nim wants to do in the US.

Another experience I had of True Children carrying on True Parents' teachings is observing how Hyung Jin Nim became Chairman of the Board but for him this is not natural. Naturally, he is a religious, spiritual person, being chairman is not in his way of thinking. I heard he was somewhat reluctant to take the position. The wonderful role of Kook Jin Nim is supporting him. We came to the Board room, In Jin and Jin Sung Nim asked him to sit at the head table. He said no, and they insisted, yes, you are Chairman, sit at the head table. In a quiet way he said no, I never do that, that's Father's place. He sat next to the head of the table. I could understand Father's wisdom in appointing him. It is just so beautiful to see each True Child rising to the occasion, supporting and encouraging each other.

On True Parents' Day Father spoke for nine hours to members, non stop, no bathroom, no water, about an incredible range of topics, giving out wisdom. In Korea, there were suggestions that Father was at less than his full ability, but one thing incredibly clear to me is, yes, he may need help to go up the stairs, or he may need to be supported on occasion, but he is still in incredible control of all affairs, and he imparts incredible insight.

I sat at the front row, and second row of the palace, and I could feel as Father looked at me how much he knew what's going on, and how much he was pouring his wisdom. Father is totally in control. Rev. Jenkins said he will be till 2013. At the same time, he is preparing fully for the transition. Father didn't come to the event in Las Vegas but left the True Children to run and conduct it on his behalf. I deeply felt God's love and embrace myself through these experiences. 

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