The Words of the Bete Family

Testimonies about GOP (General Orientation Program in Korea)

Yang hi Bete
March, 2003

This is for all European brothers and sisters who are old enough to come to GOP.

I'm a GOP brother in Korea. I want to ask you guys do you want to come? It's awesome here. And all the teachers are so nice. You can really learn a lot when you really study. And of course you get a lot of friends. You go on some field trips like Sorak mountain. It's very challenging to climb it and it takes like one and a half hours to two hours and it's so fun also you go a few times to Chung pyong lake. You can really get closer to God like with conditions. And to your parents and brothers and sisters.

If you are not so good in English don't worry you got a lot of American friends and also the teachers help you. You have your older brothers and sisters who already did one year and they can also help you in English or when you have question about something. Here are also shops where you can buy everything you need like Techno Mart or Itewon. There is a shop where you can buy food and little things you need right here in the street. Here behind the school are two sports fields where you can play soccer or basketball and also other sports. And every Friday there is a movie night or if you want you can play capture the flag which is pretty fun too. Here are also computers and in the school is a computer room so you can chat or check your e-mails. Very near from here is a park too where you can see a lot of animals or have some more fun. In the basement you can work out or study.

There is morning and evening services. In the morning services you sing and make some Hoon Dok Hae and in the evening services you sing and after that tell you the news. The weather is in summer very hot and in winter very cold. You don't have to worry about your birthday cause every month there is a big party for all children who have birthdays in the month. On your birthday you have to sing one song but its fun. In the year you have of course skits which are one of the best thing in the year.

You will believe me that it is awesome here. Of course there is a lot more you can do but if you come you have to make your year fun by yourself so I hope I could inspire you. Thanks

From Korea, Yang hi Bete (14 years old from Germany)

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