The Words of the Breen Family

 Table of Contents

IFVOC Campaigns in Korea -- A Basis to Overcome Communism (Mike Breen - July 1984)

What Happened To Early Members (Michael Breen 12/20/98)

Koreans (Michael Breen 1/5/99)

Father's Father and the Ladies (Mike Breen - May 23, 2001)

Life In Hyungnam Prison (Mike Breen - October 19, 2001)

Five Questions for Mike Breen (April 11, 2011 pdf)

Moon Sun-myung: son of the broken-hearted God (Michael Breen - December 14, 2011 pdf)

Journalist Michael Breen examines life of Kim Jong-il (Kim Young-jin - December 28, 2011)

Korea: Need for Revival, a New Direction Home (Michael Breen - February 2, 2020 pdf)

Korea Expert Michael Breen Gives Insights into Korean Reunification (Yoshihiro Yamazaki - November 13, 2020 pdf)

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Moon Family Page

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