The Words of the Anglin Family

Memo From Mary Anglin, Kansas Church Leader Re Mobilization Testimony

Mary Anglin
March 30, 2004

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I would like to offer my experience to help you decide your frontline situation. I offer this not from a leaderís standpoint, but from a mobilized memberí s standpoint.

In 2003, I was away from home for an accumulated total of 5 months for various workshops and mobilizations. Practically we would assume that my children (5 of them) and husband are miserable, lonely, and suffering.

The reality is that my children are much more clear and their spirits brighter. Their commitment to Father and the Providence is stronger. Their determination to live to build the kingdom is absolute. This did not come from preaching to them. This happened because of the spiritual conditions set. When the Holy Spirit of the Family is absent, the invisible Holy Spirit must come and nurture and protect them. Thatís Principle.

For my own experience: honestly, I never wanted to go anywhere I went before hand. Many times enroute I phoned my husband and said I want to turn around and come home. To leave your family is never easy, I know that! But every time I went I was so happy to have attended.

I realized that we think weíre sacrificing. Actually weíre just putting ourselves in the position to be blessed. Iím not repeating someone elseís words here out of duty. This was my own personal realization. We receive so much more than we give.

As for Israel Ė GO! It will change your life! You will never be the same! I was there through the month of December on the Task Force. When I returned home I cried everyday for two weeks because I missed it so much. There is no describing walking, living and breathing in the Holy Land. The people there are the most special on Earth. And they all love Americans Ė so that makes it easy. You will never regret going.

If youíre wondering what to do, please donít hesitate to follow Fatherís call and put yourselves out there. You and your family will be so blessed.

Sincerely offered,

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