The Words of the Anglin Family

My Breakthrough Experience As Object To God

Korbin Anglin
March 16, 2008

On March 6th and 7th my pioneer witnessing team, in Harlem, consisting of me, Jacob Faris, and Leighton DeGoede decided to go out for a 2 day fundraising super challenge in New Jersey. On the 2nd day somehow God could really work and I could make my new record. Every time I think about it or mention it I almost want to cry. Not because of a new record, I mean it's not a million or anything, but it was just a great experience given to me by God. I was totally living with spirit world that day and more than anything I know God was giving me this very clear message for a reason. The whole day I never felt as if I were fundraising. The only part of me that was there was my body everything else was God and spirit world and I could truly feel that. To have the opportunity to make a new record during 2nd year witnessing, it's obvious that Heavenly Father had something very special to convey to me.

Why could this goal be accomplished after the day started out with zero desire? God must have figured it was the perfect time to speak to me.

1) The only reason God gives us challenge is not so we suffer but to help us grow for the future. As a parent that's where His heart is.
2) Anything we learn over these 2 years is not so we can become a better fundraiser or better witnesser but so our lives of faith in the future can be stronger. Everything we learn is for the future, everything. We are in the most amazing training program ever in the entire world!
3) "Just Believe." No Way does it seem possible to save this world, no way. But NOTHING is impossible for God and Spirit World one brother once told me. It's true! A God's Word I've grown to love is "When faith is BIG reality is small but when faith is small reality is BIG." Heavenly Father, we will save the world!

After a great Morning Service from Jacob Faris and a great 12 minute prayer I knew I was ready to go. But as soon as my feet got out of the van for the first drop off every single emotion and desire vanished, it all disappeared. I flat out did not want to fundraise and so I battled within myself for a long time, I couldn't even bring myself to pray. So for the first 40 minutes of the run I talked to absolutely nobody. Finally I realized that I was standing on the "sideline" watching, but it struck me... do God and True Parents ever stand on the "sideline?" No Way! They can't. So somehow with whatever power I had I told myself to walk, and surprisingly my feet started moving. Ever since I had a sharing with Susumasan about emotion, intellect, and will and realizing I am mainly emotion so I need to suppress my own emotion, think of God's emotion, and improve my intellect and will I have had amazing opportunities every single day to do so. This is investment for the future and my future family. This was by far the most challenging day yet.

The entire run I'd mutter to myself "Just Believe," meaning just believe God and spirit world will work. I personally did not want to walk into any of the stores but I knew if I at least made the motion then spirit world could possibly support, that's the Principle. As I walked through the entire run I could totally feel something beyond myself within me, spirit world. Somehow on the last approach someone offered enough to reach the team run goal. Whenever I felt myself getting excited I suppressed it and made it go away because I did not want my emotion to take over. It was God's Will and Intellect that made me start and I was going to keep on improving them for Heavenly Father.

Next run same thing, "Just Believe." I was dropped off at probably my least favorite area ever, a car dealership. So what could I do other than believe? So I followed spirit world inside and Heavenly Father's love totally won over everybody. Again the very last approach of the run someone offered without hesitating to make the goal. The next 2 runs I really had to fight myself to keep going. The only reason I was able to keep moving was knowing what God and True Parents have endured.

I kept going on a rainy parking lot, but this rain is nothing compared to my True Parents situation. In that miserable situation I could feel joy because Heavenly Father and spirit world were there, like they always are. My first approach the brother told me to "always put God first", I couldn't believe God gave me such a clear message! On the last approach, again someone offered to make the goal. Four out of five runs the very last person offered to make the goal. Could spirit world be any more amazing?

After that I told God "If we restore 500 by midnight I'll go all night." Heavenly Father must have heard me because blitzing was amazing. My goal in blitzing was to have fun but only as long as I could do it with True Parents. There's no point to get immersed in this culture and forget about True Parents. Spirit World was alive, almost every bouncer and owner allowed me to go all around the bars. The goal was made by midnight. Later in the morning I decided to sleep for less than 2 hrs but again faced the same challenge when I woke up. Do I want to do this? No, I didn't. I wanted to sleep but I was still 105 away from my new promise to God. Honestly I wasn't sure I could make it, actually I knew that I couldn't. But what I did know was that God and Spirit World could. "Just Believe" is what I told myself for 2 hrs standing in front of one grocery store that opened at 7 A.M. Amazingly, and only through the power of God and spirit world, could the goal be accomplished with just 10 minutes left in the run.

I wanted to cry. Not because of result but because of the amazing experience God had given me over the past 24 hrs.

With an hour left to sleep I decided to take my 'Red Bull' and reflect. My body was totally dead and my eyes could barely stay open, but being this tired for this reason, for Heavenly Father is worth it any day and is an honor. Heavenly Father..."We represent God and True Parents and God and True Parents deserve the best!"

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