The Words of the Brown Family

My Personal Experience With Hyun Jin Nim

Chris Brown
November 26, 2007

My team was blessed to be chosen to see Hyun Jin Nim at the STF Headquarters. The whole week prior to this we invested for the sake of the speaking tour, our mindset was that every rejection is one less hardship for True Parents, every donation is one more person who can attend the tour and every time we make our goal another city will be victorious.

The weekend prior to Hyun Jin Nim's visit we actually made our team goal 3 days in a row, and we felt that these victories meant that the first 3 cities would be doubly victorious. This is the foundation that we were able to establish before we saw Hyun Jin Nim.

The heart that I went in with was that I didn't want to receive anything from Hyun Jin Nim, I just wanted to inspire him and help him feel hope that the 2nd generation were rising into leadership positions.

Honestly I was actually praying that he would invest into my brothers or in the people who needed that love more than me because I have received Hyun Jin Nim's love before, whereas I knew many people there probably hadn't had any opportunity before!

My experience with Hyun Jin Nim

He must somehow have felt my unselfish attitude (or possibly because of the foundation that we'd made beforehand) because he actually talked to me directly 5 times. I really felt the presence of God in him, he has such a strong character but at the same time he also had such a loving heart towards the 2nd generation.

The things he told me still resound in my heart but the most powerful message he told me was to spread the gospel of One Family under God. We hear this message all the time but when a True Family member looks you in the eyes and asks you to do this it suddenly takes on more power.

I accepted these words as having come from God, a heavenly mandate you might say and I determined to practice them on the frontline. I was definitely challenged to believe in this goal, being in California we of course faced many different types of people, many of whom I had concepts toward, but with Hyun Jin Nim's words still ringing in my heart I suddenly found the desire to share this vision with people.

Actually sharing the vision with people helped me to gain the conviction in God's dream that had been somewhat lacking before. Now, because of his visit I believe that one family under God is possible and I will do whatever I can to help fulfill God's dream. Thank you and Mansei!

Chris Brown

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