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Liberation Prayer

Philip Burley
July 12, 1994


To Whom It May Concern:

This Liberation Prayer was given to me through the spirit world based upon long research and study about this problem of people getting free spiritually, especially in cases where there seem to be no reasonable understanding for re-occurring problems, particularly emotional/mental problems.

Vivien and I have been using this prayer condition for a number of months and have found amazing results from praying it daily. We used it daily and both experienced a significant difference in our energies and a freedom of thought and feelings as never before. In other words, it works when applied faithfully and sincerely.

I maintain that it is not necessary to know the nitty-gritty regarding our ancestors' sins. In fact, introspection and dwelling on such problems may make life more difficult and confusing. The spiritual ledger sheet of our life is in the hands of Heaven. However, we can apply some common sense and general rules for the releasing of those ancestors bound to us or our families that need to be liberated from us and/or their problems that hold them back and attached to the earth environment.

When reading out this prayer condition, first call your ancestors in -- not by name -- because who knows but God and they for whom we are responsible. We leave that up to our good guides to point the way and to give assistance to those whom we are attempting to liberate from us and from their negative or confused mindset. After calling them in, in general, read the prayer out loud, giving value to each word by truly knowing that they are listening and that you sincerely mean every word that you say.

On those days that you do not particularly "feel" like saying this prayer, focus especially hard on the meaning of the words you are saying and give power or weight to each word. Then the spiritual power in and around you will be released and you will find the vibration of your spirit and body shifting to a higher level.

Do not be analytical in doing this prayer condition. It will grow on you and the depth of its meaning and value will be experienced more and more. Remember, that it is not a psychological result we are looking for but rather a gradual educating, informing and "inspiring" of our ancestors so that they can literally understand their problems - at the root - and move onward and upward. You are saying this prayer to reach them. In other parts of this Liberation Prayer, you are seeking to liberate yourself and those whom you have hurt or who have hurt you. When we say "liberate" we mean just that: to be set free from the bonds of the negative exchange of energy in thought and feeling

I have no doubt that you will find increased spiritual freedom and enlightenment through the use of this Liberation Prayer.

Philip K. Burley
July 12, 1994

Liberation Prayer

1. Prayer of Liberation:

For anyone whom I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt in my lifetime.

I sincerely pray for all the individuals whom I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt in my life.

I ask that the content and energy of this prayer will be used to comfort, educate and liberate anyone whom I am guilty of hurting.

I ask that this prayer energy will heal them of any resentment and pain that they bear because of me. I am sincerely sorry.

I realize that it is only when I have made amends (whenever possible, directly) to all those whom I have hurt, that I can be truly forgiven of my wrongs and released from accusation on earth and in the spirit world.

I further realize that genuine repentance and forgiveness are manifested only:

By apologizing for my past wrong doings, when possible and/or appropriate.
By not repeating the same wrongs
And by endeavoring to do only good in my thoughts, words and actions.

Lead me to overcome all that is not in accordance with your will, Heavenly Father.

2. Prayer of forgiveness and liberation:

For anyone who has knowingly or unknowingly hurt me.

I sincerely and unconditionally forgive all those who have hurt me during their lifetime on earth or in the spirit world.

I willingly surrender my negative thoughts and feelings towards them so that I may be set free and be able to grow in forgiveness and love.

Only by letting go of all my resentments and by forgiving and loving unconditionally will I be able to complete my own spiritual growth toward God.

I pray that those people who have hurt me, will be liberated through my forgiving them, so that they, too, may be free to grow in love and fulfill their purpose.

3. Prayer of liberation:

For anyone on earth or in the spirit world whom my ancestors have knowingly or unknowingly hurt.

Because my ancestors do not have the energy in the spirit world to grow easily by directly making amends for their wrongs, I, being still on earth and having that necessary energy, must take responsibility to help liberate them of accusation from sin so they can be free to grow higher and become one with our Heavenly Father.

I realize that I am a descendant of my ancestry and that I - through spiritual inheritance - bear a portion of responsibility for my ancestors' sins.

Unless they are liberated, I and my family cannot be free from accusation, and thus temptation and invasion from the negative spirit world, nor be free to totally become one with our Heavenly Father.

I realize that I am taking responsibility for my ancestors' sins by praying for any and all people who are on earth or in the spirit world whom my ancestors are guilty of hurting.

I sincerely pray for all the people whom my ancestors in the spirit world knowingly or unknowingly hurt during their earthly lifetime.

I ask that the content and energy of my prayers - on behalf of my ancestors - go to these people to comfort, educate and liberate them. I ask that this prayer will heal them of any negative thoughts or feelings that they bear because of my ancestors. I am sincerely sorry and apologize on behalf of my ancestors.

4. Prayer of liberation:

For my ancestors in the spirit world for whom I am providentially responsible:

I sincerely pray for all my ancestors for whom I am providentially responsible.

I ask that the content and energy of this prayer be used to educate and liberate my ancestors who are guilty of doing wrongs against Your Will, Heavenly Father.

I ask that through this prayer, my ancestors may be forgiven of the sins they committed while on earth as I vicariously repent for them.

I am deeply sorry for their actions not in accordance with your Divine Will, Heavenly Father and I apologize for them on their behalf. Please forgive them.

I also lovingly admonish my ancestors to:

"Give up all negative thoughts and feelings by forgiving everyone who hurt you while you were on earth."
"Only by forgiving and thus giving up your negative state of mind will you be able to grow in the spirit world."
"Hear this prayer and gain understanding."
"Apply what I am telling you and you will find yourself gradually ascending into a higher level of existence in the spirit world."
"Serve your descendants and proper others on earth and in the spirit world with a loving and grateful heart and you will most easily and quickly overcome your negative, self-inhibiting thoughts and feelings."

End prayer according to your preference.

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