The Words of the Brown Family

The Lost and Found Kitten

Ann Brown
November 1988

Tell me a story, Grandma," Sally pleaded, climbing into her grandmother's soft lap. "Tell me one that's warm."

"All right," Grandma replied, wrapping her arms around the little girl. "I'll tell you about the lost and found kitten."

Once upon a time there was a little kitten who was all alone.

"I am lost," said the kitten. "I have nowhere to go. What shall I do?" he asked a butterfly flickering overhead.

"Dance in the sunbeams," the butterfly replied. "Life is for dancing."

So for a little while the kitten danced in the sunbeams, chasing after scraps of leaf and grass. But after a bit, his heart grew heavy, and he didn't want to dance anymore.

"I am lost," he said to the turtle sitting on a rock. "I am sad inside because I have nowhere to go."

"Bask on a warm rock," the turtle replied. "And let the sun's warmth beat down on you and the little breezes tickle you."

So the kitten stretched out on a large, flat rock. The sun warmed his fur, and the breeze ruffled his whiskers, and he fell asleep. But after a bit, the sun began to set and the rock grew cool and the little kitten woke up.

"I am still lost," he said to himself. He felt sad and lonely. He saw a dirt road disappearing over the hill and decided to see where it would lead him. He followed it to a large, red barn.

"I am lost," he said to a calf inside the barn drinking milk from a bucket. "I am empty inside because I have nowhere to go."

"Drink some of my fresh milk," replied the calf in a kind voice. "Then my heart is still empty and sad. This isn't where I belong. I am still you won't feel so empty anymore." So the kitten shared the calf's milk and felt a little better.

He sat in a ring of straw next to the calf and washed his face and whiskers. But after a little while he thought, "My tummy is full, but lost."

He wandered outside and looked up at the stars. "I am lost," he called to them. "Where do I belong?" But the stars only sparkled in reply.

Then he saw another smaller, warmer light close by. It was coming from a window in the farmhouse.

He leapt up on the windowsill and pressed his nose against the glass. "I am lost and sad because I have nowhere to go," he cried.

Inside the room there was a little girl curled up under her covers. The kitten's cry woke her up. She jumped out of bed and ran to the window. "Oh, little kitten!" she exclaimed, as she unbolted the latch and gathered him into her arms. "Please, will you stay with me? I have always wanted a kitten all my own! I will feed you and play with you and you can sleep here with me in my warm, cozy bed."

"Oh!" cried the kitten. "This is where I belong! I am not lost anymore. I am FOUND!" And he snuggled deep into the little girl's arms with a contented purr.

"And so," Grandma said, "the little kitten wasn't lonely anymore, and he and the little girl were very I happy together."

"Oh, Grandma, that is a warm story," Sally laughed. "That's just the way Mommy talks about Heavenly lather. She says He's always ready to give me a hug and make me happy when I'm sad, just like the little girl and the kitten. She says He loves me through you and her and Daddy." Sally burrowed more deeply into her grandmother's arms. "And I'm so glad He does!" 

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