The Words of the Burch Family

A Testimony

Grethel Burch
January 10, 2006

This condition, I challenged most of all my concepts. I challenged the concept I had about myself in God's eyes. I was able to see how God wants to work with me at all times. He wants to make the goal more than I do and is constantly loving me. It's all about the mindset and faith you have toward God. Doubting yourself is doubting God's ability to work through you. I challenged my concepts about night blitz as I pushed myself to believe that God is always with me. I physically challenged myself to skip lunch and approach every single person even if I already talked to the person in a group. I challenged myself to see the people from God's view point as my brothers and sisters as being with distinctive original minds. I also challenged myself to see more of the spirit world working with me as I had faith in the Principle and of investment never being wasted. This condition did bring a lot of confidence to me and understanding of God's constant love and guidance.

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