The Words of the Anglin Family

Testimony of Mary Anglin Tribal Messiah

Mary Anglin
April 23, 2004

I would like to give a short testimony that may help other brothers and sisters in their hometown providence.

My family and I moved to my home-state 10 years ago. We initially came with the necessary focus to restore damaged or neglected relationships. We focused on this and did fairly well in this area. However, there was no plan or set-up in our state for teaching Principle to families, so there was no progress in that area. After a while, we became the state leaders, moved a little farther away, and dived headlong into the clergy providence. Consequently, my tribe was nearly abandoned by us.

Recently, some of my siblings began fighting, via e-mail. Nasty messages were being sent back & forth, copied to the rest of us.

My initial reaction was to just delete these. I didnít want to give my opinion or advice because somebody would be estranged. At the same time, I realized I was totally responsible, because as their messiah it was up to me to educate them and take them to higher spiritual levels. What could I do? I got the inspiration to implement a "daily inspirationí e-mail. I sent a nice little intro letter, telling my siblings, cousins, & some nieces & nephews that I would be doing this because most of us are so busy that we donít feed ourselves spiritually. Each day I send out an email with several passages of scripture, or another bit of inspiration. One day I sent out something from the Koran. Eventually I will get to Fatherís words, but I want to make sure theyí re softened up sufficiently first.

By the third day, the nasty emails stopped. Iíve received numerous expressions of gratitude, e-cards, etc. People I havenít spoken with in ages are emailing me. Several people have told me they canít wait to get to their computers each morning to see what is waiting for them.

We are so busy that we think we canít reach out. This takes me 10-15 minutes a day and has re-opened a lot of doors. There are 16 people on my list. Imagine reaching 16 people each day in only 15 minutes! I do this right after hdh, while in a focused & spiritual state of mind.

There are several good websites which make scriptural research or wisdom-searching easy. Some of these are: . This site will look up bible passages for you if you only know a few key words of what you want. is good for little bits of inspiration. Another is . I hope this can help other busy Tribal Messiahs bring success in tribal ministries.

Mary Anglin

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